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  1. Misread your comment. I'm toying with the back ups
  2. FYI Musk and Jack Dorsey are having a live stream now discussing crypto and twitter
  3. New can was released from ATF jail
  4. Out of abundance of caution I'm going to laugh my ass off at every one of you leftist nut jobs
  5. That was the best game Sark called b/c he didn't try to force it with Quinn. Whether it was the wind or QE3 just being garbage it didn't matter. Sark took it into account and didn't try to make the kid try to win it. Hopefully we can build his confidence in practice and we can get back to completing passes beyond the line of scrimmage next week.
  6. I laugh at the fact what the authors felt was alt-right support amounted to "i went on a reddit forum and someone said something".
  7. That's what I was referring to earlier. Such a low bar for journalism.
  8. There hasn't been much from that dude that has aged well
  9. This isn't actually the way it was portrayed in the article but the one paragraph in the article about the "alt-right" defending her was such shoddy journalism it's actually funnier that it made it's way into the headline.
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