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  1. Which one of you owns this house? 616 E Wall St, Grapevine, TX 76051 | MLS #14521689 | Zillow
  2. Exactly. And the Bucks with 70+ pts from 2 players off the bench.
  3. Interesting boxscore from a Bucks/Spurs game from back in '82...
  4. NCAA Notice of Allegations against University of Arizona includes five Level 1 charges | Arizona Wildcats basketball | tucson.com RIP, GCU.
  5. Probably less cockroaches in jail than a Trump property.
  6. Someone should've told them the inauguration was being held at Trump DC Hotel but chances are they were staying there anyway. He's well on his way to looking like Trump given that gut, why shouldn't his woman try and look like Melania?
  7. Fuck you... With all due respect, of course.
  8. She was great in LS, last thing I remember seeing her in was Rush Hour. Her and Maria Conchito-Alonso(?) were two hotties I enjoyed watching.
  9. Wife and I have an appt on the 18th of this month. No idea which vaccine it'll be, hoping it's JnJ so that we can plan a trip down to Dallas soon to visit the grandbaby again.
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