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  1. The extremely rare Pomona to Texas football career path. Herman must be tapping into his old SCIAC connections.
  2. nm - repeated a joke someone already made
  3. FWIW, a few weeks ago Carrington retweeted Mukuba's post about his ACT score: 30. Probably serious about playing school in addition to playing football. Maybe Texas replicates the pitch that convinced Hayden Connor to commit. Adjusting for position coach, of course.
  4. In the one clip I described when Milroe sees the waters parting and in an instant his body tilts forward, yes, that reminded me of Vince Young. Something about that moment of decision and the immediate body tilt forward. It reminded me of the game winner, Titans at Houston Texans, and He had the long walk off touchdown run. I don't know QBs well enough outside of Texas/Big 12 (honestly, I don't know football all that well, period.). Who possesses the same surgical aptitude, the precision missile arm strength and the dangerous wheels? Was Tua this good against comparable competition? I'll go with Tua or maybe Case McCoy.
  5. This full season video is exactly the type of late winter Kool Aid I didn't know I needed. The effortless 50 yard bombs, the head up while dodging defenders like the Matrix. Good lord this kid is badass. During the HS all star games and in the offseason, there have been little video snippets of Milroe in passing drills and in those videos it looks like the ball springs out of his hand. You can practically hear the whirring of the ball traveling through air. 3 QBs in a two year span doesn't get much better than JQJ, Card, and St. Milroe. He is his own player -- polished and expert command like 90% of the time but with a high capacity for pulling off the wildass wtf play the other 10% -- but I'll admit there is that one clip of him dropping back and seeing the hole open up, and in that moment when he digs in and tilts his body forward to run, yes, I see the resemblance -- something about the anticipation in that moment, thinking to yourself, fuck yeah, he's about to carve them up with his feet.
  6. Collins to Texas. Can't say I started my day expecting to watch a live twitter feed of a high school pep rally, but here we are!
  7. Losing Collins to Baylor would be quite the canary in the coal mine.
  8. Ryan kicked the shit out of WM. It was 28 or 35-0 after one quarter. WM looked demoralized and lacking any idea or confidence on offense. It was a massacre. Bowman was practically running routes against air. Yet, despite his team getting whooped the entire game, into the 4th quarter Jordan continued blocking with energy and was beating up his guy whenever he had an opportunity. I like him and it's terrible that all this shit is happening. I am happy to read that she's getting top notch care.
  9. Where is Demarco Cobbs when you need him?
  10. Look at the stadium on a map. Find the east-west stretch of W Berry St., about 3/5 mile south of the Stadium. Just south of Berry there is a neighborhood where you should be able to find free street parking. Last time I was there (it's been a while -- 2013), we parked about two blocks south of Berry on Alton Road. It's possible parking rules have changed since then. I'm sorry I don't have any advice about fun game day kid stuff. Wanted to add that if you decide to try parking in that south-of-Berry neighborhood, instead of exiting at University and approaching campus that way, it's probably easier to take I-30 to the Hulen exit (which is a little bit west of campus) and then track back east on Berry.
  11. This is awesome but there is a downside to the automated page: No funny nicknames for the opponent. This week, it's Texas and LSU Jr.
  12. There's no way SEC defenses will be able to solve Jimby's wall of Aggy Rube Cubes.
  13. Thoughtful commitment. Giant commitment. Hell yes! Happy Bij-alloween everyone!
  14. This Ringo spring break trip is better than any scripted visit or pitch. A heavy hitter like that, embracing everything about the program, hanging out, watching practice, goofing off with the coaches. I'm expecting a Justin Wells update about how Ringo had to be escorted from the registrars office attempting to enroll in Summer I classes dressed in full Texas home uniform, helmet and pads.
  15. This isn't about the recruits. Herman is courting the parents and older siblings. They will have a great time. Another reminder that Herman is playing 4 dimensional chess. All his pawns have the power of Knights and Queens... and they all piss crystal. fucking. clear.
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