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  1. https://atlasvisa.com/passports/ I used these guys when I renewed mine in 2019. Door to door was a week or 10 days, and I had a new passport with a new work visa for my job in it as well.
  2. That honestly sounds like a maintenance bitch
  3. Mexican? I don’t know about that. Spanish brandy, I like Lepanto PX Solera Gran Reserva.
  4. I too read something awful back in the day… maybe from 2002-2008. It was full of some weird and crazy people for sure. Not just normal harmless weird and crazy internet people. Straight up nut jobs. there was a lot of good stuff in there too though. I remember that one forum, FYAD, was basically a non stop stream of consciousness thread shit.
  5. We use those in the oilfield. Usually the exhaust is routed outside of the breathing area. Seems like you might have a different (and shittier) design than we use if the exhaust is entrained into the hot air discharge.
  6. Yea, fuck all of this. That sounds like a serious exercise in masochism. The man must hate himself and food.
  7. The only thing that all of these weak ass attempts to lower oil prices do is the following: 1) further convince opec they have us over a barrel 2) illustrate the tightness of the market to major speculative players (trading houses, hedge funds, etc. 3) ensure that prices will continue to stay high and slowly rise further. there’s some analysis floating around by JP Morgan among others that in a month or two, Cushing will be at tank bottom levels meaning it will be effectively out of shippable crude.
  8. Still running the stock tires here.
  9. My average mpg for 7500 miles of mixed driving on my 2020 ecoboost is 17.3.
  10. Will she ? Isn’t she married to a billionaire / hundred millionaire now?
  11. I looked at skiing the alps and the lodging gets booked up way in advance and it was not cheap when I was doing recon. 300-400 euros a night was what I saw in 2018-2019.
  12. When I’m fly fishing I change my tippet at least once every couple years. I find it gets brittle over time. Even with thermal cycling that can come from day and night variations when stored in the garage.
  13. Lol. That may be the only dubious compliment you could pay LaX. However that is a factual statement.
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