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  1. There are LK buyout rumors, but I'm staying on the sidelines.
  2. Played for a punk band in the mid 70’s. The Flying Chards of Glass. Chicks dig a frontman.
  3. Hoping his nickname changes to "flip the field".
  4. Stockton was a terrific defensive player as a 5x NBA All-Defensive Second Teamer. However, there's a reason Karl Malone is the second leading scorer in NBA history. Stockton CP3 Nash Kidd Payton
  5. You're welcome. ALT spiked to 10.61 today and is currently around 8.50.
  6. Keep your fingers crossed.
  7. The biggest price driver will be a big pharma equity partnership I believe is coming which could catapult this stock into the $30's to $50's overnight.
  8. Am in ALT bigly at an avg. price of $3.35. It’s my Covid lottery ticket.
  9. I would be interested in your thoughts on ALT - Altimmune - if you have any such thoughts.
  10. Could be worse. He could've played for Duke..............well, I take that back. Jordan couldn't have played for Duke because he didn't flop enough and didn't under perform in the NBA.
  11. “Sorry. I don’t do miniatures.”
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