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  1. Why even blur the faces? Put that shit out there and yeah, enjoy greyhound for life assholes.
  2. Needed to get paid out for my election winnings from November and finally got paid in Bitcoin on April 12; I had never owned crypto so figured this would be my first foray and to let it go long term…been too scared to look at it these last couple months
  3. And telling people to call 911 while recording on her phone..
  4. brazil owned that first half like a an adult with a redheaded stepchild. second half very different. going for neymar only, peru and a good game between arg/col. this game been good for drinking and talking about other shit while not missing good plays
  5. was she on community? i mean she fire but ...i really want to watch that episode if she was...
  6. so i have no cable but do have prime, netflix, pantaya, fubo, disney, hulu+ and hbomax but don't know where to find the latest new episodes. little help, please? tried watching the other week the latest episode and it had the first but not the ones after. Are they doing the whole "streaming a week behind live show" sorta thing or am just on the wrong service?
  7. lol, for some reason I kept reading that as killed "in" the french rebellion or just didn't realize it said "by". Kept thinking, why all the hate? She sounds like a bad ass ...
  8. No shit peacocks win? Considering how many small birds cats kill I’d have thought they could handle a bigger bird. Guess not.
  9. That’s one of the main sticking points with the current gf. Fine we get busy during the day working from home but when it is my turn I don’t leave breakfast dishes through the night to the next morning. That’s just fucking foul and Disgusting IMO. I said as much and her response was I’m an asshole and controlling. Fml
  10. Knew a spot similar to this in Argentina in 2001-2002. Think ugi pizza or some shit like that. Had tons of locations across BA. had only large cheese pizza Or slices. Your one possible topping was oregano that you applied after you got your pie. fucking awesome cheap pizza all things considered. Think it was about a couple dollars or something crazy cheap for the whole pie. On at least two occasions I saw people roll in, order, and by the time they were done pulling out money from their wallet/purse, the pie was boxed and in their hands. Fuckers hadn’t even paid yet and already had a hot cheese pizza. Good shit
  11. Should go in another thread but first off, happy Juneteenth to all my fellow Texans. Second, it feels weird as fuck seeing non-Texans celebrating it. I have no clue if African Americans celebrated Juneteenth in Oregon or Maine or South Dakota or nyc before but the ig follow atx barrio archive has a pic of 1985 Juneteenth with run dmc playing a show. Doubt they’d play in Texas if Juneteenth meant fuck all in yankee land back in the 1980s. Whatever, I’ll leave it for a better poster to start another thread so happy Juneteenth!
  12. This is correct, Scared to get back on a plane and missed some connection. Saw the news here and a last night she posted that she was barely about to go home.
  13. No kids but whats wrong with a land line until they are old enough to travel about without you? As in, when they get a car, they can then pay for their own phone? Not hating, just curious. Everyone up thread (not trying to be a soldierhorn here) seems like they are actually good parents and want to protect their kids and are so far doing the right thing for their situation; just curious what's wrong with other alternatives. Best comment against my suggestion is kids just talk different now a days which I get but actually speaking words won't hurt anyone and the parents don't have to worry about apps, pics, etc.
  14. thank you! did the exact same thing. fucking media. just get the story right, do your job!
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