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  1. Mitch, mitch bo bitch banana fanna fo fitch Fee fy mo mitch, Mitch!
  2. Yes, silver will continue to move higher. It's going to $50 an ounce....for starters.
  3. We miss Eric Gordon. He's money with open looks and shoots from downtown. No need to get anywhere close to 7 footers near the basket.
  4. I've been told by many sources, good sources - they're very good sources - that this will be a tremendous terrific interview. All the Fake News wants to do is write nasty things about the interview, but it's a really good interview. It's a beautiful interview. Everyone knows how beautiful it is,
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3286745/Still-gleaming-Half-century-Goldfinger-Bond-girl-Shirley-Eaton-recreates-famous-look-MailOnline.html#i-cd417d9d6c9fa72d No. Shirley Eaton is alive and well at 83.
  6. Your mama is so fat she caught flesh eating bacteria and the doctor gave her 10 years to live.
  7. Ha! With his debut in '83 and subsequent years until his death, SRV's greatness was magnified by the state of music at the time. The world was knee deep in the MTV 80's age.....synthetic, full of image.....not a lot of heart and soul. So, when this Texas guy shows up playing accessible blues and featuring great guitar playing, he, practically, stood alone. Hell, he did stand alone. As great as Peter Green was, he had incredible contemporaries around him.....Hendrix, Lee, Beck, Page, Clapton, Bloomfield, Allman, Gibbons, Taylor, etc. ever boosting the argument of his greatness.
  8. Skip. It's a name you'd give a dog. Maybe.
  9. ALT up to $28.70 and climbing in AH. We’re back in the game.
  10. My entire generation was on drugs, sonny.
  11. Time for a reunion tour.
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