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  1. Traylor beat “his” school today - SFA grad.
  2. Coach Traylor is doing great so far and is committed to finding TX, and mainly CenTex talent, to boost the roster/fan support.
  3. This is true - Runners win, but 2-0 against TX State and a “rebuilding” FCS school. Still need a little more sample to the schedule. CUSA is no joke, so we’ll see real soon! I live in SA, so go Runners and no ill will meant. Just stating the obvious.
  4. UCF the better team today. They actually looked pretty good in all phases.
  5. It’s like the Cowboys showing up with white helmets = loss!
  6. GA Tech shouldn’t wear all white at home. Nothing wrong with Old Gold at home!
  7. Bring in USC, UCLA, AZ schools, and bring back CO and NU - then it’s game on! 16 teams with two divisions (E/W). That would be nice!
  8. I can’t find my “No Ragrets” gif, so I’ll just add this timeless piece.
  9. Not racist or “No Ragrets”! Whichever you want to go!
  10. NU “hosed” for rallying to get FB back. Much “tougher” schedule than tOSU! Thanks for the effort to get the game back!
  11. ESPN2 has my UTSA game. I don’t know why the “feed” has sucked the whole first half? I have Spectrum - could be the reason?
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