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  1. Just checked Amazon. Still available
  2. To be fair, the wife and I have lately experienced some cold weather flights. This week however, we were boarding a connecting flight from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta. It was at least 85 outside in Phoenix headed to warm beach. As our plane backed out of our gate it paused, and I jokingly said we are deicing. She said....Really.
  3. It is hard to transition to this new techno stuff when you are used to Morse code.
  4. You are totally right. I agree with you on all of those. But something too often overlooked about real quality coaching is in game adjustments. The Aston defenders say look Baylor owns us but look at our record. We win because we out talent most of our opponents. Where we lose almost every game is the inability to coach up or make adjustments in game and especially at halftime. Most teams we often beat have coaches making far better game time decisions. This is where Mulkey kicks most of her peers.
  5. I noticed your defense wasn’t informing her it was a $300.00 hoodie. Good move there.
  6. How many times do we have to post that Shaka isn’t worth a shit and we could get better (me included)? This isn’t about Shaka any more. It is all about whether or not we will pay the bucks to fire his ass. I really do not know if CDC is ready to go there yet...maybe, maybe not.
  7. I would recommend house rentals. Most are cheap and very comfortable. Angel Fire is small and easy to get around. A negative is dining compared to Taos and Santa Fe.
  8. ruitxn

    AP Top 25

    Not all is bummer, we got 69 votes. Yes
  9. I have really have enjoyed reading this thread. I have been introduced to some new thinking or ideas concerning ancient religious concepts applied to today’s church. From time to time It is nice to see that others, like me, have chosen to give up bigoted, self-indulgent teachings from a childhood church denomination. I love Surly because in our discussion you get everything from the high brow to the down and dirty. Just the way it should be! After all I have read here concerning the current Methodist possible split, it just reinforces again one of my great disappointments of religion as we see it in real life...the hinderance or outright failure by the “Church” to establish congregations functioning according to the prayer of Jesus for his disciples. He prayed for them to practice and rejoice in unity as He and The Holy Father are unified. I think we all realize the Methodists are experiencing just another example of the pattern for the church dealing with discord among its members. It started with discord over circumcision, later on to papal authority, Moroni, pacifism, slavery, on and on, and now primarily abortion and LGBTQ. Who knows what controversies are ahead but they will certainly appear. I’ll just close this longest reply I certainly have written to a Surly thread by giving a quote I just kept thinking about while I was reading. It is by Richard Rohr a progressive (not political) Catholic priest in New Mexico. “The job of religion is to help people act effectively and compassionately from an inner centeredness and connection with God. The need to be right is not love.“
  10. ruitxn


    What’s the matter, cat got your tongue ?
  11. Tech’s Duffy backs out on Tulane and reenters portal. Reckon Pirate came calling?
  12. It is just more of the same crap over and over again, but I refuse to get used to it.
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