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  1. Wulaw Horn, I’ll be your Huckleberry! Great weekend so far!
  2. As much as I hate OU sucks, I don’t know why they have to wear alternate uniforms. Classic “blue bloods” even though I hate them, don’t have to do that shit. Thanks Oregon! And old man get off my lawn!
  3. All I’m saying is Arky bring more relevant will create more excitement in the future! By no means would I ever root for Arky, but it’s nice to see some aggy tears early in the season. Hook’em!
  4. Well, who did you want to win (besides meteor) on Hogs vs aggy?
  5. Huckleberry, You must have not grown up in the era of OU, Hogs, and aggy were the season! Hook’em!
  6. All I can say is congrats to Coach Sam and his Hogs! WPS for the rest of their season. CFB is going to be better in the future with the Hogs more “revelant”. I look forward to that match up going forward, because it’ll just mean more! Hook’em!
  7. Not to feel dirty or jinxing the game, but I’m going to do a slight “Woo Pig Sooie” this afternoon.
  8. I officiated a game last night with a team South of SA hosting a SA team full of kids from a school full of military dependents. Both teams played their best and was full of great efforts by both teams. The final score didn’t represent the sportsmanship displayed throughout the game. In other words, both team’s kids were great and made officiating the game a breeze. Very few fouls called last night, which was actually our fewest fouled called game of this season! Only roughly ten fouls called and it was 50-50. Best of luck to both teams going forward. Well disciplined teams on both sides!
  9. I officiated a game last night for a team South of Austin versus a team from SA. The. Visitor was markedly better than the host, but we had so many fouls (on both teams) that the game went beyond three hours! Over 30 fouls were counted for both teams, but it was apparently out of hand going in to the 4th Usually most games (on average) have between 15-20 fouls.
  10. Kicking team cannot make contact with enemy Receving team until the ball has crossed the 50. Assuming they’re kicking from the 40.
  11. Hook’em !!! Go Horns, Go!
  12. Last Friday I officiated a game with two “smaller” schools SW of San Antonio. The one-school towns really help on atmosphere, as the bleachers might be smaller, but they’re full of Friday Night Lights Fans! Great game by both teams and the home team won. We even had a game where only eleven fouls were counted and it was 5 vs 6! This Friday is I have a team from S of Austin playing a SA team and one is 3-0, the other 2-1, so it should be exiting for all participants, including the officials! Best of luck to all involved this year, in all capacities, in TXHSFB: supporting staff of students like cheer, dance, and band. Especially, the players and coaches for what they go through throughout the season! Parents too! Your presence means more to your kids than you’ll ever imagine! I’ve officiated games before, that a team will have 60+ players, 100+ band members, and numerous cheer/dance squads and only see roughly 100-150 people in the stands. People need to make supporting their kids more of a priority! MSUColt Out!
  13. Westlake looked pretty good last Friday, especially playing another opponent from the D/FW area. I love watching TXHSFB “Extra” now on Bally late Friday nights. Craig Way and crew do a marvelous job covering THSFB. Their presentation, for years, has to be “unmatched” Nationwide! I usually record it, because sometimes, depending on where my crew works, it’s damn near 1:00 AM before I get home. For officials, we usually go over the game we just officiated and complete our “foul report”, which usually takes about 30 mins, then shower, and drive to our original rendezvous location, so we can all drive home. When I get home I’ll decompress and start watching it, sometimes longer than others, depending on if I have to officiate a sub-varsity game on Saturday morning, somewhere in the SA area. We are so short-handed with officials state-wide, that some weeks I actually officiate games Tues/Wed through Saturday! I thank the Lord that my employer views my officiating as almost like volunteering/community service, because it’s a time toll during the season for officials and your employer. If anyone is even slightly interested in FB officiating, you can go to TASO.org. There is listed any questions one might have and ways to sign up. We’d love to have you next year!
  14. I found it posted at Texassports.com if anyone is looking for it.
  15. Has anyone posted a “transferable” link to today’s Sark press conference? Asking for friends.
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