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  1. I can work from home and all but damn if I don’t prefer to have a dedicated office in a separate building from home. I don’t mind working 12 hours a day at the office and trust me I’ve done it plenty but when I walk out the door, that’s it for me. I’m leaving it behind and moving to a different space.
  2. I’m gonna post in this thread now because there’s thread policing going on.
  3. They just announced 45% job cuts in my international Upstream BU. That ain’t no joke. That’s some deep shit.
  4. I went ahead and bought the Global Bamboo Block set. Should be set for life haha. Some wet stones and proper sharpening technique and maintaining them razor sharp is easy peasy.
  5. Double? Yikes. That’s fucked.
  6. Yea. Is that a joke or a real post. Idk. But I do know it’s crabcore .
  7. Love CZ75s, to me they’re very easy to handle and point. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a tangfoglio to fondle at the gun shops.
  8. Sounds like a job for my good friend Heywood Jablowme.
  9. Some well placed fish in strategic areas Could go a long way in an empty home.
  10. I love bunnahabhain 12. That was one of the first scotches I got started on in my early 20s. It just goes down easy, super smooth and not too aggressive on the palate.
  11. How is the dalmore in terms of flavor profiles? I’ve been digging the two ardbegs mentioned up thread a lot lately but really enjoy most solid scotches. The glenmorangie la Santa is another one that goes down easy. I would consider Mac12 another dependable standby.
  12. yea, I hear you there. I wonder how much this will impact all the short term rental condos in those vacation markets. If it shakes out some weak hands I might be a buyer of real estate prices dip a fair bit.
  13. This seems like it’s really gonna jam up locals in favor of tourists and other people that reserve all the holidays and weekends. I guess if you’re a local best to stick to weekdays (Which is the case anyways). Kinda fucks up powder chasing for everyone though. Yesterday I spent some time time trying to figure out what ikon is doing. I haven’t seen any clear communications from them yet.
  14. I’m a big fan of the Mayan recipe yucateco.
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