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  1. Thanks. Back on the Nats tonight in game 6. Mattress Mack is giving us value.
  2. Alright, my lunch delivery service at the office has Firehouse as an option today. I’m trying their version of the brisket sandwich and will report back.
  3. Similarly, women's college basketball ticker scores should be in pink. At least a dozen times a season, a score will roll by and I'm all "shit, Texas and Iowa State are in a barn burner I should flip over to that". Then I notice the next game is in the 3rd quarter and rage.
  4. Price still too high. Nats game 2 +160
  5. My wife is really smart, but she let slip with a doozie this morning...she was writing a note for my son that missed school yesterday, and I'm dicking around on my phone. Wife: "What is today's date?" Me: "23rd" Wife: "So yesterday was the 22nd?" Me:
  6. Yeah, you've mentioned that a few times. I've never lived in Kansas City, but I have lived in Austin for 20 years...long enough to remember when the BBQ here wasn't very good. Some of those places are still open for some reason, giving us plenty of mediocre to bad options. Not unlike KC.
  7. My son loves him some Subway, and it’s just about the most convenient option post baseball practice...so I eat it a decent bit. I usually stick with turkey and drowning the thing in jalapeños and condiments, no way I have the stones to eat that sandwich.
  8. I didn’t know Quizno’s still existed, but I’ll be dammed if there aren’t still a couple in town. Apparently I assumed if the 183 location couldn’t make it they just shut down the whole franchise.
  9. They aren’t restoring it. It was a really fun layout pre Harvey, with some really good holes, but it’s just routed to be playable now.
  10. I don’t even really like these but the numbers dictate them being plays... Nats series +190 Nats game 1 +175
  11. There is too much hand-wringing on this thread for what KU actually has. We’ll bring a couple of skill guys on offense that can play, but the line will have a really hard time blocking. You’ll get pressure and contain the run without particularly committing to it. On defense, the interior line has no real playmakers and no depth at all, so the run game will be there all day and Ellinger’s time to throw will be the opposite of the OU game if you even decide you want to work on that...you won’t have to. This is a name your score spot depending on how aggressive UT wants to be once they get it in hand.
  12. Basement? That’s a good...that’s a good one. I like that.
  13. Pretty good game 5 day yesterday. Today we’re just playing the number at Rays +250. They probably don’t win, but that’s too high.
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