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  1. I've lost over $500,000 on paper because of IBRX's descent from the 40's, but still believe this stock goes much higher than the 40's. So, why the drop? Remember, WS is out to screw the most people out of the most money. Having said that, my hunch is the market makers are trying to squeeze all the in the money call premium out of the options after a peak in accumulation. At about the April 17.50 strike, that's what they're doing. At 15, a significant number of puts start moving into the money. So, I'm guessing the price stays between 15-17.50 until those puts get closed out or we make thi
  2. Waiting for news from AMYZF. The waiting is the hardest part.
  3. I bought 2800 more shares of IBRX today at 19.07. Liquidated a position in another stock to raise the cash. IBRX looks >way< oversold. Looks like market makers are trying to sell down all the in the money April call premium. There’s been absolutely no negative news. Could pop anytime. I have 25,000 shares so, yeah, I feel your pain with the 20 point drop in the last 2 weeks. It will recover and then some. Re: AMYZF, the company’s waiting on word from the Defense Logistics Agency on the old tailings of the US National Defense Stockpile in Wenden, Arizona. Patience.
  4. Southern Baptists vs. Catholics. Tonight, we find out who’s right.
  5. This is the 7th consecutive year I’ve grilled salmon and shrimp for Easter. It started because I love salmon and am so-so on ham. Now, it’s become a tradition and my wife wants it to continue. So, it shall continue.
  6. I went to church on Easter Sunday with my wife, youngest child, her husband, and two grandkids. First time back in church since February 2020. Our pastor gave an inspiring 11 minute sermon and the music and fellowship made for a true spiritual connection. My other kids and grandkids joined us in the early afternoon and we chowed down on grilled salmon and shrimp, deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, homemade yeast rolls, and homemade carrot cake in the shape of an Easter bunny. Played with the grandkids for hours and slept like a dead man last night. It was a big league day.
  7. Picked up a little more IBRX this morning. Haven’t seen any bad news. I believe it’s consolidating a huge run up from single digits to 45. All the study results released have looked good so far. Pancreatic reaches a primary top line endpoint in June, I think. Stay the course.
  8. I discontinued playing options because that special feeling of touching a hot skillet with a bare hand repeatedly left a mark. No mas. As I'm sure you know, roughly 80% of traders lose money in the options game. Having said that, with the premium levels for both UUUU and IBRX, I would rather be a seller of calls than a buyer.
  9. UUUU dropped to 5.86 again this morning (missing my pt again by .01) and moved back up, so I got the last 5000 shares at 5.92. Wasn't about to let it get away again. 25,000 total shares. Now, we sit and wait for it to fly. Essentially, all of IBRX's products are in the development stage at present. Getting FDA approval for pancreatic cancer would be big, but the methodology suggests it should work for a variety of solid tumors. The more of them it works for the better. It's not unreasonable to think the price doubles or so from here. If their covid booster gets approved and recomme
  10. Up to 20,000 shares of UUUU. I have a gtc order for the final 5000 shares at 5.85, so, of course, today’s low was 5.86 and it didn’t fill. The same damn thing happened when UUUU was in the 3’s and 4’s and I ended up buying the second and third lots in the low to mid 5’s. If the stock decides to go up from here and I miss out at 5.85, well, worse things could happen.
  11. The order for 5000 UUUU shares at $6.15 was filled. The gtc order for 5000 UUUU shares at $5.85 remains in place.
  12. This is the way. When it hits 60, we can, certainly, reevaluate, but my gut says IBRX is going north of 120. If you don't need the dinero, simply hold the stock and let it ride. Isn't this more fun than those stodgy ETF's?
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