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  1. I’m not really a musical guy, but I was absolutely blown away by Hamilton. The music, the costumes, the storytelling, the lighting, the dancing...truly incredible art. Never ceases to amaze me how talented some people can be. From concept to final form, this is an absolute masterpiece.
  2. In any normal presidential administration this Stone/Trump debacle would be an oil tanker strung to your neck and sunk in the middle of the Atlantic. For this piece of shit administration it hardly registers on the scale of unbelievably shitty things that have occurred. We gotta get these pieces of shit out of office this fall. The worst part is that I’ve probably made this post 10 times over the last four years.
  3. What is the general consensus on Rare Breed Rye’s supply availability? Will it normalize like the standard Rare Breed?
  4. Just another cardboard box into the dumpster fire that is this administration.
  5. I believe the author of this article has forgotten Infrastructure week with a dash of defending white supremacists as ‘fine people’. What could have been?
  6. This is true. Probably 2 seasons max at his current position.
  7. Who had “Stephen Miller writes race relations speech” in the pool? Come down and collect your fucking prize.
  8. You spend the proper amount of time out on your patio. Bravo, sir.
  9. Is he even human? Has he ever held a book?
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