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  1. It's Allen Field House, pretty much every section is for disabled fans.
  2. With the season we're having they would be doing us a favor.
  3. First time watching Big 12 basketball officials?
  4. A little reminder, the Super Bowl is two weeks from now. What is Reid's record coming off of a bye week?
  5. The last two teams the Chiefs have played pulled the rip cord on their defensive coordinators afterwards.
  6. Reid, Shula, Parcells, Dan Reeves, and John Fox
  7. There hasn't been one unless you are giving Hostetler credit just for going to WV but they weren't in the Big 12 at the time.
  8. Nine minute drive isn't going to work the rest of the half.
  9. I'm sorry I thought I was tuning in to the AFC Championship game. What network is this on? I thought it was on CBS but they are playing a top ten worst covers of Journey songs countdown instead.
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