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  1. If you’re feeling a little down after the game today, just remember you are a Deadhead. You have a built in advantage that other don’t. You can sit at home tonight and listen to your favorite show. You can listen to an awesome Franklin’s Tower and know everything is going to be ok
  2. It’s happening??? https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/nba-trade-rumors-magic-scouring-market-have-expressed-interest-in-demar-derozan/
  3. At least Baylor is undefeated and currently beating ou...we can only dream of becoming Baylor at this point.
  4. Hate

    Tua injury updates?

    Yeah, I feel for the kid but fuck Bama!
  5. Hate

    Fire Tom Herman

    He's not wrong. There is absolutely no reason that UT should have 2 conference championships in the last 22 years. Two. It's inexcusable.
  6. Hate

    Tua injury updates?

    That was my first thought as well. He very well may be out for next year too.
  7. I never would have thought it as well as potentially liking the secondary. The run game is solid enough with Hyde & Johnson, the WR has depth when healthy (big question with Fuller obviously), and the TE’s have contributed. They have their destiny laid out right in front of them with huge games against Baltimore, Indy, and NE coming up. The schedule is pretty soft after that with Tenn twice and Tampa. I could easily see them finishing 12-4 and having a first round bye.
  8. Bullshit! They hand out ARs like candy there. Kids get special Disney themed Ars with extra high capacity rounds.
  9. I've posted this in other threads, but with the Eero mesh i posted the link to above I get a 50 mb up and down connection out by my son's trampoline on the other side of the garage. It's probably 100 feet and 6 walls away from where the signal originates. We have a 150 mb connection.
  10. The Shakedown did live up to the hype. Now I'm on to JGB Knocking on Heaven's door. For years I had a version downloaded that was king of a reggae version that I couldn't find in the Grateful Dead archives. I loved the way the Grateful Dead played it, but I could never find the version I that I had downloaded and loved. It was on Shaggy that someone finally clued me into the fact that it was the JGB version that I loved and I'm listening to it now. So thank to whomever you were on TOS, because I fucking love this version!
  11. The defense will be solid but not spectacular. If they hold any team to 17 points, the Texans will win most of those games. I really like the OL and I like the defense. I also think that DeShaun may be the best player in the league. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he is my favorite player. I grew up in SA so I have always been a Cowboys/Oilers/Texans fan. Hands down DeShaun is my favorite player in the NFL in the last 25 years. He is absolutely everything you’d want in a franchise QB and I firmly believe he will deliver a Super Bowl to Houston before he hangs it up.
  12. I'm telling you, the Texans are going to win Sunday.
  13. Jettison everyone not DJW, DW, or LW. There is nothing worse than being mediocre in the NBA. I would rather go through a couple of horrible seasons and take my chances with some ping pong balls than be mediocre.
  14. Listening to 4/6/82 from the Spectrum tonight. It's a damn good early 80's show! https://archive.org/details/gd82-04-06.sbd-patched.wiley.16785.sbeok.shnf The highlight so far has been a fantastic Might As Well. The Shakedown Street is highly rated, but I haven't made it there yet.
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