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  1. I'm bored and that sounds interesting. Got some links? I'd google myself but not even sure how to phrase the query.
  2. There really should be a "jealous" rep option. A rando restaurant around her carries (carried?) habanero sculpin. Thought it would suck but damn, for me it's definitely worth the corona risk to go and do some carry out.
  3. Was gonna say I’ve never done refried but for regular I boil the beans with one whole entire garlic, splash of oil, and half way through put in some salt for taste. Boil with a lid on until the water is almost completely evaporated but the beans aren’t sticking to the bottom, turn off the heat, let sit a smidge with the cover on. They sure as hell look/act refried and taste great but without any extra steps. That said, lot of the recipes up top sound great.
  4. I don't know, the "Dead Guy's Duck" still has a certain ring to it...
  5. I like your plan in theory but I can see how some families might not have the space or funds to buy for 3-4 weeks at at time. Especially people in apartments that aren't the size that most Texans/Midwesterners are familiar with.
  6. weird, is this a thing? Today I got a meme in spanish that was someone whispering to Fauci/etc that the Dominicans are still cutting hair behind the lowered gates. I know there is a guy in a professional van in Austin still doing haircuts which seems like an unnecessary risk (not sure if he goes into your house or you just get a haircut in the van) but I'm still taking the dog on long solo walks so can't really point fingers.
  7. Not to mention A LOT of people are being told to just stay at home and assume they have it since tests are rationed. Case count is way too low but that means cfr should be better so you win some, you lose some.
  8. His was as much about your family as you were saying about two posters killing themselves while one ripped the other’s throat out. Or how you said posters predicted EVERYONE was going to die. Point being all three are bullshit claims but if you are using hyperbole against other poster’s claims, then everyone else can say it about your claims.
  9. He also wishes the death of other posters but apparently that won't get you banned anymore.
  10. Noticed that too. I usually get high fiber/high protein bread that was almost always discounted a couple bucks (from $4.99/5.99 to $2.50) but now they aren't even stocking it and all the bread except generic is $3.99 or up. Sad (?) part is that I tried hitting up the Entenmann's Bakery outlet and the sign out front said they were closed until further notice because no one was sending them any supplies anymore. Guess everything is selling, which is good for them but sucks for me b/c they usually had deals on all their baked goods from bread to donuts along the lines of 3 packages of anything for $4.
  11. Spoke to my sister in Austin who said, "well, we bought a thermometer and masks for when people ACTUALLY start getting sick." She is the type that usually turns off the news when it gets too depressing. But it did make me think about the number of people I knew who were sick. My family is all back in Texas but the gf's friends and family all live here in the tri-state area. Following are all people I have met and are my friends or she has personally met that are either part of her extended family or close friends of her family: -2 confirmed dead due to Covid, 1 other that we were told was dead and assuming for same reason but couldn't confirm the cause. The two confirmed were elderly. -14 with multiple symptoms that fit Covid but only 4 were allowed to be tested. Three of those four were positive and the fourth was told his test was faulty but to assume he had it. Everyone else denied testing and told to stay home and assume they had it. -Of those 14, almost all are parents and their housing situation extends to about 25-30 more people that are mostly kids so while not assuming the kids have it, odds are some did/do and luckily have very minor symptoms. Stay safe Austin
  12. Thats partly because Guayaquil went idiot just like florida did. They had to block all expressways in and out of the city, and institute a 4pm curfew cause the first week of recommended SiP the dumbasses went partying and gave zero fucks. They played stupid games....
  13. on the off chance you're serious, pretty sure it's from Watchmen
  14. your god turd thinks windmills cause cancer. you never have the right to call anyone out on any unintentional speaking mistake. jfc, fucking trumptards.
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