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  1. If UUUU will back off to 3.63, will double my position. Might triple it. Don't sell until it's at least $8-10. If it makes you feel any better, I only bought 50,000 shares of AMYZF yesterday at .53 instead of the 70,000 I'd originally planned to purchase.
  2. IBIO is +.35 AH at 1.82. Cantor Fitzgerald initiated coverage on the stock IBIO today with an Overweight rating and a $3 price target.
  3. Look at ABML. That's where AMYZF is headed. I have a UUUU gtc order at 3.63 which will double my position. After it fills, LFG.
  4. Well, the stock did have a 59% move yesterday, so, a >little< consolidation is probably in order. Having said that, the day ain’t over.
  5. News Release - January 21, 2021 American Manganese Inc. Prepares Cathode Reactor for First Production Reactor Testing to Complete Pilot Plant Recycling Project January 21, 2021 - Surrey, B.C. Canada TSX-V: AMY | OTC US: AMYZF | FSE: 2AM
  6. AMYZF (American Manganese) +.22 @ .59....a 59% move today. 9x the normal volume. They have a patented chemical recycling process for lithium ion batteries. In the current political climate, green is good. Very good. And somebody somewhere knows something. Let me be clear. I’m buying this stock tomorrow because I think it’ll make me bloody rich. Going to start with 70,000 shares. As O.J. Simpson said, “I plan to make a killing”.
  7. Put in a gtc order at 3.63 for UUUU which will double my position.
  8. That would be an absolutely disastrous move for the Texans. Brady isn’t mobile enough to survive playing behind Houston’s offensive line. Last season, Watson was sacked 49 times. Tom Brady would be a dead man.
  9. During the 60s, the Baltimore Colts had a TE named John Mackey....the best tight end I’ve ever seen. Travis Kelce is better than John Mackey. No TE gets open like Travis Kelce. The guy’s a freak.
  10. Justin Tucker misses two field goals in the same game. The apocalypse is at hand.
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