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  1. I'm surprised by all the love here. Season 2 was some of the stupidest shit I've seen in a long time. Different strokes, I guess.
  2. Indeed, and a big part of that was her centrism.
  3. And why do you think voters were apathetic?
  4. It's incredible that 30 years of centrist Dems leads to Trump, who steals the Midwest with a populist message, and some people still think more centrist Dems is the answer.
  5. Balls and strikes have been terrible all series, that might have been the worst.
  6. Why are Republicans being counted in Dem primary polls that determine who gets on the debate stage?
  7. Don't be silly. Of course it matters what the line of the throw was. If the throw had come from right field, interference would have been an impossibility with the running path he took. If what you were saying were true, there wouldn't be an interference component to the call. The rule would just be that you're out if you step out of the lane during the last half of the run.
  8. The rule is not just that the runner can't go outside the lane, but also "in so doing interferes with the fielder taking the throw at first base." It wasn't a throw from the catcher where he was in the line of the throw. Even if it had been, he got to the bag ahead of the throw. Just an awful call.
  9. Worst call I've ever seen, given the circumstances. Unreal.
  10. On the bright side, everything he steals isn't going towards re-electing him or other Republicans.
  11. I read that some other asshole named Abdullah Qardash already took over ISIS in August. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  12. No question, I'll vote for Biden if he is the nominee. I'll vote for Marianne Williamson if she's the nominee. Hell, I'd vote for Sarah Palin if she were the nominee.
  13. Yep. Watch his face. The moment he realizes he's being booed, he turns to Melania with a "woaaaah" and then plasters a fake smile on his face:
  14. I didn't know that the Pete crowd was with the Republicans on the Soros bogeyman, but I guess it figures.
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