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  1. Judging from these crowd shots, there seems to be a higher rate of recessive genetic disorders than I was aware of in Oklahoma. I thought that was more of an sec thing. But I guess that’s on target with the conference realignment.
  2. Auction in Australia. https://www.lloydsauctions.com.au/madmax/ 13 of the cars for auction.
  3. My friend in Florida just got this email.
  4. I played magic the gathering for most of my childhood. This is a card that was part of a set in the late 90’s and for the entirety of this pandemic, every time I’ve seen an anti masker in public I can’t help but picture this in my head.
  5. I don’t care what color your skin is. That’s a bullshit red herring. If you’ve chosen to go unvaccinated you’ve chosen the path of anti-science. You’ve actively chosen to spread the disease and you should be shamed for it. They shouldn’t be treated at the hospital, the should be bussed to empty warehouses, parking garages, and tent cities where they are given whatever care that can be given that won’t additionally stress the health care system and the should be billed directly for it. Fuck em.
  6. And also some higher percentage of long term complications of you do survive.
  7. All of this. This past weekend was the first time I wasn’t in the stands for a white out at penn state and it was 100% because sitting shoulder to shoulder and then packed like sardines to get to the ramps seemed to pose an unnecessary risk with an unvaccinated 5 year old at home. For auburn there were plenty of people happy to take the seats of people making that same decision. For Villanova or Rutgers, not so much.
  8. It was full because it was a night game against a ranked sec team. This weekend is Villanova at noon. I expect it will be closer to 90k than 110k.
  9. Boom motherfuckers.
  10. What a smart fucking call to throw the ball there and draw the penalty.
  11. Holy fuck these refs
  12. Osu has problems to fix but they have plenty of time to fix them. They have 3 weeks then an off week before they get tested again @ IU the week before they host psu. I think it’s pretty safe to chalk up the W for osu at home every year until psu proves they can can do it again. I’ve been to too many nightmare games in the horseshoe. Top of the list is Anthony morelli working the quick outs in the first half and then refusing to recognize that osu adjusted at halftime and started jumping the routes and watching him throw 3-4 pick sixes in the second half Even if they win this game this is a suspect Auburn team that’s probably no better than 5th or 6th in the sec west. the win at Wisconsin was a good one but Wisconsin played well enough to win that one. mid nothing else, the big ten east is more interesting than it’s been in a while.
  13. I think they need to take the ejection out of the targeting call. I’ve seen so many guys ejected already this year that have no business being ejected. Make the ejection on the 2nd targeting.
  14. There have been at least 4 ridiculous decisions by the refs in this game.
  15. Picked this one up recently. Will he cracking it open momentarily.
  16. Well let’s make it 3.
  17. The sec refs in the psu game just called intentional grounding on psu on a 30 yard pass where the wr ran the wrong route and the qb had no pressure. Then somehow made it a loss of 2 downs. The play was on 1st, they turned the next play into 3rd. Psu ended up having to punt on 3rd down because the refs said it was 4th.
  18. Clifford will be their downfall this season. @osu and @iowa will likely be their two losses this year.
  19. I’m certain that at the auburn game Saturday night the recruits and coaches will be most concerned with the exterior facade of the stadium and the parking situation.
  20. Curious what yinz guy’s opinion is on football stadiums and transmission. I decided to not go to the psu-auburn game this weekend because the chance of catching it and then transmitting it to my unvaccinated 5 year old seemed like an unnecessary risk. I feel like the risk of me, vaccinated with pfizer in May, catching it in an open air stadium is fairly low. Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought much about it, but with WV now leading the pack in cases per capita, it only seems like a matter of a week or two until rural PA is frothing with covid.
  21. I just can’t see being any of those coaches in their current situations and seeing USC as a better opportunity.
  22. So where would you leave for the usc job right now? James Franklin, Kirby smart, Dan Mullen at psu, uga, fla. would you leave any of those current positions for usc right now?
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