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  1. This is a pretty big deal if you're talking about an MLB team drawing from some location in San Marcos on a Tuesday night...it's a pretty insignificant difference for 8 home games. Splitting the cities isn't a good idea either way, but with an NFL team it's at least logistically feasible.
  2. I was hoping for some dumb David Price money to make it juicier but it moved against me. Today... Athletics -112 Reds +126 Astros +115
  3. Those are good. I think these are even better (similar but even a little lighter weight).
  4. Oh, I don't like it. Random UT Friend: "Yeah, when I was on the 40 acres you only had to be top 10% in your class to get in...it's a little harder now. What was it like at Kansas?" Me: "On, you know, top ***COUGH***100%***COUGH*** of your class."
  5. So far it seems like the vaccine gives a stronger biological response, but it doesn't (yet) seem like that translates into much difference in reinfection vs vaccine breakthrough. Best guess is that higher measureables isn't predictive, but I don't know why. It smells a little bit like how we thought of surface transmission in the early days before we knew how strongly viral load tied to infection. Disclaimer: I'm an engineer that likes data but no medical background.
  6. I've never been able to find it on the iPhone app, but I set my lineup in a web browser (usually) and it is there.
  7. It has since changed (a little), but when I went to KU the general study in-state entrance requirements were that you'd graduated high school. That's it. That's the whole list.
  8. ACL surgery...that sucks.
  9. Rangers +120 Braves +102 (weird line move here...Fried's peripherals have been a little better than his traditional stats and Marlins are dead last hitting lefties, I'll take the plus money)
  10. I had Covid, so I didn't rush out to get the vaccine...once it was plentiful enough that I wasn't going to take a shot from somebody that needed it more I got stabbed. But I'm less concerned about people that had it not getting vaxed (even though they should). There is good data that mRNA antibodies are "better" than natural antibodies, but if it doesn't show up in reinfection rate vs vaccinated infection, I'm not sure it matters that much. The remaining problem isn't really those folks, it's the ones that haven't had it and won't get the vaccine.
  11. I make the Texas number 8 if anybody cares, so there isn't a play there for me. Disclaimer: I'm good at college basketball and the NFL (and lately MLB but the track record is shorter). If you've followed my plays here in those sports you shouldn't attribute any of that to college football, which I borderline suck at.
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