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  1. Does your friend close the gate to his land while he is gone or always leave it open? I'm sorta torn on what to do to minimize trouble during week, can see both ways having cons.
  2. Been a couple times to CR. Love it there but most unique thing I've done is stay at hotel closest to Arenal. Can't remember name but searching for hotel closest to Arenal should do trick. You sit on balcony, drink wine, and watch and listen to Arenal shooting out lava rocks while watching the lava flow down. Really great experience.
  3. Going to try two things today.....making fried rice on the griddle and figuring out how to post a pic on this board. Wish me luck!
  4. Fwiw, our compressor in our 4 year old LG went out so hired repair man to fix. He said he thinks most refrigerators are much lower quality now than 20years ago (blamed china). He said he would buy LG (the irony) if he had to buy now but that average refrigerator life has decreased by a couple years siding expect much.
  5. Even these posts are success/failure. And sorry to mislead with the weak comment. They are not weak, they are very strong brands. I meant on premium scale and nothing else. And my mom owned a restaurant (not a franchise) for a couple of decades before selling and retiring. I am so sure how hard of work it is that I would never be an active owner in a restaurant. This is why my plan is to either be a passive investor to a passionate group that lacks a bit of capital or nothing. My childhood was spent at a restaurant table, playing Gameboy*, my adult life aint going to be. * I will whoop the shit out of anyone here on most Gameboy games.
  6. All of these posts are helpful. I've known guys who went broke and two different dudes who print money with numerous franchises each (one also Little Ceasars and another Taco Bell). I also know someone who sold their couple of Patron pizza franchises and it was average. Had never thought of fact that the guys I know who print $ both have "weak" brands, not premium brands. Hmmmm
  7. Yeah, it's a young ish franchise. Solid enough for a footprint, not solid enough to be super well known. So value is to be seen (and researched)
  8. It's a Hawaiian bbq restaurant and consideration is for north burbs in Houston. I'm in beginning research now so still toss up if I throw in some equity....hell, who knows if it even goes through.
  9. Anyone ever considered investing in a franchise? Considering contributing equity into a small franchise and was wondering if there are horror (or feel-good) stories from your vast, sordid experiences. Wont be a ton of money....south of actually messing with retirement but north of "fuck it, doesn't matter if it gets pissed away and all I got was a few Hawaiian bbq meals."
  10. Unexpected bonus of this purchase was saturday, when weather was gorgeous, made legit breakfast and lunch meals for my family and from 730 a.m. to 900 pm, I spent 13 out of 13.5 hours outside at our ranchito. It was so great to bring in the fall (until it hits 95 degrees in a week or two when summer tells me to eat shit again)
  11. Ok, broke down and bought the 36 inch Blackstone. Highly recommend....where has this plancha been my whole life? From pancake/bacon/egg breakfasts to griddleburgers to street tacos, I say damn. Fried rice is next.
  12. Did you just badmouth Z Tejas' cornbread? Them fighting words.
  13. On both fronts. Should build it with cardboard so that its cheaper.
  14. I loved living in Barton Place Condos and every so often, some asshole spraypainted "go back to california." This thread simultaneously makes me think back to the good ol days where I could walk into Juan in a million or dogwoods and someone I was friends with would yell my name (small city vibe) and makes me think of the irony I read when people want to be compared to world class cities but hate other people coming to town. Pick a lane!
  15. I have lived in Austin, Houston, Los Angeles and NYC. Can say Austin is my favorite but Houston and LA have various things I liked about them more than Austin and can easily see why some would prefer Houston to Austin (for example, if you prioritize culture, museums, food, fine arts, and diversity over abs, legs and physical beauty from women, lakes and hills). Without a doubt for me though, I would put NYC in last place of the 4 and not even close. And people trying their hardest to justify weather differences between Houston and Austin sound desperate, like talking themselves into a boring boyfriend after they got cheated on. Do you need a/c or not or stfu. You're bragging about only needing a 17 Seer a/c running all summer long here in austin, not an 18 Seer like hot ass Houston. We get it man, Lamarr Houston fucked your wife in undergrad, let it go.
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