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  1. It seems like something they have to say because I’m sure they are trying to trade him. I do not believe for one second Andy Dalton will be on the Bengals roster whenever the next season begins.
  2. No...leave the CR circle jerk out of it. It's way too easy to get rep there.
  3. Won't the Bengals cut him once they draft their QB? I think everyone is assuming that he will be a FA soon.
  4. Yeah, that game culminated several years of repeated kicks in the junk. The 2008 loss to tech, 2009 loss to Bama, Rangers 2010 loss in The World Series, followed by the greatest choke job in baseball history by the Rangers the next year in Game 6, and then finally the 2013 Finals loss including the epic Game 6 shot to the balls. Thank god 2014 happened or I would be really bitter.
  5. Hate

    2020 Rain Thread

    PhD be like...
  6. Well, whenever anyone argues that the Dak apologists get all uppity. It’s what I’ve been arguing this whole time.
  7. For all of you Deadheads with nothing to do this Friday night... https://jambands.com/news/2020/04/08/grateful-dead-announce-shakedown-stream-youtube-concert-series/#.Xo4Jvj0lcOQ.facebook This is a new weekly concert series on YouTube. The first one is the July 4, 1989 show I always rave about here. It’s the Truckin up to Buffalo DVD. There will be a Q & A before the show as well. I know what I’m doing Friday night!
  8. Fucking government always dumping milk!!
  9. I think through May is doable. It hopefully begins to open up a bit after Memorial Day. I don’t know that most people can do it for any longer than that.
  10. Do you actually work at Chik Fil A?
  11. Hate

    Port Aransas

    Yeah, I can’t wait to be on the beach again. Summer is probably my least favorite time to go because of the crowds, but I probably won’t care once this is behind us.
  12. Hate

    2020 Rain Thread

    Watch your cornholes today if you live in any of the areas highlighted below. We could actually have a few days in a row of some rough weather according to the SPC. Here is a link to their homepage if anyone in interested: https://www.spc.noaa.gov/
  13. Damn, you got to see Brent’s last show.
  14. Wait, Junior Miller lives in Illinois??
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