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  1. I would try posting on a Audi S6 enthusiast forum like mentioned above, or at least an Audi enthusiast forum. Take it by Carmax and a few other dealerships to establish your floor.
  2. Damn. Better wait for a big dump or bring a board you don’t mind never riding again. That shit looked hella Rocky.
  3. I think i would love that mountain. Looks fuckin killer on a powder day
  4. I’ve had some great times at Grand Targhee. Or like Upgrayyed said, Grand Foggy. Driggs is a great town to put together a dirt cheap ski trip and you can drive on over to Jackson Hole mountain resort if you want to mix it up for a day or two. All the Montana locals I’ve talked to had lots of good things to say about Bridger Bowl. If I was gonna put together a ski trip to Big Sky I think it would be worth stopping in there too at least for a day to check out the scene.
  5. Garner state park is always a classic especially in the summer time. Lost Maples is beautiful in the hill country. So is Pedernales Falls up near Austin. Goose island is a good coastal spot. All of those are from my Boy Scout days a decade and a half ago. Yowza.
  6. When I fly I usually bring the pax era and put it in my toiletry kit just because I feel it’s so discreet.
  7. I got the concentrate insert and I’ve used that although just a few times. Didn’t have any issues with it. Definitely mostly bud though. I’m pretty lightweight, not the kind of guy who does a lot of dabs.
  8. Well I honestly couldn’t compare the two since I’ve never used the 2 but the battery has never run out on me when I take it out for a day of skiing or out to the bars and a bowl lasts 10-15 hits. You can adjust the vape temp in 4 increments. I usually start at 50% and increase as I deplete the bowl. Overall it’s handy and discreet enough to meet my needs.
  9. Get a Pax 3. It’s a hand held flower or concentrate vape that you can load yourself. I have one and I love it. I got it for that same reason, don’t really like the idea of using pre loaded vape cartridges long term. There’s a few other brands that make similar products all you have to do is some online research to find them.
  10. Too much Tylenol man. You gotta go for the cough syrups without any acetaminophen. Better for your liver 😄.
  11. I caught one of those in steamboat springs back in September. First time id landed one. They do fight well.
  12. Hahah. Man you aren’t wrong.
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