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  1. I've made nine posts today, split up roughly half and half in the Cloak Room and the Football board. Upper Westside has neg repped seven of them.
  2. Chris Burke ✔@ChrisBurkeNFL “Explain the Chargers to me.” “Well, imagine a Choose Your Own Adventure book but no matter what choice you make you die.”
  3. Many Rivers to cross but I still can't find my way over.
  4. He reacted to Ingram on the sideline the same way I react to someone in the checkout line at the grocery store in front of me who needs a price check on the one item in his shopping basket.
  5. Did you not watch the last game the Chiefs played? Plenty of time left for them to [insert whatever is Spanish for play the 4th quarter with your head up your ass here].
  6. Fitting it's being played in Mexico City. Quality wise this whole game should be deported.
  7. I'm trying to stay positive here. That was a less dumb of a special teams mistake than most of the special teams mistakes the Chiefs have made this year.
  8. They have some duo named Hash singing our national anthem? They know the culture of the NFL better than I thought they did.
  9. Please do not give Lee Corso's job to Mark Sanchez.
  10. I've been on this forum for a long time. I know facts don't work worth a shit in the Cloak Room.
  11. Everyone knows pitchers can't hit.
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