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  1. An approach the results in him getting on base would be a nice change of pace.
  2. Looks like Ace Hardware’s corporate headquarters.
  3. My, my a bit nerve’y, eh? You’ve rung this bell regarding that thread a few times now, so I guess I’ll respond to it. I posted in that thread exactly four times in the first couple of pages. One was saying I knew an injured officer involved, a ‘your mom’ joke that wasn’t funny, and two general descriptions of what a search warrant would contain regarding a narcotics UC situation- all of which were posted before that shit went all sideways. I never once defended HPD, Art, or anyone else involved. I simply stopped posting about it due to me being connected to it through a party that was involved(as I always should). If Astros fans like yourself are going to actually revel in your heel turn, you’re gonna need some thicker skin.
  4. They’re all hated equally. You see what you want to see. Poor little Altuve is just a victim in this whole thing. Imagine having a wife so controlling she won’t even let you show off your sweet new ink after a pennant clinching home run! And screw those teammates of his for banging on that trash can without his consent for, at least, 19 different home games.
  5. The best part of this thing is this title stiffened the nipples of all of the Houston sports fans dying to be accepted as a great sports town. The Cinderella ‘Houston Strong’ story ended up being a huge farce. Now Houston sports fans are standing in a ball room for a party they threw for themselves holding Jordan-less basketball trophies and a World Series title they cheated to win while pretending they aren’t upset no one else showed up to the party.
  6. Carlos talks pretty tough for a guy that has played more than 110 games in a season one time.
  7. Any good spicy rye recs? Is the OF spicy?
  8. Almost the same in their absurdity, yet some believe one.
  9. The best version of Astros fans are the ones that believe Altuve when he said he didn’t want his shirt ripped off because his wife would be upset with him.
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