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  1. The order reads like it's open as long as you maintain the 6ft social distancing requirement.
  2. Hey that sanitizer stuff is cold. I’m not normally like this, I swear.
  3. Even if you moved assembly, what's the list of internal components that are manufactured anywhere other than China? The processor and...?
  4. Right, but we’re testing more ANd the virus is spreading, so it’s hard to say how much the contribution is from each. We’re still not an incubation period away from when we got serious about doing something. I don’t think the death rate lowers for another week or two, and it could still accelerate in the meantime as the problem has gotten more widespread.
  5. Sick people or deaths is probably a lagging indicator, but if the explosion of positives due to higher testing doesn't manifest in a higher body count oner the next week - 10 days, that's probably very positive.
  6. I had them also...think I laid like -200. Jumped in relatively late in the season. If the NBA doesn’t play 82 games it’s going to cost me money. I have the Jazz over at -105 that was looking dicey, even before all their players were dying...but I also have a Nets under at +150 that is solid. Shortened season would have both refunded.
  7. I could probably bat a pretty high percentage on final fours and work backward, and I’d imagine I’d remember a good chunk of the big upsets...but yeah, I’d still miss a ton of games. If they don’t make the 2nd weekend, who remembers 8/9 and 7/10 winners, for example.
  8. I do. I'm currently sweating the shit out of a Utah Jazz over.
  9. I know Craig a little bit. Professionally, the highest compliment I can pay him is if I’m road tripping and Texas is playing KU in anything...I’ll listen to his call of the game.
  10. Braum’s was my first job, and I’d still eat it when I went back after I moved away. It fell off a cliff in the early 00s. I’m assuming they had to slash costs at some point...it’s nowhere near what it was.
  11. I don’t even think that’s a bubble team, that’s comfortably in.
  12. After the loss in Austin last night, West Virginia is 2-19 in its last 21 Big 12 road games. Is that bad? It sounds bad.
  13. Jhawk’s memory is too harsh, but the answer is somewhere in the middle. He built a good team the year of the E8 but in other seasons he generally had mediocre teams that struggled against the top half of the conference, including 1-9 against KU (only pros to speak of were freshmen). Mizzou fans were getting really anxious and his seat was getting warm, so he jumped at getting out of there. What Haith did with the leftovers in his first year didn’t help the view of Anderson in hindsight. On the old board, I was one of the guys saying Shaka shouldn’t run havoc at Texas if the goal is being better than Barnes was, and I used Anderson’s top/bottom conference record splits to explain my reasoning...teams with decent guards had mostly figured it out.
  14. Whataburger spicy ketchup >>>>> tomato.
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