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  1. We did that for longer when there were fewer infections, and it didn’t do much other than delay our first wave. They’re gonna need the essential business list to be far shorter, which I don’t think anyone will have the stomach to do.
  2. We couldn’t squash it with a 6 week SIP when there were a fraction of the cases. We’ve had all the good compliance to lockdowns that we’re getting out of young, healthy people. Buckle up.
  3. I don’t think it’s a good call. If any reasonable fraction of the people that would have hit the park otherwise go eat in a restaurant then the city has made the situation (at least moderately) worse for no good reason.
  4. I wish I had that kind of pull, but I’ve only lived here for 20 years.
  5. It was that way, but I’m not seeing it anymore. I stopped at the Stripes in Kyle on our way to baseball for breakfast tacos two weeks ago then last Sunday. Same store, roughly the same number of people inside. First time, zero masks on customers and a couple employees without one. Sunday, exactly one person in the store not in a mask.
  6. We were shelter in place for 5x the incubation period. We had noisy spikes from meat packing and prison outbreaks, but there wasn’t a downturn during lockdown. Blame too broad of a definition of essential business or whatever, but there is no evidence the reopening would have been different if delayed. See California. NE states that got slaughtered aren’t the fair compare here.
  7. Too quickly yes, too soon...nah. Texas never had a reduction in cases, because we never had a first spike. Cases drifted up during the lockdown to a constant-ish daily rate that corresponded to our definition of essential business. If we had opened up the same way, I don’t think it matters if that was Memorial Day or the 4th of July...a spike was coming.
  8. He has a project car, buys a lot of sneakers, and still gets laid.
  9. The NCAA has fucked up by trying to shoot the moon on KU. We can talk about shady recruiting practices and innuendo all we want (I’m on record here on my opinion on that...it echoes Mike Brey’s comments), but 5 level 1 charges for what they actually have is insane and it’s why KU flew their middle finger and lawyered up. What the NCAA actually HAS is text messages about a player that signed with another school, alleged payment from Adidas for a player that signed but never played, and $2500 (rumors of a $20k that was allegedly agreed to but never paid) to a parent of a player that was hit with a 2 year suspension before it was reduced by a year on appeal. And while I don’t particularly believe it, there is under oath federal trial testimony that payments were intentionally hidden from KU. Overplaying their hand against a crown jewel program with a joke for football revenue was and is going to get bloody, and with NIL payments on the horizon anyway...the NCAA is much more likely to be killed in that fight. OSU got screwed (though I suspect reduced punishment on appeal), Mizzou got screwed. Schools should never, ever cooperate with the NCAA again. Especially basketball programs, where essentially every top 100 kid is ineligible if you dig enough.
  10. Most of my futures bets are on credit. I’ll even take a slightly worse number than I have available at other outs to not tie the cash up. It’s not legal and depending on exposure the limits might shrink on me, but it generally has worked out.
  11. Dave harmonizing with the water glass makes me laugh my ass off every time.
  12. I’ve never seen a good off topic board that doesn’t limit political talk to one sub forum. When I have seen integration tried, it always makes the news/current events board worse. Edit: By political talk I mean partisan mudslinging. If we were smarter, we could mention harmless, factual policy centric stuff without it going that way. Alas, we are not.
  13. So coronavirus is gonna be all geared up, take an expensive pill, disappoint her anyway, and wake up at 3 in the morning rock hard and getting turned down? Wait. I mean, Viagra? Never heard of her.
  14. Lucky. My conversation went... ”Into the cup? Ewww that’s too clinical.” ”Fine, I’ll just go beat off.”
  15. Was a suburban white chick choked to death with a knee to the throat this week or are we still mostly limiting that to DeAndre?
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