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  1. Bought one for the gf’s bday, last night was the first night we got to try it out. Opened it on the couch, she went to her room to arrange things, I thought I’d break it in on the couch while she took however long. I passed out hard after like ten minutes. went with the twin size cause of whomever recommended two twins up thread (thanks!) as for cleaning it, the YnM sells a separate duvet, bought it as well since can’t imagine her lugging it up/down the stairs and across the street. It’s soft too so I’ll report back in a couple months to see how it’s held up.
  2. achooloco

    Gym Pet Peeves

    actually noticed a few hotties today at 5am/6am that weren't there earlier in the week. normally it is pretty bare on fridays but i like the new year surge this year. so far the 5am crowd is sparse so that is also nice
  3. it’s definitely not meant to be watched by those looking at their phone, surfing surly, or otherwise distracted. Had to rewatch the first four eps immediately after finishing the fourth, and yeah it was all there.
  4. Yeah... but tomorrow you’ll still be kind of a piece of shit for supporting trump. So he has that going for him, which is nice.
  5. Wrong. And make it 4. We’re opening rooting to get a traitor out of office. And to fuck up his ill gotten profiteering off our tax dollars. You are either for the United States or for trump. They are no longer the same team
  6. His supporters are ALL mentally sick people.
  7. No one is disputing the person killed Sucks or didn’t deserve it. So when they Colombian necktie Shrub or Cheney, hey it’s all in the game? Those two fuck sticks did as much or worse than anyone killed this week by a drone when considering crimes against humanity. Or when trump threatens war crimes, they put him under, that’s just the current state of affairs? Fucking myopic retard trumpkins, damn it hurts!
  8. In life? Nah, Not close. In acting? Hell yeah
  9. Over Joaquin? Or are they different categories? Cause Joaquin killed all. End of discussion
  10. so are we supposed to be okay with political assassinations now? Cause if so... thats a hell of a dangerous path...
  11. Saw it on the plane, headphones weren’t great, and neither was the movie so sorta missed this explanation. But how did the Norwegian monkeys breathe space “air”? Or was there enough atmosphere on that ship so that one guy died due to blood loss/etc instead of being exposed to freaking SPACE with nothing but duct tape to ensure his safety?
  12. Fair. Checking out till sober
  13. Post it. Pretty sure ivy wins undergrad brah
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