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  1. My brother was confirmed this Monday by cdc. Exposed 6 days before while on flight. Someone called him to come in since many on flight has tested positive, very coincidentally same day he got fever. Feeling normalish now after 5 days of 99-102 degrees. 45 years old, btw. Doctors told him it's been around for a while but no testing =no confirmation.
  2. New to apocalypses here so have newbie question. Why the rush to go buy water? Are people thinking shit will get so bad that tap water will be affected?
  3. Thanks for advice everyone. Update after lots of philosophical discussion and thought is that I'm under contract for a 7-acre spread with house in Fayetteville, TX and stocked fishing pond. Takes about 80 minutes to get from my Houston house. Yall hit home proximity and must-love factor, which this hits on. Interestingly enough, other stuff that resonated is leaving clothes so that you never really have to pack for that sort of shit and the fact that it isn't Airbnb. If I'm getting lice, I'm getting it from my 3.5 year old, not someone's pillow I'm using. At this moment, I have no plans to rent this out so we shall see how that plan goes. Inspection is next week so hoping all goes well or that we can negotiate away any risks that we find from that. Now, we look forward to slowly (and I mean $lowly) furnishing it. First project is building an awesome fire pit and looking forward to that.
  4. Yeah, this isn't a math equation. Otherwise, short term rentals always win out and that is super obvious. This is convenience and emotional, just like getting married. Marriage is illogical and stupid and I did that too and am pretty happy.
  5. Thanks all.....so would 2 weekends a month be too little and cause plumbing/water heater issues?
  6. I grew up having chickens but my grandmother was in charge and didn't make me do much so I can't remember...is there daily work involved or just every couple days?
  7. Yeah, our intention is key in all this. It is to have a place we can get away and hang as family with occasional friends and family. Secondarily, I'd like to not lose money. Making even a 5% return would be nice but not the goal. Great point on utilization and having partners. I've had a few friends in partnerships with lake houses but too far for me to want to get in on since drive time is key for me. Let me know if any of you aren't a dick and want to split a place in the Fayette county area!
  8. Thinking about getting vacation home in Smithville/winchester area. Nothing amazing, just something simple with 15-20 acres. I can afford like a 7.5, not a 10. Anyone have experiences that are good or bad with second homes to push me off the fence either way? For me, it's opportunity to have some country living with family (9 yr and 3 yr old) while owning some land to call my own. Live in Houston but future is either in austin or Houston which is why choosing this area, otherwise would choose hill country like Hunt. Cons are obviously ongoing costs and being stuck with something that could decrease in value. And maybe you get tired of going?
  9. Have this 12 foot live oak in front yard. Grown about 6 feet in last 3 years so figured healthy but now has some yellow and brown leaves. Builders placed about 4 feet from ditch. Any ideas or guidance?
  10. Have resv for Theo Rex for tomorrow but just looked at menu and nothing really looked my style. I'm guessing at a place like that, you just order and everything will be good? I heart coltivare, GJ, and Nancy's hustle to give you reference. Am I finding nits on kate Bosworth here?
  11. Went to Quito, Cotopaxi, Banos and Galapagos on long vacation. Galapagos is amazing and needs at least 3-4 days. It is animal porn (no pics). Try to hike out areas where you can so that you are as isolated as possible. We did canoe on one island rather than snorkeling and it was an amazing experience with penguins, seals, turtles, diving pelicans following us like we were the animals at the zoo. Climbing to at least the snowline in Cotopaxi is worth it but be prepared, windy and cold as shit. I highly recommend staying one night at hacienda san agustin de callo. Expensive but worth it. Banos is fun but I wouldn't do it again. Its ziplining and rafting and such but you can do same thing in Costa Rica. Quito, all I remember is Cafe Mosaico. great place to drink wine with really nice view.
  12. Too many people say that this fish is great because it doesn't taste fishy. FYI, ribeyes don't taste fishy. All fish sucks.
  13. I have harmony and set up so it even worked on Playstation (had to spend a bit of money on extra device though) . Remote has lasted a lot of drops and held up well. I highly recommend.
  14. i don't know if HEB is open today. guess you have to drive and risk it.
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