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  1. IMO more selling today and flat next 30 ish days until more data hits. Everything was red yesterday- gold, bitcoin, bonds, stocks so that is pure emotional selling We are at 10 to 12% sell off similar to when h1n1 hit which killed 12k ish Americans and 200k globally in 09 and 10. 1 in 5 world was infected.
  2. Sadly the numbers can’t be trusted. Also can’t count people welded shut in their homes.
  3. Is there a link between Markets up today. What will Trump say tonight in the press conference.
  4. yes absolutely stock up on Clorox wipes and straight clorox, Windex etc... medicine and personal items for 90 days, propane/propane cook top. stop touching face
  5. IMO get enough for 60 days for your family and 2 other families/neighbors who did not.
  6. I got out 80% on Feb 18th. Have approx $24K in unrealized gains remaining in the market and thinking to pull the trigger and cash out fully.
  7. @BNODesk 24m It has now been over 4 hours since Hubei province was supposed to release their daily update; China's National Health Commission update is also 2 hours late
  8. https://news.yahoo.com/scientists-announce-breakthrough-atomic-map-coronavirus-180404127.html The team from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) first studied the genetic code of the virus made publicly available by Chinese researchers, and used it to develop a stabilized sample of a key part called the spike protein.
  9. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/china-deploys-40-incinerators-wuhan-21529067 China deploys 40 incinerators to Wuhan amid fears of coronavirus death toll 'cover up' Chinese media reports that the mobile furnaces – used for burning animal carcasses and medical waste – have been shipped to the centre of the Covid-19 outbreak
  10. few years ago aggy (no longer here) was out of work over a year...hired by Arkansas fans. that "network" didn't work out so great for him.
  11. We should win convincingly.
  12. tl;dr - aggy backed off cruits we didn't get
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