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  1. It is amazing museum and I’m guilty of this, but hate the commercialism. I bought one small fridge magnet in the gift shop in the basement since it was there but I’ll be dammed if I didn’t feel a little sick to my stomach doing it. I get they need funding too but wouldn’t mind if they got rid of the entire store there. And all the happy selfies around the footsteps. Not saying people need to be morose statues but have a little respect people.
  2. Ha was thinking that too on tx state.
  3. i feel for ya but gotta disagree with you on this part. Think thats more a depends on the person kind of thing. At least in my experience, plenty of members of the tribe got down with drinking. good luck either way.
  4. Considering the state of the current “mafia” in this country, is this really your best argument against legalization? Who cares if they go legit? That’s a win win. Creates jobs, lessens violence, hell we might get one or two versions of a latino Kennedy clan out of it.
  5. I agree it’s hard to fathom a national chain doing something so blatant, and concede bc of that it does smell fishy. I’ll wait to get more info but the noise complaint doesn’t fly. like others pointed out, these types of bars are meant to be loud. From the bar area to the seated area. If the dude didn’t like noise, a bbw at that time of night would be the last logical place to be. I was only there once but it was pretty white, far out suburban Chicago. Can’t say I saw more than a handful of minorities, even my cousin out there is rather fair skinned and definitely passes.
  6. Think I actually had drinks at that location july 4 wknd of 2015. But “too loud” on a fall Saturday right before halftime of primetime games? The complainer can go fuck himself for either having an illogical complaint or being a racist.
  7. Damn. Been fading them against the spread. Won a lot more than lost. Now only leaves USF really...
  8. How so? I thought if one team busted, the rest of parlay was killed. Wait, might not have explained that well. I made an early parlay bet that had smu +5.5. Then right before the game I said fuck it and Single bet smu +6.0. The first bet Orlan_o-ed my parlay and the second just went null. Least it did on BetOnline.
  9. Damn, just checked last night scores. Had a six team parlay that only lost b/c I did it early in the day and had smu at +5.5. Oddly enough when I did bet right before the game, I got smu +6. Oh well. next week liking lsu +6.
  10. Yeah, I learned my lesson and stopped doing that. But Player prop bets on whether Duvernay scores a td or not, that’s just been free money...
  11. playing tt under for: bowling green, texas state, rutgers Like vtech (+18) vs ND just cause. ND wins but vtech is good ATS. Least i think so... if the weather is nice, tcu v ok st. game over. With that in mind, the utah v washington game under. and whats up with the SMU game? Is the Memphis defense that good? Think SMU covers but probably will play the total game over.
  12. Obviously this poster hasn’t understood the two main points made in this thread...
  13. He lost to shit tcu. He deserves the scorn, Absent any strong homerism. Do I hate him as a man? No, but as a coach he sucks donkey balls and should feel shame for the money he is currently stealing. This team is dog shit as of Sunday 10/27/19. They can get better and god i hope they do but today Herman and the team fucking suck.
  14. Did he fire TO or that asshat WR coach? If not, fuck him. I’ll drive by again to shit on them three until those two are fired
  15. He sucks. Horrible game. He is one of the main reasons Texas lost.
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