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  1. you do know there are stores that sell shoes everywhere in the country right?
  2. I am 2 episodes in and am not that impressed.
  3. Who Better Than Kanyon? Everyone lmao
  4. Two worthless ass episodes in a row. Just get this shit over with already Big D is so fat and worthless....for his sake i hope he gives great BJs
  5. I was actually there like 3 weeks ago(I literally sat at the picnic table to the left of the officers in the photo) and the thought crossed my mind that it would be easy as hell for someone to fall/jump/get thrown out of the stadium. Same can probably be said for many parks....because the next week I was at Busch and thought the same thing as I was looking down at the Musial statue from the upper deck
  6. Thats kind of what i figured because Siri would be the one dipshit to ignore him
  7. Omar Lopez is a fucking retard dumbass if he sent him
  8. Valentina/nunes is the only chick fight i care to watch
  9. Graveman has been disappointing as fuck. Give that dude a Midol and get your shit together
  10. Trivino has sucked for awhile now this season....fuck him up
  11. Going to the bullpen...time for another beer
  12. Skye Bolt has to be the most gay porn star name in the MLB
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