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  1. Here is a couple that swam in the lake in the volcano just a week before it erupted. The dude is a little annoying, but you can see how beautiful the volcano was before it erupted. No doubt it doesn't look like that anymore.
  2. Right? Who would ever buy a Mini Cooper?
  3. GB's defense got a lot better as well. Their defense was not very good at all the last few years. They got rid of Clay Mathews and brought in the Smith duo which helped. Who would have thought bringing in solid FA's at position of need would make you better?
  4. Jesus, I watched about 5 seconds of him singing and had to stop. I should have treated that like the wolf video in the "holy shit" thread and never watched, but my curiosity got the worst of me. I thought, "how bad could it really be"while never imagining that it was a bad as that.
  5. If you build a subway the homeless can just live in the tunnels and ride trains all day.
  6. Hate

    Bidet Meta Threas

    This is what I fear might happen if I use the high pressure. It’s going to blow the water back through my body and out my nose, ears, and mouth.
  7. Hate

    Bidet Meta Threas

    I’m up and running now. Whomever put in the fill mechanism before had crossed threaded the connection, so when I tried to install the bidet, I could t get a good connection on the T joint. I had to replace the fill mechanism as well. Gave it a try this morning and I can say is wow...and also that I don’t knew why anyone would ever need more than the low pressure setting. I don’t even want to imagine needing the high pressure or imagine what the high pressure would do to a bunghole.
  8. That looks like the place they used to call the Trailer Park. Is this place somewhat close to the Costco?
  9. They need to add a couch to that collection.
  10. There is some hope on the horizon for those of you who love cold weather, or at least hose of who who don't love 75 and muggy in January.
  11. Everything I’ve seen ranks it a VEI 6 which is relatively small as far a potential worldwide impact. Obviously, the local impacts would be magnified if it erupted to its full potential, but it wouldn’t impact the world as Pinatubo did in 1991.
  12. This isn’t a big volcano. It’s not even Saint Helens big and certainly not even close to Pinatubo. If it really erupts, it will be a “localized” event. The worst that may happen on a global scale is it could cause earthquakes that could cause an underwater landslide and tsunami to occur.
  13. Based on Raydog’s previous posts, I recommend you go to wherever he is and party with him.
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