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  1. Aww fuck, now a trooper and his family are gonna be fucted up too. I think perhaps maybe the word had gotten around about Odell and they had had enough of his shit the second time they had to deal with him. Odebll acting a fool, again.
  2. Why is Odell in the locker room to begin with? Really dumb
  3. There is some context that should be taken into account (but won't). The cop was already riled up, trying to get them to put out the smokes*. Then Odell comes up and slaps him on the ass. I would probably recommend not slapping a cop, especially one already riled up, on the ass. They aren't generally your laugh it off type, especially at that point. Odell is proving he should have never been on the field and never been in the locker room. You're a former player, cool, go sit in the stands instead of (possibly) violating NCAA rules by handing out wads of cash to players and getting involved in something with the cops that doesn't directly involve you. (*) The cops just enforce the laws. Want to change the laws? Talk to who made the law.
  4. Yep, and Joe Burrow says it was real cash. LSU might have screwed up letting Odell on the field and interacting with players, especially following the national championship when there are cameras everywhere. Joe didn't do his former school any favors by coming out and saying it was real. Congrats, guys. You won the national championship, had an amazing year and an amazing quarterback and now because of this you get the NCAA sniffing around. Plus they still have the Funes problem, which I don't believe the NCAA has closed the book on yet.
  5. Shit, neither Joe... I think you'll be ok.
  6. Define "on record". The general always Trump supports won't give a shit. The never Trumpers won't give a shit. Pelosi warned about going down this road but nobody listens. As much as Republicans like to bitch about her, they usually fail to realize what a great leader she is at keeping her people in line (turtle boy is the same way) and she was kinda right about impeachment.
  7. No shit - I can't imagine going from VT to Baylor. That seems lateral, at best. Any competent coach should be pretty competitive in the Coastal Division.
  8. Fark, that sucks. I was looking forward to eating your food again when my daughter toured TAMUG in a month or so.
  9. There's got to be a mexican version of MGP Ingredients, the world's largest white label distiller that makes a lot of what we all drink, making tequila, I just haven't found them yet. There are so many craft tequilas popping up and that shit cannot be made her. Doing research, looks like it may be Casa Aceves.
  10. Yeah, I'm more that way, because the restaurant ran without a smoker before buck and could probably do a limited menu without it now. But if everything in the freezer/fridge died, that's pretty rough.
  11. Has nothing to do with a private school [the afore mentioned baylor] (that receives state funding). It has to do with public schools in Texas being able to hide behind sovereign immunity and getting to decide who sues them, unless the legislature steps in. It's all self imposed because he's butt hurt over his lawsuit. Of course, he's using Dolcefino Consulting, the same regards harassing the Houston Rodeo.
  12. You doubt us? Mond is coming back for his senior year! *pounds head on desk*
  13. That seems like a pretty nice post for WSU.
  14. " I can't even understand a word that fucking cajun is saying. "
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