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  1. Well, we all know what a great 2nd half team we are....cough, cough!
  2. Judge Jackson: "I have received letters urging me not to silence an important voice in the public arena, but that will not be an element of this sentence in any way. I expect he will keep talking. And as you've just heard when I went through the elements of the offense, he was not convicted and is not being sentenced for exercising his First Amendment rights, his support of the President's campaign or his policies. "He was not prosecuted, as some have complained, for standing up for the President. He was prosecuted for covering up for the President."
  3. Went over to secrant website, under the “politics” forums. Those folks in the sec conference are apparently heavy into trump and deny anything that’s actually true. Totally ignorant about truth and what this president is doing to our country. Someone already said it, but if it’s good for their pocket book, then they don’t give a shit about rule of law and truth. They are in denial of what is right.
  4. Well, well, well.....mo $$$$$$$$
  5. So, based on your experience and what we've seen from this team this season, what are the odds of Texas winning tonight? A friend gave me their tickets, but I'm not sure if I will go.
  6. Wouldn’t you be depressed if your name was Looch and you looked like that.?
  7. The little a-hole may have dreamed it, but it never happened.
  8. A proposed Alabama law would require that all men get a vasectomy after they turn 50 or after the birth of their third child, whichever comes first.
  9. Horns win 3-2. Bunt single, sac and hit scores winning run. Yea...baby!
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