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  1. For financial reasons, the 'rest of the series' will need to probably be the same car as Indy, for those that run the rest of the year. Those teams are already run pretty shoestring. they don't exactly have extra money to go throwing around for an Indy 500 car and then some rest of the year cars that may be different. Also - I think it's easier to control speed with a spec car. Spec - easy as f to regulate so noone gets above a certain speed. Nospec - you're gonna be getting some sort of balance of performance, which is probably not the direction your dream would want to go. With BoP, they'll try and hold everyone to about the same general performance, negating whatever new and different things come to the race.
  2. KERA's Think had an episode about Brexit the other day, it's a good listen. The guest talks about how he thinks the pro-brexit stuff stems from GB being the center of the world at one time and they are aren't happy about that no longer being the case. They seem to think "You are either doing the trampling or being trampled on". His book is called The Politics of Pain: Postwar England and the Rise of Nationalism
  3. They were all at the F1 race in Austin. </gossage>
  4. Head Rapist in waiting.
  5. That article was pretty bad. The whole "Indianapolis is New York or London compared to this place", oh boy. And the "F1 and NASCAR are Both in Trouble in the U.S." - bro, we make fun of cota, a lot, but that was a very well attended race. Like, most people I can recall in a few years. I think they could have sold 20k more GA if they had the facilities to deal with them.
  6. That's crazy. The family has owned it since 1945, I thought they would own it forever. I'd love to know what caused Tony to finally sell it.
  7. Pedestrian killed by hit and run crossing 812 at 6:30 yesterday. Glad my buddy had his dad as DD, he was f'ed, so it wasn't him that was driving. At one point, he went to invite the Texas cheerleaders up from the tailgate they were at so his dad could get a picture with them, I told him just act sober. He comes back with about 20 cheerleaders in tow. Dad got his pic and I got my annual one with them.
  8. <insert trump wrong gif> Shiny is awesome, it was done his way and it was good. Can't wait to go see him live again.
  9. Yep. Sucks that I missed it this morning. USF4 was good and Masters Legends is on track now.
  10. Track sucks, but by God, it's a beautiful day to watch F1 cars. </drunk af>
  11. Masters Historic Formula 1 looks like it's going to be cool. They have cars from 1974 - 1982 racing. Lotus, Tyrrell, Williams, Hill, March and more. And Endurance Legengs has some cool Porsche, Nissan, Riley, Corvettes, etc. entered. I think I might be more into seeing these 2, and Formula 4, than F1.
  12. When he gets bitchy, he finishes P1.
  13. MotoGP 2020 Provisioninal Calendar That calendar has COTA. I can't find anywhere that says they ever renewed the contract that expired in 2018. Some day the riders will do something about the shitty conditions of the track instead of just bitching. It looks like a washboard on the back straight.
  14. Daughter was a little interested when I told her the RV is 40' from the superstage (not sure what we'll be able to see/hear) but calmed down to normal flatline when I told her to expect to be out there for 14 hours with me if she goes.
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