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  1. I don’t have an opinion on the game, yet....but if you like the Chiefs it might make more sense to just bet Mahomes to win the MVP.
  2. I’ve been married 17 years...if it’s a decent game and there’s at least 12 minutes left Duke/Clemson probably gets my attention.
  3. Yeah, my main Trudy’s memory is getting blown in the maintenance closet of the Burnet location back in the day. That was a fun night.
  4. He’s looking at you, Serrano’s.
  5. I have no doubt Mahomes has attracted some bandwagoners...but the Chiefs have always had a big following here, with lots of expats and some casual followers during the Jamaal Charles/Derrick Johnson teams. They (we) have been overrunning watchsites from Bikinis to Third Base for years...and that’s with lots of shitty teams.
  6. If this game was on regular television, KU would be in deep shit with the FCC.
  7. I’ve beat off in a lot of hotel rooms, but I’ve never came on the remote’s tits. Am I doing it wrong?
  8. VolenteHawk

    Axe Bat

    We’ve had various kids try them on the team I coach in Austin (USSSA, 2 3/4”, -10), never saw much difference and none have stayed with it. We ended the fall season over half Cat 8/Posey.
  9. This is a different Baylor team, they’re playing man and are stingy in defense. KenPom currently says 10. They’re good.
  10. Self doesn’t do it, either. He’s sharp enough to have an answer when he doesn’t that usually involves time left and rambles about it...but he never actually commits the foul. Has lost a handful of games because of it.
  11. I’ve found the basket both better for hot/fast cooking and for getting the amount of lump right for longer cooks. I did a pork butt on New Year’s (11 hours) and got the fuel almost perfect...added just a couple of pieces while I wrapped it to make sure it made it.
  12. While Cozymel's concept is weird and chain Tex Mex is hard to pull off in Austin, nothing was ever successful in that location. And fucking TGI Friday's had a booming run literally next door. Weird spot.
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