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  1. Yeah, THAT'S what makes fat people a fire hazard....
  2. voopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoopvoop
  3. O.k. So, two things: 1. Wurda Redfearn-Groes? Where's Durkee and the Bullshit detector? This story stinks from the word go. 2. Since 'movement' is another term for what I did on South Austin's mom's chest last night, I'm gonna say that describing Lofty Hopes as a giant crock of shit is about the most accurate thing in this article.
  4. I used to laugh my ass off every time I heard the phrase, 'Poulan WeedEater Bowl'.
  5. In Alaska they call that "Tuesday".
  6. Yeah, no. It's not dusty in here. I'm just bawling my eyes out at that. No shame. That's the most beautiful thing I've seen in media in years.
  7. Let's back up there just a sec. Just how many mother-in-laws do you have?
  8. D is for Dookie, that's good enough for me....
  9. You dont like suh either? We should hang out. Better book a big venue.
  10. While we're at it, what happened to Rattlehead?
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