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  1. ancedotally, I'm not seeing the number of 'Drive through covid testing' posts that I used to. Hays County seemed like they were doing 3-4/day a month ago and now I don't really see them.
  2. She gonna milk that 15 minutes for all it's worth. Needs to figure out how to get SNL to make fun of her and she'll be a shoe in.
  3. Our school district has a handy dandy Covid tracker. Can't wait to see how high that number gets a week or 2 after school opens. Tracker
  4. Taking our son back to *mumbles place* tomorrow. 5 of his 6 classes are online. I think his mentoring of first generation students might be in person. He wants to go back and live mostly in his dorm room. We'll see how this goes. We let him make the call, I was good either way (though I am a little tired of him being home for 5 months). He's been working at "America's Favorite Waterpark" in the gift shops and their rules are pretty strict - everyone must wear a mask in the store, no try on, no returns, so it's cut down on people - and seems to have done ok. We'll see how he does around 60k college aged kids making questionable decisions.
  5. I've termed it 'Ostrich Summer'. They stuck their heads in the sand, ignoring what they should do and instead doing what they want to go. Thanks yall, appreciate it.
  6. That's just a word people use these days. They usually throw it out with libtard, socialist, marxist, leftist, all that shit. When you see a word salad like that - time to move on, not even worth talking to.
  7. Our (actually I live right over the line in Guadalupe) health department posts daily Covid updates. Every day I read the comments and am just floored by some of the responses. Today's is a great example. They post the numbers and get shit back like this from the nut jobs:
  8. Private schools, what a freaking disaster those already are. No certification required for teaching at one. We have a few acquaintances that 'teach' at private school. I would not waste a dime on them.
  9. And this is why this shit is not going away anytime soon because we can't think long term.
  10. Yeah, I do. I've seen what they've done this summer, travelling, hanging out with people they don't know, fighting about wearing a mask. I don't think all of a sudden they are gonna do a 180 and become responsible. Ostrich Summer is coming back to haunt us.
  11. What is it with the Texas GOP and electing people not from Texas? They literally cannot help themselves.
  12. I wish I could vote against him, but I'm over here in 15 which goes from Guadalupe all the way down to Mexico. In no way does this district make any sense. And district 35 is probably just as f'ed up.
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