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  1. She was great in “Pete’s Dragon” when I was a kid. RIP Helen.
  2. I wouldn't say anyone has been missing this woman.
  3. It’s such a perfect day outside. I’m sitting here enjoying 5/17/74 Eyes Of The World. It’s my go to version for days like this.
  4. They will be 8-8 and make the playoffs by default because of the division. They will lose on the first round to one of Tampa/LA Rams/NO.
  5. I don’t think the jets are that important. I never sit in front of mine as it becomes annoying having that constant stream on you. We have 6 jets and never had a problem, but ymmv.
  6. Mine is right at 7’ as well and it’s perfect. You can easily fit 6 adults in it.
  7. It’s my own theory. I’ve not read it anywhere, but if they just wanted someone to plug and play into the music they could have asked someone like Warren Haynes. The hardest one of the remaining members to replace will be Bobby. I just don’t know where you find someone that plays rhythm guitar similarly to him. While John doesn’t “replace” Jerry by any stretch, he’s a great player and can hold his own playing the songs. All great guitarist can solo, albeit I’ve obviously always been partial to Jerry. But Bobby is so unique that I can’t think of anyone else I’ve ever heard play the way he does. Hopefully they have someone in mind, because I would go to a show with John, Jeff, and Oteil playing GD songs.
  8. I don’t know. I could easily see John, Oteil, and Jeff continuing the music in some form or fashion. I think that’s why Bobby, Mickey, and Bill chose John. He’s someone that can carry the music on for a long time to come and I think he will. Maybe the next incarnation will play the songs faster.
  9. Fritos are only good with frito pie or with bean dip. As a stand alone “chip” they are meh.
  10. Holy shit. That is one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen.
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