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  1. They're OK. Personally, I prefer Phil Collins. I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums.
  2. Yeah. "A Moveable Feast" is a pretty interesting look at that time.
  3. Fuck those Brits. They were probably about 3 years away from fawning all over Oasis and Blur, both of which you could draw a straight line from Duran Duran. There's no shame in liking them just because of MTV-related over-exposure. They were legit great songwriters and musicians and had amazing contributions to 80s new wave (obviously) and the "Wedding Album" that contained this song, "Come Undone" and others was a great piece of early 90s pop music. Their live shows were also super epic. Simon LeBon is a top 20 front man of all time.
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    Discogs is fantastic. I've had uniformly excellent experiences having bought maybe 2 dozen records from sellers/record stores all over the world. Even had a store in Germany send me the wrong record once. The guy profusely apologized, refunded me immediately and gave me like double the cost to ship it back to him.
  5. And, of course, the ultimate irony is that we may actually play the Coach responsible for the sanctions - who had zero repercussions from them - in the Sweet Sixteen. Fuck Brad Underwood. Fuck him up his stupid ass.
  6. Yeah that strike zone in game 1 was horseshit. I normally don’t notice/complain about those sorts of things, but it was just stupid.
  7. LOL not so much. At least we salvaged game 3.
  8. Congrats to all of my Shaggy friends on the win tonight. I’m disappointed, obviously, but in the big picture I don’t think this changes anything. Let’s all go wreck shit in the Tourney and meet up in the Final Four or some such. 😎
  9. Is it possible that impression is due to the fact that he never won one? Seems odd to make the finals so many times for a coach that “doesn’t care.” And what does that even mean? Did they not practice before? Didn’t scout/game plan? Tell the team not to try hard? I think it’s just the fact that there were lots of really good teams in the conference, including a top 5 elite national power, and he was just never able to win the championship game.
  10. Yeah good stuff. The wife and I have been getting Elgin pizza as takeout during the pandemic on the reg. I do miss going there. I have some friends who are good friends with Elliot Nelson and we went to the soft open of Elgin before it opened. God that feels like a million years ago at this point.
  11. Dude nice! What are you doing in town? I love Elgin. Great pizza.
  12. oSuJeff97

    The Police

    Great thread. Police were great. In addition of maybe not getting their due when it comes to listing “great” bands, I think people also kind of forget that after Syncronicity came out in ‘83, The Police were arguably the biggest band in the world. All over MTV and radio, massively popular, playing stadiums, etc. They were in ‘83-84 what U2 became after The Joshua Tree.
  13. I have several. Some off the top of my head: Wes Anderson P.T. Anderson David Fincher Quinten Tarantino Michael Mann Steven Soderberg Martin Scorsese Katheyn Bigelow Steven Spielberg (lifetime pass for making me fall in love with movies as a kid) The newest member of the group is definitely Taika Watiki. I’ve loved literally everything he’s done. He’s my current favorite director.
  14. Huge series with Vandy this weekend at O’Brate. Likely a lot of 2-1 type games. Should be fun.
  15. It’s funny because it’s true.
  16. Three goddamn national treasures right there. I’d throw in Steve Martin as well. Although he doesn’t do much any more, the guy can still bring the lulz when he wants.
  17. Umm, I think you’re bad at rating comedy. Trading Places, 48 Hours, BH Cop 1, BH Cop 2, Raw, Coming to America, and Boomerang are all gold. And hell he’s fucking hilarious in The Golden Child too. In terms of drama, he was incredible in Dreamgirls and his voice work in the Shrek movies is great as well.
  18. Tulsa is a designed “home market” for St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Thus, Fox Sports Midwest is available here on DirecTV and Cox Cable. That’s why it’s blacked out for me on MLB Extra Innings... MLB forces me to get the games through my local cable/satellite/whatever provider. So if YouTube TV picks it back up, I should be able to see it.
  19. Well fuck me. I guess they used to but they dropped them at the same time as Dish Network. But doing some digging it looks like Fox Sports Midwest is close to having a deal in place to be provided a la carte outside of Fox Sports packages on YouTube TV and Dish. Don’t know if that applies to other FS regionals or is just exclusive to FSMW because Sinclair owns them. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/relief-may-loom-for-those-shut-out-of-fox-sports-midwest/article_011b329f-e099-5c98-b69f-ab112d2944e6.html Fucking MLB is such a pain in the ass with their stupid-ass broadcas
  20. We lost a lot of close games, but it fucking kills me that we were swept by TCU. Just split that series and we are tied with Kansas at 12-6. Sweep them like we should have and we are alone in 2nd. Ugg.
  21. A certain subset of them certainly are. They all hate Kathleen Kennedy because they hated TLJ. I happened to like that film, but if people don’t like it, Rian Johnson (obviously) and JJ Abrams are certainly to blame as well... much more so than Kennedy, IMO. Then they get that reinforced by a million click-bait articles and videos that frame everything Star Wars related as Fiolni/Faverau vs. Kennedy. I saw one the other day where Mark Hamill was just tweeting about how he loved the end of Mandalorian and the headline with something like “Mark Hamill Celebrates The Mandaloria
  22. +1 for YouTube TV. I switched over in December and love it. As for sports, I have watched all of the footballs and basketballs I want to with no problems. About to upgrade to the sports package so I can get my Cardinals games on Fox Sport Midwest.
  23. Yeah I think next year’s team should be salty. Not as high of a ceiling without Cunningham, but a tough out every night. Love how Anderson, Boone twins, Moncrief, etc., play. Not always super smart decisions, but they play super hard every game from start to finish and are always a tough out.
  24. Although this is obviously Boyton’s best team, I will say that it’s been a hallmark of his teams that they finish strong. It just didn’t matter in the previous years because we were on the wrong side of the bubble, lol.
  25. I’ll allow it. Very nice win without our best two players. That was our 8th quad one win. We may sneak our way into a 3-seed.
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