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  1. I’m glad that was it. I was starting to get scared he’d be picked Excited for this hire
  2. Or tell them to fuck themselves I’ve had incorrect bills from parking companies many times and disputed and they drop But your daughter needs to learn this and how to post pics
  3. Makes sense. If you run it out of business there will be zero carbon footprint
  4. Yep. Instead they are moving the med center to UT Nacogdoches
  5. It’s all part of HEBs master plan. Wake up sheeple
  6. Do you think oasis was lightning? Or something else. Inquiring minds want to know
  7. As long as it isn’t a terrible contract I can see doing it. Unless they want to tank another year but they aren’t that capable
  8. He is who made me a sports fan.
  9. I can’t imagine he would be interested But they would probably pay a shit ton in picks then fire him in two years
  10. Reset all pass words. Enable Mfa on everything. Look for rules setup on all mailboxes etc. Sounds like the compromise her patient list at the least potentially Good to file all those reports
  11. I’ve seen quotes from zack brown excited about a new US team. Who knows if that was BS lip service though Is bullshit to not max out the field.
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