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  1. Longhorn fans are probably the only fans in the country plotting their path to the conference championship after back to back conference losses.
  2. Well that was probably the worst half of Oklahoma football I’ve ever seen.
  3. 11 AM on ESPN. Hopefully the last time we play these losers.
  4. Could just be me with the ‘Caleb playing out of his mind’ bump in my pants, I guess.
  5. I think we are about to see a ‘Caleb playing out of his mind’ bump. CB’s rolling in for Thomas, Mclellan, and Kanu. https://247sports.com/player/azareyeh-thomas-46099405/
  6. I, too, respect this defense. I hope nothing changes at all. Effort level is there.
  7. Y’all continually think money will fix all your problems, and it never does.
  8. Well, Williams isn’t taking the snap, rolling right and throwing into triple coverage, so thats all a big plus. Rattler cuts half of the field and tries to make everything fit from the hash to the boundary.
  9. https://247sports.com/Player/Gabriel-Brownlow-Dindy-46084792/ Dindy committed
  10. Well, I’m not trying to drop some advanced meteorological analysis. I’m just saying, in general, I feel like an extra week could help. Late October is generally cooler than early October. The game was played on the first Saturday of October in 2010. Why not the third Saturday?
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