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  1. This. I have thought the same thing ever since seeing her perform on the CMAs years ago with Sam Bush, Vince Gill, and Allison Krauss.
  2. I did not grow up in either state, but spent about a decade living in each of Cal and Texas. So I feel i am uniquely qualified to wade into these disputes. My opinion: - Mexican food in Texas is just overall better. Its true of Tex Mex and even things like interior Mexican food. I think the health consciousness of Californians may be holding them back in this regard. With that said, Cal Mex does make great use of seafood, which can be awesome. We could use some seafood focused Mexican places in Austin. - The most iconic Cal Mex item is the mission style burrito. Great idea . . . I love burritos. But, while they may have invented it, its just not that hard to make a good burrito. As a result, Even the most famous taquerias in the Mission are not putting out burritos that are head and shoulders above what you can find elsewhere in the country. Cabo Bob's puts out a better burrito than 90+% of Bay Area taquerias. Its more like NY and Cheesecake than it is Cen Tex and brisket, if that makes sense. - Putting aside Mexican food and a few other obvious foods (like barbecue), almost every other type of food is going to be better on average in California (and especially northern California). And that is true on the high end and the low end. Even basic things like deli sandwiches tend to be better. Probably a variety of causes, including access to the best/freshest produce in the world, more commitment to patronizing small businesses instead of chains, large affluent populations that are food obsessed (and have been for decades longer than other parts of the country), and more ethnic diversity (including significant Asian and Italian populations).
  3. Not a waste if you get on the water early enough and realize the bite may be over by late morning. I would also try to avoid hot, stagnant water by fishing a creek/river with good flow and/or springs nearby. BTW, since you are new to fly fishing, here is some unsolicited advice: I wasted way too much fishing time over many years fixated on things like casting form and fly selection while not paying enough attention to presentation and covering a lot of water. Practice your casting in your backyard, and try not to think too much about technique while on the water. Pick a few all purpose flies that are proven patterns for the hill country and then stick with those (something like a Brushy Creek streamer would be a good starting point for this). Once you have removed some of those variables, use your time on the water to focus on presentation (speed of retrieve, depth, etc.) and reading the water. Try to identify what looks like good water, make one or two quality presentations, and then move on to the next spot. If you focus on reading the water and cover a lot of river, it should significantly speed up the learning curve on identifying where fish are likely to hold in the river, which is the skill that will make the most difference in terms of catching fish.
  4. This didn't happen in Texas. Every other state (even Oklahoma) recognizes the insanity of using deadly force to protect personal property when there is no threat to human life.
  5. Ton of OSU players now saying on twitter that those were not their demands. Doug "let me offer the white man's perspective" Gottlieb may have gotten this one wrong, which is not surprising. Reading Chuba's statement from earlier today, which was incredibly well thought out and impressive, it should have been clear that the players' demands were not going to be this shallow. I do think Gundy had a no du-rag rule, which is pretty stupid.
  6. Its kind of like golf. It can be done cheaply . . . most people just don't end up doing it that way. You can get a good starter rod and some flies for under $200 and hit the local creeks and catch a ton of fish. Or you can drop a thousand dollars on the latest and greatest rod every year and spend 60k+ on a skiff. But if you already like to fish and live in Austin, then its a no brainer. There is a ton of good water in the Austin area. And there is no better way to explore the hill country than with a fly rod and kayak. We are also lucky to have several really good fly shops in the area. My favorite is probably Living Waters -- they can steer you in the right direction on gear and flies.
  7. Are central Austin schools the ones being considered for consolidation? Most of them seem to already be over capacity and have large numbers of portables. But there are likely parts of the east side where hipsters and dinks have moved in and caused student populations to go down. AISD plans to consolidate those schools probably make sense, but I can see why people in those areas don’t like it.
  8. I never thought of myself as a person who gets upset because of celebrity deaths. It somehow seemed odd to be really moved by the passing of someone you don't know. But I certainly cried last night. After hearing the news, I put on Chain of Sorrows, which seemed appropriate. Its such a perfectly written song. Then the album went on to Sabu Visits the Twin Cities, and I couldn't help but laugh. Today I listened to The Accident and Jesus the Missing Years and laughed some more. No other writer has the ability to capture the comedy and tragedy of daily life the way Prine did.
  9. Food is solid, but other places in Austin are certainly better (Naranjo; Suerte). Atmosphere is fantastic. Their curbside menu during the quarantine has been great . . . really well priced and a lot of food.
  10. This one surprised me because it seems to be a place that everyone in the neighborhood is pretty committed to keeping in business. I went there to pick up food on Friday evening. In the 15 minutes I was there waiting, quite a few people cycled through to pick up orders. It seems they were doing about as much business as when the dining room is open, and if anything the kitchen couldn't quite keep up with the volume of online orders. It was Friday night, so I may have just seen the place at its busiest moment.
  11. I think Abbey's book is about Glen Canyon dam (not Hoover). He wanted to free the river and uncover the canyon the lake was covering.
  12. We were taught about it in the late 90s in my Oklahoma high school. But my recollection was that it was not in the textbook. Our teacher just thought it was important that we all know what our great-grandparents were capable of.
  13. For the most part, I want all my shoes made in either America or England. Casual - Rancourt, Oak Street Dress - AE (unless you want to spend more, and then its Alden or Crocket & Jones)
  14. "You with the open mouth, let me explain one more time. It is not a literal bus we will be parking . . . stop asking how the bus gets on the field"
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