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  1. ruitxn

    AP Top 25

    Personally I like the discussion of a conference champ, eight team scenario. Big 12 refs would REALLY like this too since it gives them real power in determining who gets to the playoff every year. No sweat for us horns fans though.....really?
  2. No, I think you had it right. Jody has run this team too damn long. We will see if CDC will finally take control.
  3. That is one perspective for sure. I guess yours. Mother Teresa and those she trained and the poor lepers in India might have another.
  4. Wow. After reading this, I was consumed with just one thought. You know...the billionaire big shot, and the poor man (regardless of circumstance) are going to end up in the exact same place. Bones to dust. I wonder whose dust had the most influence on each other’s circumstance. Whose dust was most responsible for the other’s circumstance.
  5. Great. You might fill in great at Mt. Vernon next year.
  6. It’s sickening watching other teams play defense compared to the junk we put on the field
  7. ruitxn

    Fire Tom Herman

    Herman is just as stubborn and egotistical as damn Mack Brown and seems like he is willing to just take his money, run things out, and screw UT. Herman sees now he has financials guaranteed for life (almost 7 million this year with raises built in for the next four years...unfortunately that is on Del Conti), and he is determined to do it his way...screw Texas fans, AD, money boys, and admin. Question is how far are Fuentes and Del Conte willing to stick their necks out?
  8. Sounds like Lindsey used Elliott’s schemes!!
  9. Put your wastebasket right up against the wall. Bank shots are much easier!
  10. Barron didn’t want to be seen with this shitbag
  11. His problem in my opinion is not that he is too stubborn to get rid of second or third tier coaches, (even though that must be done now), but that he didn’t have the initial coaching instincts to realize he had a unique opportunity to do something great. Coaches with the right maturity and coaching intelligence realize that programs are built from day one. Great coaches mentally wrangle over bringing the absolute top staff they can put together from the very beginning. Quality and experience over friendships. Tom was too perfunctory and probably egotistical to tend to business with staffing. This coaching staff should never have been brought to UT. That is entirely on Tom. He was given the resources and authority to build a solid staff. We are paying for his initial mistakes.
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