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  1. 6 feet is for when you're walking past someone. The distance should be larger for people who are seated and in proximity for a chunk of time. That's not what the CDC says https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/social-distancing.html#:~:text=Social distancing%2C also called “physical,both indoor and outdoor spaces. But, let's please not turn this into a Rona thread...
  2. BTW, I recommend Jacala off West Ave for Tex Mex...My dad grew up literally 3 blocks from there (off Santa Barbara). It's been there since the 40s and is pretty damn good. It's our go to when I meet my Dad in SA.
  3. I grew up in SA in the late 70s-mid 80s, too. I didn't mind SA...big town with small town feel almost. But I don't even recognize it now. My folks moved to Lakehills (Medina Lake) after I graduated HS (Madison). So, I drove through Helotes a ton back then. Holy Shit, I was just back there a few weeks ago and it was like I was in DFW. Almost got completely turned around it was so different. Still, it seems like a pretty cool place to live now.
  4. I live on N Padre Island. 20 min south of Port A.
  5. BTW...I DID give y'all some food porn from Per Se. I didn't hate it in NYC. It was fine.
  6. That's great!!!! And I will enjoy it here in Corpus...
  7. No. It's other people pissing on me because they're butthurt I don't genuflect to NYC.
  8. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one...have fun with yours...and your opinion too,👍
  9. Nah, not you. The poster I was responding to...I just kept your quote in my reply for context...👍
  10. Yeah...we may revolt over here, too. We're getting pretty close to going nuclear on Canales. And when they first opened it up for restaurants, yeah, it was a clusterfuck, but they really did start to manage it a lot better after that. I think the tourist scene is different here than up in Port A, though...even though we're so close. It's just a different vibe between the 2 places. We tend to have a lot more laid back atmosphere.
  11. If trends continue, I fully expect a new ban over Labor Day weekend... And while I think the masks are dumb as shit and mostly useless (I don't want to turn this thread into a Rona thread so, please, people don't do that), if it will get things back to normal quicker I'll suck it up for now (not just wandering around outside not near people though). And I'd do restaurants at 50% indoors if they can do the 6 ft thing (what's the difference between 6 ft in Walmart and 6 ft at Fins?). Other than that, I'm with you on the plan.
  12. My first post was asking about what to do there (with a comment about not going back) LITERALLY, the next post I made started like this: Die? Nope. I'm just not that big of a city person
  13. Here's a pic that one of our pilots took when we were helping the county do a damage assessment after Hanna...
  14. If pissing me off is one of Judge Canales' intents, then yes. Yes, there are a lot fewer people on the beach. But, due to the few locations that people can access it, you now have a MUCH higher concentration of people in a smaller area.
  15. N Padre Island needs to keep allowing cars. You can't just park somewhere and walk to 90% of the beach because of the dunes.
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