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  1. Hate

    2021 Drunk Thread

    Where in the hell are all of the Surly drunks tonight?
  2. I have no idea what to expect from Jordan going forward. I think Tiger kind of skewed expectations for everyone after his first 10-12 years in tour. Rory being stuck on 4 is head scratching. The last 3 years of Jordan's career have been WTF?? It wouldn't surprise me to see Jordan end up with 7 majors, but it also wouldn't surprise me to see him end up with 3. I think he will end up with 2 or 3 Masters and at least one more Open (British). I don't know if he'll ever win another US Open with his driving issues and who knows about the PGA. Oh, and I know he isn't well liked, but I th
  3. While I hate to see this is happening, what exactly should the administration do to stop this? I would assume that any student caught doing this would be expelled and any random person caught doing this would be subject to vandalism charges. Other than that, what can be done to stop some random dumbass with a spray can?
  4. Yeah, I missed on Player. For some reason I thought he had missed the PGA. At any rate, I would rather have Tom Watson's 8 Major wins than one each of the four.
  5. Damn, I'm on day 2 of second Moderna and I feel great. I'm getting drunk again tonight.
  6. Yeah it's cool and all, but would you rather have one of each or 9 total majors like Gary Player? It's like hitting for the cycle. It's cool and fairly rare, but a game with a HR, triple, and two doubles is actually better. Do you think less of Tom Watson because he never won a PGA (he has 8 majors)? What about Lee Trevino because he never won the Masters (he has 6 total...two of each of the others). I'm not saying it isn't a big deal and something I would love to see him accomplish, but I would rather rack up a good number of majors even if I don't get one of each.
  7. Any major cements legacy, but the career grand slam would be nice.
  8. I had a good sized knot on my arm last night but it didn’t really hurt. I feel pretty normal today except I’m a little tired. That may be because I stayed up drinking until 1:30 last night though.
  9. I'm going on 15 hours since I got the vax and still no side effects other than a slightly painful arm. Maybe the key is to get fucked up and listen to the greatest band in world history, because I feel great right now!
  10. This 88 show is solid, but goddamn you could hear what was coming in the next year or two before Brent died. They were about to morph into a complete fucking powerhouse of a band the way they hadn't since 77. I'll never forgive nor understand the demons that Brent had because he was driving that train in 89-90 and he was taking it to unbelievable heights!
  11. Tonight is 4/9/88 from The Centrum in Worcester, Mass. This video has great fucking sound!
  12. Yeah, we need a pic of the Falcon lighting up that cleavage.
  13. 10 hours into the second shot and no side effects. My arm isn’t really even as sore as the first shot. I’m waiting until 9 and if I don’t feel any side effects I’m going start drinking.
  14. I thought the same thing (see my post earlier today). I deleted and downloaded the Nasters app on my AppleTv today and it worked. I didn’t have the option to create my own group, but I had the 4 screens to jump around.
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