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  1. To be fair, being a part of 5 wins is almost 30% of OSU’s total Bedlam wins. 27.77%
  2. Bookie is the worst 5-star I’ve ever seen. He adds nothing and subtracts tons at the worst times. He probably has a few more solo tackles than I do.
  3. Imagine the gall it must take to claim voter fraud after you spent months crippling the US mail system and already benefit from the gerrymandering bullshit.
  4. Today was awesome and I am so proud to be an American again. These last four years have been dark and I am glad my 5 and 3 year old daughters don’t have to grow up under that weight anymore. They get to see what is possible instead of being told what isn’t. It feels like a new day with fresh fall air blowing in the windows of a damp, dark house. I will remember this day for a long time for several reasons, but mostly because Team Trump accidentally held a press conference outside a Philadelphia landscaping company.
  5. His pandemic plan has me excited. Listen to doctors, scientists, and any other experts who have dedicated their lives to helping humans stay safe and healthy.
  6. It is nice to have a feeling of optimism again. A consistent, unifying message is a beautiful sight after the last four years of doom and gloom. Go Joe!
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