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  1. Bigshark88, Here’s one very similar to mine at: oldtradingpost.com
  2. I drank enough “liquor” during my years in Germany and South Korea to last a lifetime, so nowadays (last couple of decades) I stick to beer!
  3. I have pictures of myself taken during the 80s that I didn’t even knew took place, until they were developed a couple days later. Some involved some female MPs while stationed in Germany, so we’ll leave it at that! Coming from Texas, I had the boots, hat, and belt buckle that was envious to “some”.
  4. Clear liquor- never been sicker! When it comes to shots, at least in my military days.
  5. John - you’re F’ed as the aggy would say!
  6. In my employment I’m surrounded by aggy. I carry Chap Stick, because I’m constantly biting my lips from calling them out! Many times during the day I just want to call them out on their “stupidity”. I have a job, so I carry on!
  7. msucolt45

    David Beaty

    Gif of Arky Coach- got paid!
  8. Steve Patterson? He’s probably running a chain of Senior Citizen homes/nursing homes since 2020 started.
  9. I have the older framed (larger) Ruger Bird’s Head Vaquero in .45 LC. Mine has the faux-ivory grips. Supposedly Ruger only made about 1600 of that model, which I purchased around 2004-2005. I have a shoulder / chest rig for it - like Doc Holliday in Tombstone. Ruger’s larger frames/cylinder combinations allowed them to have some of the few brands that allowed one to shoot “hot” loads like Buffalo Bore or others that would be considered +P or ++P. Only Ruger’s (Old-Vaquero, Red Hawk, and Black Hawks) and Freedom Arms could safely handle the “hot” rounds back in those days. Something like a 240+gr. bullet combined with max pressure on the powder load.
  10. Yes and he’s still residing in Katy. 78 now.
  11. There’s nothing better than a Football Friday Night in Texas! As a Texas football referee for the Junior Highs up to the Varsity level, I love my “side job” during the Fall! I enjoy working with the smaller crews referring the junior high kids as much as the Varsity on Friday night, because I love the game and assisting the younger players/levels too. I hope that we have kids in school this Fall, which will help have a football season, but who knows? I think we’re still at least through July for a “final” decision on that! I’m looking forward to it and if things go right we’ll have our Fridays back, plus the Longhorns on Saturdays. Nothing is better than the Friday Nights in Texas - here’s hoping it happens! Even though I reside in a large city, the one-school towns have the best atmosphere for football - IMO.
  12. Iceman - Thank you for posting that piece about Joe Delaney.
  13. I wanted to name him Bevo the Bassett, but the wife wouldn’t have it.
  14. Corgis are great dogs! I’ve owned two different ones and each for over 10 years at a time! Wife hadn’t had a Bassett Hound since year childhood years, so enter Buckaroo! He came from Bandera so he needed a Cowboy name!
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