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  1. if you don't have futureman on ignore you are doing it wrong
  2. I mean 2M is absolutely a top 10 joint in Texas
  3. imagine letting a guy out of his NLI due to an ANALYST leaving clearly a lot going on there
  4. From Geoff Shackleford's roundup: https://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2021/2/24/d and
  5. I have been enjoying the Leroy and Lewis podcast (link) but far and away my favorite "new" podcast of the last probably 6 months is Literally! with Rob Lowe (link) Leroy and Lewis just has interesting folks on it and I am a big fan of Evan Rob Lowe knows everyone, gives them shit, does some funny impressions, tells funny stories and generally does a bang up job with people we all know and love (McConaughey, Rogan, Lisa Kudrow, Chris Pratt was episode 1, Catherine O'Hara, Jon Lovitz, Nick Offermann) - really a highly recommended podcast
  6. Honestly Hamm is exactly what Ketch would be if he entered the business there and didn't luck into his OB position at the right time and place.
  7. go eat some actually good cinnamon rolls, not those undercooked, jizz-based icing, sandy tasting abominations.
  8. yup, folks have said that it isn't real with him until he visits. 0.0% chance unless that happens.
  9. assumed with no football and 247 listing him as an EE he was. huge missed opportunity there for him
  10. yikes AND to top it off, he was an EE? good grief.
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