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  1. Yes, he seems to suggest that the money is there to build a commercial plant. I'm wondering if it is for manganese or battery cathode recycling. In one of Larry's last couple of press releases, it sounded like they were down to the end of the DLA project to show they can produce from the Wenden Stockpile.
  2. I think AMYZF's technology and patent portfolio is good enough that somebody who wanted to be in that space could buy them. It could be a resource company or a battery manufacturer who wanted an edge on their competition. With 216 million shares issued and no debt, a $10 price/share would value American Manganese at $2 billion. I don't think that's crazy if you consider what the size of the lithium battery market could be. It's estimated 10% of battery production alone ends up as scrap and possible recycling material. Should there be a buyout at $10/share, it takes the guesswork out of when to sell the stock. We all pocket our money, take our ball, and go home. If AMY doesn't sell and grows organically, we don't get the quick fix, but the upside can be a >LOT< higher. Holding 150,000 shares @ .85.
  3. That should just be the $tart of an extremely lucrative journey.
  4. No correction. The market’s going higher. Home prices in Phoenix should continue to rise for the next 12 months.
  5. Pretty typical. If something breaks that runs the stock up, they want to be able to raise cash.
  6. I’ve seen nothing to indicate IBRX’s science doesn’t work. I’m all in, have been all in, and shall remain all in. In two years when the stock is north of $100/shr, we’ll select a bar in Austin and have it closed one evening for a Surly private party with an open bar. Tab’s on me. If It hits earlier, we party earlier. I remain bullish on UUUU & AMYZF as well. When AMYZF goes north of $15/shr, same thing applies. When UUUU goes north of $50, again, drinks are on me. I believe those PT’s can be had. Holding 27,800 shares of IBRX @ $9.77, 25,000 shares of UUUU @ $5.28, & 150,000 shares of AMYZF @ .85.
  7. If you don’t think we get that video, you’re not that guy, pal.
  8. You ain’t alone. I still believe IBRX, UUUU, and AMYZF will be winners. Just want to see it happen in this lifetime.
  9. He’s a distant cousin of J. Paul Gatty.
  10. If only. Still holding 27,800 shares and waiting for news. W-a-I-t-I-n-g. Tom Patty was right. The waiting is the hardest part.
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