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  1. The lawsuit was ruled on by a judge in houston. Their council was a firm outta dallas. My brother needs to find out what to do next.
  2. My brother finds himself on the losing end of a civil suit that he and a group have been fighting for many years. Has something to do with oil well ownership. Bottom line is he thinks his company will need to declare bankruptcy over the settlement. Anybody have any suggestions who he should be looking to contact for some solid info. PM myself if you have any leads. Thanks. - Donny
  3. for many years my dad and I would hit up either Memorial Stadium or Texas Stadium for Thanksgiving. We always came home to a Luby's turkey dinner waiting for us. We would have 3 turkey meals between home, tailgates, and Luby's.
  4. narrator: most universities today are.
  5. VRHorn 1 minute ago BradInATX 24 minutes ago Dahobbs 1 hour ago achooloco 1 hour ago Pescado_Rojo 1 hour ago GW Hayduke 1 hour ago Captainant 1 hour ago DigglerontheHoof 2 hours ago Judge Roybeanbag 2 hours ago Js1 2 hours ago
  6. Aug 93 - Dec 95 was the peak. The cow funk in 97 became so repetitive and lame. I like my Phish on fire. these days, eh i guess im glad they can still find the love and light. need to go back to Japan or Europe and do a small club tour again.
  7. the queso oaxaca from H-E-B https://www.heb.com/product-detail/h-e-b-mexican-style-queso-oaxaca/126598 is really good for pizza.
  8. flour the chicken and let it rest an hour on a rack before frying in hot 375 grease. Lard is best. season the flour. for extra crispy, dunk the rested floured chicken in eggwash and flour again. Let it rest 20 more minutes before frying. dont try and fry everything at once. over night brines and buttermilk are bullshit unless you want sodium filled meat.
  9. Black and Blue top sirloin. Yes please.
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