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  1. msucolt45

    2020 Drunk Thread

    Drinking prior to cooking is preferable too!
  2. msucolt45

    2020 Drunk Thread

    About to grill some pre-seasoned H-E-B fajitas. I think they taste pretty good with minimal prep work, except for the time to slice them up. Going to do some Kiolbasa sausage while the grill is hot too. Drinking and grilling is a winning combination!
  3. I was able to get less than 4.0% (30years). I don’t know why that part was deleted from my previous post.
  4. I was able to lock-in today Told the wife (no pics) that we’re rolling the dice! I really wanted to wait this out, but financially it was a deal to hard to pass up. This COVID-19 situation needs to end so everyone can start getting back as close to normal as possible. Hook’em!
  5. Feels like Fall with the beers getting opened prior to 11:00. SiP means you can’t drink all day if you don’t start early? Beer distributors aren’t hurting so far. Last trip to HEB (yesterday AM) the Budweiser guy was there filling the cooler. He reached in and got me the one that was still cool/cold
  6. Bexar County (San Antonio) is about to go SiP. Effective midnight manana. Groceries, gas stations, and etc. still available, but non-essential people stay at home! I’m in the not-essential group, so I feel like my impact is somewhat reduced. I guess I’ll just stay home with the fam, Bassett, and cats. Stay at home people! Hook’em!
  7. Mc Fresh, It will apply for reduced work (income) in order to purchase. That’s the first out, but if home values depreciated more than say 20% in the next week, I’d lean on it too. Just letting you know that there is an out besides “cold feet”.
  8. Mc Fresh, I made an offer on a home this AM and there is a Covid-19 Addendum that Texas has recently adopted. Losing my earnest money was one of my main concerns with the unknown thanks to this crisis. Ask your realtor to get that put into your offer for protection.
  9. Pics of Bassett are available but none of the others you Surly Bastards!
  10. I have a wife that thinks we should purchase a new house because interest rates are low. (I work in the O/G sector and could lose my job soon?) Plus our two college kids are HOME since spring break!!!! I decided since our Boerne trash day is tomorrow for me to work in the garage and de-clutter! I didn’t need any help from them, (they frighten at the word garage), so with beer in the garage fridge, and them fng off in the house, I spent some quality time with my Bassett Hound and 5-6 beers - quality time! Only two black yard bags to show my work, but the hound and I are calmer now! Best of luck and Hook’em!!
  11. MC Fresh, I’m in the same position. My wife sends me constant realtor.com listings. More this week, because she’s a teacher and on this extended break. With all of the current uncertainty I think we should hold off until the dust settles on the CV. Hell, I could lose my job in a month or so because I’m in the O/G industry. Best of luck on your decision!
  12. Hope all is well and South Austin can get better! No sports on the tube sucks too! I went out this morning to go on a “TP Run” this AM at 6:30. HEB was “open” but NO TP!!!! Daughter called me yesterday stating that she had a $20 pack of TP at Walmart and wanted to know if I wanted it - YES, so I transfer her some money (broke college student coming home). She gets home and it’s a MFg big dozen count of paper towels! She said that it was in the aisle that TP usually is! Maybe there should be another thread for daughters (no pics), but she’s not the sharpest mentally!
  13. With the UT budget, can we afford some white shoe polish for home games? All white uniforms look nice until you see the “dingy white” shoes!
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