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  1. Buck likes his mug like his men... black. Checking out at the grocery store earlier today and someone leaves a bag of shredded cheese on water/soda cooler by register. JFC, is it really that hard to just hand it to the cashier and say you changed your mind? No doubt a leave the cart in parking space type asshole.
  2. Nice 4th down stop by the Pack.
  3. Piglet on the OU sideline as their HC would be a sight to see.
  4. Somewhere on a boat in the pacific a grown man cries.
  5. The Reds/Pirates is Cincy’s 70s payback. 😡
  6. It's my covid party and I’ll die if I want to Die if I want to Die if I want to You would die to if it happened to you...
  7. Well that was certainly a letdown, never in doubt. At least it wasn’t a 55pt beat down.
  8. Have done s for decades usually early in the season for the Florida heat. Giants have done the same today vs Eagles.
  9. In the field of local live home entertainment, she’s a god.
  10. Albany area. Snow flurries in Hamilton, Ont for CFL on The Deuce for those interested.
  11. Jets suck shit so much not even showing their game in my area, getting Pats/Titans.
  12. Somewhere out there Bobby neck brace Petrino is waiting for his phone to ring.
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