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  1. Question for those of you more knowledgeable about the recent fish kill than I am: Is this going to impact the trout population more than reds and drum? I would suspect so since many of the mature reds should be out in the gulf this time of year, but I don't really know. Relatedly, I know there will be some areas more impacted than others depending on factors like proximity to deep water where the fish could escape the cold. But are there also going to be some areas more heavily impacted than others because the mature fish in those areas are less likely to move to the gulf in winte
  2. You forgot running a tournament that encourages killing breeder trout . . . as a "conservation" organization.
  3. Ollie Slatt

    USMNT 2021

    I was responding to UT Lax's earlier post about one of them being an 8 alongside McKennie. I just don't see it because of their defense. Reyna may develop his game where he could fill that role, but for now he should probably be a 10 (maybe even a false 9). Pulisic should play on the wing.
  4. Ollie Slatt

    USMNT 2021

    Do Reyna or Pulisic play enough defense to play as an 8 for us against decent teams. I suspect our core midfield going forward will be Adams, McKennie and either Musah or Aaronson.
  5. It is becoming Crosby's schtick to drum up attention by insulting other musicians on twitter. I am pretty sure nobody under the age of 50 cares what Crosby has to say. But he has figured out that he can get attention by insulting EVH, Bridgers or whoever else is in the news. Its also pretty funny that he is saying "I prefer people who can actually write songs" about a woman who writes (or at least co-writes) all of her songs. And while Crosby wrote a few great songs, it is certainly not what he is famous for.
  6. The Line Hotel at Cesar Chavez and Congress has a Veracruz tacos on the Congress side. Its a takeout window . . . so it essentially operates like a truck. Many of the good bbq places are trucks (including Leroy & Lewis, Kerlin, Mickelwait, and Browns). Also, plenty of sit down restaurants in Austin offer outdoor seating options.
  7. Ollie Slatt

    USMNT 2021

    If GB had to name a WC squad tomorrow, then I don't think it would be a surprise if Long, Zimmerman, Morris, Arriola, an MLS based keeper, and Jozy (if healthy) were included. The good news is that only one of the CBs would crack a current starting 11. And by the next WC, I expect there to be even fewer MLS players in the fold and none on a starting 11. I was glad to see all of the guys move to the Championship on loan yesterday. I hope Dike makes it somewhere in Europe and never returns to the MLS. He clearly has the physical tools to be great if his game can keep progressing.
  8. Bee Cave is not even Austin. How can you move to a new money suburb so that you can buy a 4k square foot house and then complain about everyone being obsessed with luxury homes. And the weather? If he didn't anticipate it being hot in Austin, then that is on him. This guy seems insufferable. Though I will admit he is right about a few things. Cedar allergies suck. You often get terrible service in Austin (particularly from waiters). And the lack of public land is a bummer (though that same complaint would apply to everywhere in the US east of the Rockies).
  9. At Gullett Elementary they have been strongly discouraging kids from coming in person even though the school has had virtually no cases (only one case per the AISD dashboard and no new cases). Parents have been getting almost daily emails suggesting not to send the kids this week or next week. The expressed rational is that AISD wants to minimize the spread and better allow for social distancing. But, for my son's grade, the school consolidated all of the kids still attending in person into a single classroom for this week . . . so there was even less distancing than before. To make matte
  10. Ollie Slatt

    USMNT 2021

    Greg just needs to convince Balogun that starting for the USMNT is better than backing up Harry Kane for the next five years. Then all of our problems are solved.
  11. You will get more use out of a sit on top kayak . . . particularly a really stable one designed for fishing.
  12. Yep. Its not fun being an Arsenal fan right now. It seems like we have been struggling for most of the last decade. One of the only things that makes it bearable is to remember that even though Arsenal is not living up to its own standards, we have still won four FA Cups in the last decade and a handful of other trophies. During that same time, spurs have had some of their best squads ever yet have absolutely nothing to show for it . . . because they're spurs.
  13. Ollie Slatt

    USMNT 2020

    Its going to be a challenge. Maybe something like this where Musah has a more defined role on the outside (similar to his club): --- Sargent --- Puli ------- Reyna ------- Musah ---- Adams ---- McKennie --- Dest -- Brooks -- Richards -- Cannon
  14. The republican party is way too unhinged to nominate someone as sane as Romney, and they wont forgive him for the impeachment vote. No way he is the nominee in 2024. I don't think you put him in the cabinet because it does not make a difference in terms of reconciliation. Any sane republican that gets a cabinet seat will immediately be written off as a RINO. BTW, I would like to see Heinrich for Dept. of Interior. Impressive guy that clearly understands public lands issues.
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