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  1. Jr’s MIL work has seats at GLF so we’re at the game tonight, beautiful park inside.
  2. Someone should tweet back to candy girl asking for proof she’s American.
  3. Love reading everyone’s experiences/stories of their trip.
  4. Love the Votto story, may play for the enemy but he’s a solid dude.
  5. Underdog

    Dallas | BBQ

    Dinner plans fell through so we scrambled and got some Blu’s BBQ as a last minute replacement, not bad. The lean was a bit dry but the rest got good reviews. We’d hit it up again. We got both lean and moist, 2lbs of pork ribs(4) ribs, 1/2# turkey, pork, Mac n cheese, beans, potato salad and coleslaw and banana pudding and cookies & cream pudding.
  6. Underdog

    Dallas | Burgers

    Hit up Burger House near SMU, good burger and liked the seasoned fries.
  7. Just landed in Dallas, motherfucker it is hot!
  8. Homeboy just to her left is clearly there for the gangbang.
  9. You just made every backward hat wearing, glove taking, lives at home with mom, basement dwelling jabroni cum.
  10. Other than the title, movie rocks.
  11. Well that Audrey died, so... too soon?
  12. Just confirming my reservations for Hell...
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