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  1. I didn’t realize it until somewhat recently but I learned that herdez is a subsidiary of hormel foods. It kind of took the magic away for me. The salsa is still pretty damn good though.
  2. The last big winter there in spring 17 I was crushing corn snow off the top double black diamonds in June wearing shorts and a long sleeve. Was actually nearly just as good as powder.
  3. Yea they’re shipping it through the Caspian up to Astrakhan.
  4. I just bought a P365XL. What holsters do y’all recommend for IWB?
  5. I’m gonna take a crack at the foolproof pan pizza tonight. The no knead dough has been sitting since 8 pm last night.
  6. Looks like a beautiful river to wade and fly fish.
  7. Damn. I camped at both El Rancho Cima and Strake growing up. el rancho always flooded like a motherfucker so I guess I’m not surprised to hear it was blown out by floods. I remember camping there and having about an inch of water in my tent before our troop called it quits and pulled out for the weekend on Saturday morning. Did merit badge summer camp at Strake and weekend camped there a few other times. I think the summer camp was called trail to eagle. Sad times. The scouts seem to be pretty fucked too with their funding. Heard they had to mortgage Philmont.
  8. Correct. I sat next to a U.S. army officer in business on the way home from Amsterdam. I was headed home from work in Kazakhstan. He was headed home from Ukraine. We got to talking over quite a few scotches and our shared experiences in former Soviet bloc countries. Bottom line is We have had a healthy contingent there for some time advising and training.
  9. Second video shows earthquake lightning. A strange phenomena during earthquakes where lightning is seen even in clear skies.
  10. Typically the banks want 25%+ down for a second home, plus the payments are pretty steep if you only put 10% down. Will be tough to make any money on a cash flow basis. Catpfish covered it well.
  11. Looks like another 600” season in the works. Crush some laps off chair 22 for me out there. I haven’t been able to make it this year, too much life shit going on. Sad I’m gonna miss one of the epic years. Seems they get one amazing one for every three absolute shot ones these days.
  12. If they have 10% down and want to buy a 700k second home they really must not have done their homework.
  13. I’m an oil man. I always knew I would be leaving Denver.
  14. With my company, I increase my after tax contributions to my 401k, then I call fidelity every so often and ask them to move the after tax contributions from my 401k into my Roth IRA. You can contribute up to 61k between your company match and your pre tax and after tax contributions.
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