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  1. Knew what was coming and still startled.
  2. Bet he kept the receipt for those boots and returned them after the photo shoot.
  3. Like 2 weeks would cause her to forget... pfft.
  4. IIRC, Bruno had a hell of a Super Bowl halftime show a few years ago.
  5. Wait'll we get them silly bas**** down in that rock pile. There'll be some fun. They'll wish their fathers had never met their mothers when they start takin' their bottoms out and slammin' into them rocks, boy. Get away from there, ya goddamn fool, you! What's the matter with you? You wanna swamp us, ya crazy son of a bitch?
  6. We might need to resuscitate that 60s/70s/80s thread from TOS.
  7. Redskins, Foreskins, Deadskins, whatever. They'll always be Worshington to me.
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