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  1. Coronavirus....goes good with Lyme disease.
  2. He should be playing for Bobby Knight.
  3. Yes, Randall's didn't start serving wine and beer until the 90's.
  4. Despite it all, Bill O'Brien is the GM and head coach. The next move? Cal's gonna make him a part-owner.
  5. Although the policy re: serving beer and wine was changed in 1976, I don't believe it was implemented in a timely manner. I was living in San Antonio in 79-80 and would shop at the HEB near I-10 at Wurzbach. I left San Antonio in the middle of '81 and the store still didn't sell alcohol. So, maybe you're telling it right.
  6. It was a hassle to buy your groceries at HEB and go somewhere else to get beer. As a young, single man who hated shopping that was enough to send me to a competitor. HEB also began staying open on Sundays in 1976. Those shifts in policy were hardly made in a vacuum. Change or die.
  7. The Butt's family was full of Southern Baptists and didn't serve alcohol until 1976. That's when I became an HEB customer.
  8. The first thing you gotta do is find a grassy knoll.
  9. Part of that emotion is because Jimmy’s getting into the HOF and part of it is for the lost Super Bowl championships the city of Dallas would have had if Jerry hadn’t run off Jimmy.
  10. Ultimately, a team takes on the personality of the head coach and that's why the Texans have collapsed in this game.
  11. If any of my competitors were drowning, I'd stick a hose in their mouth and turn on the water - Ray Kroc. I'm lovin' it!!
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