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  1. Hopefully lots of bots ordered the wrong one... https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/22/21451624/xbox-one-x-amazon-series-x-preorder-accident?fbclid=IwAR2Qcb0WbMLTfe0LH6fhJ5aJu6U7c-c-diA0N6_t6-L3vXdAgxEKoeQ5wQ0
  2. Not that much I like on the board today, but the St Louis should be -145 at least, so... Cardinals -126
  3. Three plays tonight... Indians -124 Rays -125 Brewers +138
  4. Mets +112 Giants -123
  5. They forked iOS, so iPad has it’s own OS now that’s getting better at bridging the gap. But, I still agree with you, it’s just not quite a laptop replacement for me. For what I do on a tablet, I could have gone cheaper...but I like the integration into the Apple ecosystem as I’m also iPhone and Mac.
  6. Couple of dogs I like today, which are really just grabbing value against slightly overrated starting pitching... Astros +131 Cubs +125
  7. And the Jays again today... Blue Jays +125
  8. Short slate but back on the Jays today. Blue Jays -129
  9. If there is a hypothetical herd immunity number that we're approaching, I think it would be hard to tease out of the data. Anecdotal experience is of course ripe with confirmation bias...either way, I think reasonable people can disagree. My anecdotal experience was the mask usage was pretty good in and around Austin well before the state mandate. It was pretty terrible in the exurbs until San Marcos had an outbreak, then even those places started having high compliance, still before it was technically mandated statewide. Marginal differences in ubiquitous mask usage is probably swamped by the way reopening happened. I do find it interesting, and increasingly hard to explain without some kind of existing immunity, how similar the backside of infection curves and positive test rates are. We haven't put our finger on it via science, yet...but I'm nearly convinced that SOMETHING is going on there.
  10. Blue Jays -116 Royals +147
  11. I’ve had it if a few of them want to suck some antibodies out of me.
  12. Take a look at the Kansas Jayhawk football schedule and try to find 3 wins on it. Currently U2.5 -145. I'd probably rather have U2 at a better price, but in any even...I'm taking it to pound town.
  13. Back today with two plays, a wrong team favored and a solid plus money coin flip game... Giants +130 Twins +102
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