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  1. probably going to hit up that wine bar before or after, heard nice things
  2. wife going into either Boerne or SA for the date, sorry for confusion
  3. extremely thin skinned human being who is generally regarded as an asshole (look at what people said about him before he came to the Rangers)
  4. my guess: has some family from the Metroplex and grew up watching Rangers but family/parents/Dad hates the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones firing Tom Landry so they latched onto the Texans once they were an option...actually know a pretty decent number of folks whose fandom looks weird because of Jerry Jones
  5. Going on a date in the greater SA area this weekend and have mostly narrowed it down - any help narrowing it down or other places I should consider from this list? Peggy's on the Green (Boerne) Battalion Range Southerleigh Will be coming into town from Hill Country...so going past Boerne, which is why Peggy's is on the list.
  6. NoName

    Dallas | BBQ

    anyone hit up Goldees this weekend? (this isn't me just pulling from tagged photos - more spoiler'd below) more here:
  7. actual humans don't ever talk this way. sounds like he needs to go back to writing shitty superhero fanfic
  8. so...finally sounds like Texas is going to (hopefully) money whip someone - like they should basically do for every major position they have open!
  9. he just blocked you on twitter for saying this.
  10. congrats Champ, seriously. glad you are still in the game!
  11. whoever wrote that is also the one who ghost writes all of the "TEXAS A&M HAS THE BEST FANS IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE" letters that get posted after every fanbase goes to A&M and then somehow finds TexAgs and somehow sets up an account and somehow posts there
  12. if he plays 1 snap at Texas it is a miracle and they deserve a raise for conjuring this dude out of basically nowhere that said, the number of P5 players who had no 247 recruiting profile/were totally unranked is pretty low.
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