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  1. there is a big difference between saying someone who is 33 is "young" and someone who is "very young" i am sure you will say it was a throw away line but it was a dumb one.
  2. looking for book recs for Texas Football (or UT generally) recommendations - both for myself and for my Dad who has read a bunch of them already, hence the larger University of Texas request. can be from any era - not looking for one in particular.
  3. check out blueberry strudel. it's fantastic
  4. Jake is like 33. you must be like 90 if you think 33 is "very young"
  5. Chappell is the #1 CB (#22 overall) in PA in composite he is #70 CB in the composite Texas meanwhile has the #11 (McCutchen), #13 (Ish), #16 (Hunter Washington), #22 (D Harmon), #46 (Jimmy Wyrick), #69 (Jalon Williams) plus #75 (Raymond Gay) - plus Bowman Chappell is a .8565 in the composite, which would rank him as the #112 player in the State. This puts him on par with Jalon Williams (111), J'Dann Burnett (112), Jack Turner (113, committedd to TTU), Jordan Eubanks (114, FSU commit) Top247 has him as an 88, which would put him on par with the #58-82 rank in the state. Just a really really really really weird take when Texas as a state has 6 guys ranked higher at CB (plus Bowman) in composite. Looch has Harmon at #18 in Texas in his Looch 44 (tm) - Ish is #33, McCutchin is #43 & Bowman is at 20 side note, hasn't Looch shit all over Bowman for his size (5'10 & 175) vs Chappell at 5'11" & 177?
  6. but what color shirt were they wearing when they gave them a silent?
  7. the *ONLY* place I think he can go is Bama. thats one of a very short list of places that can/will pay him what he is making at Clemson, that backs it up with facilities, that he will be inheriting a ton of talent and his ties there ("Momma called. And when Momma calls, you just have to come running") are legit. plus location (Southeast) means he isn't going to jump to somewhere like tOSU, Penn St, Michigan honestly or even Texas.
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