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  1. followed by a handful of other texas accounts including @Longhornfrenzy
  2. there is a reason Lincoln Riley-types are the exception and not the rule.
  3. no one hates the quality of the product or the support/service. it is the up front price that people hate
  4. they also finished #27 in OFEI (Texas was at 17 fwiw)
  5. interestingly not a single word in there about dollars or revenue it also includes this nugget, which basically makes it sound like the ad agency you keep pushing didn't really do as much as you think they did edit: i will stop posting about chicken heh
  6. Al Copeland, clearly edit: thought that the GSD&M employee/popeyes dude was asked the home run hire question.
  7. impressions and media coverage != actual revenue, in case you are not aware. sounds like CDC needs to revoke that job offer.
  8. yeah, that isn't the case. i assume you are talking about Popeyes and the chicken sandwich with GSD&M. 1) it was a press release not a tweet https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/im-back-popeyes-announces-official-return-date-of-its-sold-out-chicken-sandwich unless you honest to god think that this tweet, with 5k retweets and 31k likes was worth $100m in which case you are incorrect 2) the tweet that i assume you are talking about is this tweet from October 28th, when they annoucned it was coming back which only has 31k retweets and 87k likes, and is so hilariously far down the most liked and tweeted tweet of 2019 it isn't even funny. either way, neither of those tweets specifically made them $100m. wonder how much they lost by it not being on the market for ~60 days.
  9. John Harbaugh was a ST coordinator from 1988 to 2007 at Morehead St, Cincy and Indiana and then spent 9 years as ST and DB coach for the Eagles before he was hired. Let's not compare Pittman's history as an OL coach at UNC, Tenn, Ark and UGA to Harbaugh spending 9 years as a (Special Teams) coordinator in the NFL.
  10. 53 4* and up composite recruits in Texas this year
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