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  1. All city md locations? Damn it queens, stop being shitty! I took the test for the second time at the same location (got a little careless on fathers day) and they wanted to charge this time but I haven’t gotten the bill yet. Turn around time is not 2-3 days anymore at my location. It WAS when I first took the test before Memorial Day but was told at least a week now. Last time I took it on Sunday and got the results Tuesday mornIng; took it this past Monday and still no word today.
  2. Going upstate, got a bottle of EW SiB to relax on but saw Bakers 7, BH Rye, and Russells Special Reserve which i think have been mentioned here but wasn't willing to pull the trigger for $50ish on each (don't really remember the prices). But I did see something I had never heard of, Buffalo Trace Kosher Wheat bourbon/whiskey/? and BT Kosher Rye. Anyone tried those two? Worth it? Didn't even look at price just thought they looked really different.
  3. Where is the other support? All I'm seeing is his BLM comment. Not saying he didn't support the non-apology, just can't see/find it to read it myself, any link would be appreciated.
  4. IF all he wrote on the page was what is in his post, then you are pretty fucking sensitive and not thinking clearly.
  5. You might be right, it is a possibility. But do you honestly think the first quoted post is nothing to be scared about?
  6. Bet he worked at APD before running for office
  7. i want to hate/sad face this post but not give you a negative vote. I am grateful for the info but can't like the post either. Fucking shit this is bad. Hope it turns around soon for y'all.
  8. Agree but seems like a plan would include 1) naming metrics that don't overrun hospitals, 2) getting enough tests in order to make sure cities/counties are meeting those metrics, 3) instituting a tracing system to cover outbreaks, 4) get everyone to wear a mask once things open up, and 5) sticking to the metrics and halting re-opening if the metrics aren't met. Am I missing any essential parts? We know TX shit the bed on 4, and especially 1 and 5; 2 seemed ok but somehow some but not all cities are starting to run out; and 3...well not sure how that one is going. Is that the only one going well?
  9. Fucking Astoria then, I hope we don’t fuck it up for everyone.
  10. @StruggleBus course not, but if there are guidelines, stick to them and have them Strictly enforced. But If we don’t need them and can safely congregate Outdoors, awesome, let’s do that and fuck unnecessary guidance that only adds stress, worry, and financial hardship. @Gardner Barnes That sucks, I’m sorry y’all are going through that. I hope she is feeling better. And that y’all are safe/healthy as well. No doubt it is real. I am just trying to find some hope in this current situation I’m seeing DAILY here in queens: 1) almost every outdoor restaurant/bar packed with people not of the same household at almost all the tables 2) for hours, usually around 2 or 3pm until close late at night 3) table groups not 6ft apart But instead right up next to each other like normal times 4) no masks on the patrons while they’re chillin which would be understandable if the stuff above was not happening 5) the tables themselves straddle the sidewalk so any pedestrians doing normal shit have to walk in between massive amounts of drunk, yelling, unmasked folk 6) the pedestrians themselves sometimes don’t wear masks (which is fine) but they come within inches of tables were no one is wearing any masks Nyc rates of cases, hospitalizations, deaths, etc have all fallen and while people are good about wearing masks when appropriate and distancing in general, it is a fucking SHITSHOW when it comes to the outdoor hospitality industry. I really really hope we aren’t fucking this up but I guess we’ll know in a week or so since we hit phase three on the 22 or the 29 (The days are kind of bleeding together).
  11. love your avatar but respectfully disagree. first off, not sure they'd push the nfl season that late. second, wknds with marquee NBA games on Friday and Sunday nights, full set of NCAAF games on Saturday, with mixed in NCAAB would be bad ass. If you did add in the NFL, coupled with the lead up to the NBA playoffs and March Madness, you'd have some epic betting, drinking, partying days and nights; thursday evening to Sunday night would be around 72 hours of straight sports insanity. After losing a year's worth of holidays, i think people would gladly rage every wknd in the spring to summer. Easily. Especially if this 4th of July is any indication; people here have a tiny taste of security from the Bug and its fucking pandemonium.
  12. Off topic sort of but NYC is fucking INSANE right now with fireworks. Reminds me of old East Austin where they’d have shit popping for hours, good times. Never seen these many home fireworks, it’s everywhere. Can only think it’s pent up ‘Rona rage. Cops just letting it go too
  13. As much as I’d like to hate on these types of behaviors (partly jealousy) if the ozark party didn’t lead to many (any?) infections, then this can’t be that bad. It seems that it in the summer outdoor shit is probably fine but as soon as one goes indoors to cool off in the AC, Shit spreads. We really need more info.
  14. Wasn’t it up thread that people were saying they were also limiting tests to those who needed hospitalization? edit: just saying I have no idea on the reason, just throwing out possible reasons evidenced in this thread
  15. Mask wearing? The virus Overall I can see your point but mask wearing? What exactly do you mean?
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