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  1. people have not realized that WHO is literally the enemy? keep bending that knee.
  2. you cant be telling the public that one group of people are fine and others are at risk when trying to shut the whole complex down.
  3. Are these the same shitty tests we turned away to create our own?
  4. nobody is gonna be pulling you over and asking for your papers. Livestock must be maintained, and that is your mission.
  5. this is true. Everyone will eventually die.
  6. DonnyKerabatsos


    if you have the means, the Volcano is the only answer. that is what my buds tell me... also have buds who have begun "cob curing" their grows, and it totally changes the game. It is a much longer process but you end up with an incredible potent, long lasting effect. The old heads say its like the stuff they got from 'Nam or the beaches of 1970s California.
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