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  1. How did you get broken off? Did you snap it while casting? Or during a fight / while trying to hook a fish? you may need to adjust your drag settings.
  2. I would think your Best bet would be to visit a local fly shop up there Once you arrive and ask them to sell you a small assortment of what is hitting. You can also try to look up hatch charts but those are always kind of wacky for me because the hatch mix depends so much on the temperature and conditions in the last week or so, etc. Regarding the spinners sometimes I really find that fish home in on a particular color. You’re on the right track with the lure selection. I would be sure to get an all gold panther martin and an all silver one along with a few other colors for variety. Don’t be afraid to go small too. Maybe 1/16 or 1/32 on up.
  3. That’s terrible man. Sorry to hear that. Life can be so fragile.
  4. I haven’t had any issues with Verizon all day.
  5. Spent the last couple days drifting the north Platte, gray reef section in Wyoming. Just crushed them on flies, nymphs only. But 10-15 trout each day for me and my buddy all 18”+. Some beautiful and very productive fishing up there.
  6. Damn. That sounds absolutely horrible. I hope they can recover, praying for quality ppe.
  7. Johnny Chimpo


    Yea. That doesn’t add up...?
  8. I shipped my car from Houston to Denver a couple years back now. Ended up costing 600. I found a bunch of options online, but actually all these online guys are just brokers. The hauler that takes your car is always third parties. Just do your research and try to get a decent price. I didn’t have any issues. Good luck.
  9. I can’t find that. would love to see it but I don’t.
  10. Warrens gonna end up owning the whole company at this rate.
  11. You’d also be surprised how many people living in bumblefuck, LA I have met in Kazakhstan
  12. International pays better than domestic too
  13. Clue me in to what EFT means, I am grasping for straws here trying to figure it out.
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