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  1. No shit. Almost thought I stumbled into texags for a minute
  2. Sad how familiar that was recently Wonder what happened to easterby fuckhead
  3. These announcers suck just as bad as the refs
  4. I think it will be e Robinson at this point
  5. This is what I find amazing. They have all the time in the world to plan on how to replace him Bjork is a moron. I’ll be sad when he gets fired. Although I’m sure his hands are probably somewhat tied
  6. I hope E Robinson has a good agent. He’s gonna cost a lot more now
  7. It really does seem that way. Bjork looks like a major dumbfuck but this seems way beyond him just being a dumbass
  8. That’s a good point. And maybe other sensors.
  9. Biggest shitshow ever possibly
  10. Same here. Very cocky. He seems like he is just trying to save his ass
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