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  1. Brophy Bros in Santa Barbara is a nice stop along the way for some clam chowder and seafood. Don’t miss the opportunity to pop over to morro bay and see morro rock. Cool little spot. Montana de oro state park is also real pretty for hiking.
  2. Live shrimp definitely work. I have a lot of plastics to throw and I want to figure out how to get them to work. lol.
  3. What are y’all catching your redfish on? I’m down in south alabama now and had some luck today with live mud minnows and shrimp. But every time I toss artificials it is skunk city.
  4. Last project I was on in Kazakhstan (oil and gas) we shipped our plant modules all the way to the Caspian from St Petersburg. The canal system is actually pretty neat. that being said, fuck Russia and Putin.
  5. I live in Mobile Alabama now for the last year or so this is right in my backyard. I’ve seen a couple of folks mention Dauphin island. It is super chill, I drive there to go fishing on the regular. The water is semi clear and the sand is white. You can walk out a loooong ways on the west end and be next to nobody. Lots of folks go to dauphin island with their families. Gulf Shores / Orange beach is where all the locals seem to take their beach days. They have a lot of concerts come through the wharf amphitheater and there’s ton of bars and restaurants down there. Floribama bar for example. This would be your spot with more nightlife and partying going on. I saw fort Morgan mentioned, that would probably be the quieter side of things on the east bay. The water quality gets better East of mobile bay in general.
  6. They’re hoping to cool things down briefly so they can escalate again.
  7. Me Chinese, me play joke, me go peepee in your ICBM fuel cell.
  8. Playing stupid and waiting for them to get lucky and hit us with a missile is not going to go well for us.
  9. We’re headed in to New Orleans from Mobile Alabama today, just a two hour hop down I-10. Getting excited!
  10. I just booked saffron and mamou for the sugar bowl. Reviews please
  11. 75 gallons, approximately. That’s a very thirsty gen set if it’s only 30 min. Although this data sheet for a caterpillar turbo genset shows 613 L/hr. https://www.generatorsource.com/DSS/media/DieselServicesandSupply/PDF/Caterpillar-3516B-Generator-Set.pdf
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