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  1. Christ, I wish I had read the Seattle thread before I even bothered over here. You all are insane and hopeless. Adios until football season comes along.
  2. You must be unfamiliar with my posting style. I use sarcasm in my posts almost as much as the University of Oklahoma marching band uses Boomer Sooner.
  3. Are you saying that system is still in place? If it is it is the most piss poor racist system any racists on the face of the earth have ever conceived. The same system that has produced the Congressional Black Caucus which has been in place as long as I can remember, an African-American on the Supreme Court for every year I have been alive, a country today in which Africans are the fastest rising sector of immigrants, a country four years removed from the second term of an African-American president. If only our system was as bad at spending tax payers money as it is at being racist. And that isn't even what I am railing against. I am railing against the idea that dissenting opinions and ideas must be wiped off the face of society. I am railing against the idea that anything, anywhere in the world in the form of a statue, a television program, a movie, the name of a sports team, the name of a band, any plant, animal or mineral that may possibly, theoretically, conceivably, if you go 85 million degrees of Kevin Bacon have dinged any one of the seven billion people on earth's feelings must be removed from society and from history. This is absolute stupidity and anyone that can't see it are morons. Go ahead call me a racist all you want. You're wrong but I will never convince you of it and frankly I don't give a fuck. If I have to pick one over the other I would rather be considered a racist than a moron. At least there are examples in history of racists accomplishing something (hello Woodrow Wilson, D.W. Griffith, and, in your eyes, probably everyone that ever signed the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution). What have morons ever accomplished?
  4. Believe exactly like we do or you will be burned at the stake. I briefly thought about staying out of the shit hole that is the Cloak Room because of this prevailing attitude but this whole groupthink plague is worth fighting against. I know it's not a popular stance to take here but a man who was slightly smarter than even me once said "Just because something is popular does not mean it is right and just because something is right does not mean it is popular." (Albert Einstein)
  5. Someone should inform them there is no need to posture for the position of United States Ambassador to Wakanda.
  6. Welcome to America where I could literally post a hundred YouTube videos of African-Americans presenting the same points I make and holding the same point of view I do and I can get accused of racism by practically the entire Cloak Room.
  7. Troll: anyone I disagree with. But your side has no authoritarian streak in it what so ever. Blind people can't see the light no matter how hard it shines in their eyes.
  8. Show me another Republican president who ever had anything close to that from African-Americans in an approval poll.
  9. These are the same people who last week were outraged at Trump for a “photo-op” in front of a burned church. https://twitter.com/howardmortman/status/1270008125307961344 …
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