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  1. We need to buy a CM. That's all there is to it. Needed one before Ox and Thiago went down and it's should be glaringly obvious to everyone now.
  2. Top 5 City Liverpool Spurs Chelsea Villa Bottom 3 Brighton Leeds Manchester United Golden Boot Winner Darwin Nunes Biggest Surprise Nottingham Forest finish top half Biggest Flop Does Jack Grealish still count?
  3. You're a smart guy. Ultimately, put whatever you want in your body but frankly I think it's wildly misguided to keep taking shots.
  4. maninblack

    MLS 2022

    the lafc keeper is a goofball
  5. They're all a bit different and will primarily cover different roles. K8A is miles ahead of all of them as a CM.
  6. I'm not upset about that but weird that we'd be working on it. Need to get K8A done.
  7. Wescott Eberts is the dumbest POS that doesn't own a Texas fan website
  8. Because this loser chooses to engage in negs instead of dialogue. I'm not above being petty towards you commies
  9. Reddit did it pretty easily
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