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  1. Goodman was drunk on the 27th of June
  2. Maybe I should have put the question in the Covid thread but I was thinking about the response across the country and how it might be different from an action/messaging standpoint if the election was soon. Personally, I think it'd be wildly different if the election was near.
  3. Statistically, it's safe to pretty much do everything. That hasn't stopped the hysteria.
  4. Didn't think MLS could get more boring on tv. Thanks a lot, Rona
  5. If the CDC says crowds the size expected during a normal election aren't safe you're in favor of postponing the election. Thanks for answering.
  6. I'm talking about the the news in regard to Covid. If the federal statute said the election was today would the actions by politicians and the news reporting be the same?
  7. What is the minimum standard for the virus to disappear to hold elections in November? If the election was scheduled for today would politicians and the news be acting the same way about it?
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