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  1. You just need a a bidet.
  2. For someone that’s never done it? It’s a tremendous pain in the ass. For a professional?…still a pain in the ass but more efficient.
  3. Wait, why do you assume I'm drunk? I may just be high AF.
  4. The Woodlands/Spring area.
  5. That was Game 6 of the 2014 WCF. IT was my birthday and my wife and I went to SA and partied on the Riverwalk all weekend. We watched that game from Hotel Contessa and then went up to the streets to watch the parade of cars come from every direction. That 2014 season is probably my favorite season of any of my sports teams. It's up there with UT 2005 and Cowboys 92. A lot of people also forget hat he played 4 years of college basketball making him probably the last super star to do so.
  6. Seven years ago tonight. I think this was my favorite of the 5 as the season was just a blast to watch. They played beautifully all season long.
  7. Back in the day, my favorite enchiladas were the beef enchiladas at Mi Tierra. I know that place is overrated, but back in the 80's and 90's their enchiladas were outstanding, Blanco Cafe was probably a very close second. Karem's had some solid enchiladas back then too.
  8. We got a little passing shower earlier, but it’s about to get real now.
  9. That's brilliant. He's going to keep saying "what do you mean what do I mean" until he's sober enough to pass a breathalyzer.
  10. No, I love cilantro. I’m from SA, ese.
  11. No the news professionals got it right. Gatorubet got the picture of the suspect wrong. Many posters gleefully took the ball and ran in the wrong direction.
  12. Please little baby Jesus let Kawhi be added to that list.
  13. Most people didn’t even bother to read the story before they validated their world views. That’s a problem.
  14. Right, but none were the shooter in this instance.
  15. I guess you missed that the OP posted a picture of the wrong person. The actually killer in this situation probably doesn’t fit the stereotype you perpetuated here.
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