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  1. They LEFT Gaza, gave it to the Palestinians and were rewarded with rocket attacks. THAT is why they went back in to stop shit.
  2. I live in S Texas. Every time I come back from Port Mansfield I go through a checkpoint. I live through it. But then, most of us down here don't want to kill a bunch of people after we get past the checkpoint. And the hispanic folks down here mostly don't say we "stole" the land from them. Probably because they know their ancestors stole it from New Spain. BTW, I could seriously not care less what you call me. I think I shall call you фаллоимитатор
  3. You tip at fast food restaurants? Or in Europe where they don't have our tipping structure? Cool. Although I've been chastised in Paris for tipping...
  4. When you attack someone and lose, they didn't steal it. Hope you're not in Texas - where we stole the land from New Spain (fuck Mexico, they only had it for 20 something years after they stole it from New Spain). International law is completely biased against Israel. Hell, the UN Human Rights Council has China, Russia, Cuba, and Pakistan on it. Complete bastions of human rights protections right there... And it's not an apartheid state. Just because you repeat the lie doesn't make it true... There were no attacks on the free press. Yes. I know...I saw that
  5. So, firing rockets - that are unguided - towards inhabited areas is NOT a crime against humanity?
  6. Perhaps the AP shouldn't shack up with Hamas and then claim aggrieved status...
  7. What about Hamas? Is what they've done acceptable? Israel is responding to their rocket attacks. Sorry that Israel is better. Perhaps Iran and Russia need to step up their proxy game. Hamas, the PA and the Palestinians should actually come to the table and HONESTLY work out some kind of plan to solve this problem. It would be a 2 state solution. It's been on the table for YEARS. The destruction of Israel can't be the starting point. Step 1. Don't throw rockets into Israel and they won't have anything to respond to. Step 2. Don't start wars with Israel, lose, and the
  8. Well...Germany did there best to kill all the Jews, so there's that...
  9. So, you're in the group of people that are lacking in reading comprehension. I did not do that.
  10. See... When you start with "genocide" from Israel, then why listen to what you say? If Israel wanted to commit genocide - kill all the Palestinians - they could do that quite easily. The fact that they haven't shows that you're just spewing bullshit. And remember - the official policy of Hamas and the PA is the genocide of the Jews in Israel. That's the OFFICIAL POLICY. So, excuse me if I'm not on your side on this issue...
  11. It was actually hyperbole... But, damn...the hate for Israel from some of y'all would make make some Palestinian anti-Semites proud. NOTE for the reading comprehension challenged: I did not call all Palestinians anti-Semites.
  12. They're not Jewish, so I think they're safe from you...
  13. I haven't read every single post on this thread but I've got the general idea that quite a few of y'all are are big proponents of coming up with a way to really solve the issue that the Jewish people are causing in the Middle East. Something that would end the conflict once and for all. Some kind of a final solution to the Jewish problem...
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