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  1. relapse98

    House concerts

    Wonder if Lisa is gonna do her traditional pop stuff or her childrens stuff.
  2. relapse98

    House concerts

    Please post any yall find. I run a little daily music calendar and I've switched to just promoting online concerts. My focus is generally the New Braunfels/San Marcos/Seguin area, but I'm sharing anything I find. Today's list (so far) is: • 1pm Girls Rock Austin https://www.facebook.com/events/1010056382684238/ @ Virtual Show - Free • 4pm Live concert from Scholz Garden in Austin - https://blackfret.org/ @ Virtual Show - Free • 7pm Richard Watson - https://www.facebook.com/events/663772614375822/ @ Virtual Show - Free - tips greatly appreciated • 7:30pm Tyler Cannon Livestream - https://www.facebook.com/events/2353432771613507/ @ Virtual Show - Free Venmo @Tyler-Cannon-13 • 8pm ACL Stands with Austin - https://acltv.com/…/acl-tv-acl-radio-and-acl-fest-team-up-…/ @ Virtual Show - Free • 8pm Wades World w/ Wade Bowen & Cody Canada - https://www.facebook.com/thewadebowen/videos/204375280907560/ @ Virtual Show - Free
  3. I had read rumors about them taking MotoGP to Indy for our weekend, I guess that's no longer happening. Boo on this move. Wonder what will happen to our Sunday April 26th Indy race - I bet that's next on the line to be cancelled/moved.
  4. Fuck those guys. Sorry, not responsible if I shoot and you get hit, asshole.
  5. He even talks about his singing in it. It's sponsored by Overdrive Magazine and I think it's gonna be mostly about the electronic log
  6. Radiotopia has a new podcast out called Over the Road. "Over the Road is an eight-part series that gives voice to the trials and triumphs of America’s long haul truckers." Episode 1 is out, I heard a teaser and liked it so I subscribed. 8 parts aint much.
  7. Love that blob. We had to align ourselves just so because there is a weight differential between the blobber and the blobee, like 50# or something, but we made it work. Did you get a chance to go into the underground mine? It's built out of a few storage containers connected together and divided into levels. Pitch fucking black if done right. I'm generally blind without my glasses, so that thing is my jam. Throw glasses into case in backpack and leave up on land and away I go like a blind mole. Probably my most favorite thing out there. Zip 3000 - hot damn. 3000' straight run zip line. Gotta carry that carriage all the way up from the bottom and if it touches dirt.. you and 2 other people are out. We always told the kids make your decision now at the bottom because I am not walking back down that hill, the only way I am getting down is strapped to a cable. At the top of one of their hills is the only place that we ever found cell signal. There's also a stock tank up there which is perfect for a swim after hiking up there. And my last remembrance, we did the rappelling. To get to the start, you kinda inch out on this cliff and then sit there contemplating death while they give you instructions. I always wear Teva's out there and all of a sudden there was this whiff like wtf died up in here. It was my feet that decided to sweat and go as funky as possible. Apparently when I am most freaked out, that's what happens.
  8. That little girl is amazing. She's like a fucking ball of energy waiting to explode and knock you out.
  9. Well Tafa done knocked that man out
  10. That Ige Bektic fight was definitely 1/1/draw. Neither guy really won it.
  11. Shout out to Little Woodrows.
  12. Finally some action at the very end.
  13. This fight is boring AF.
  14. No shit. Those Nashville hot chicken sandwhiches from Main Chick look amazing. And I think Nashville Hot Chicken is about to jump the shark is already in the air - KFC is now selling it.
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