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  1. Even "family values" has a tinge of it. Everything related to the culture wars stems from replacement theory.
  2. This is exactly what Trump has brought us. A lot of GOP policies have racist/xenophobic undertones, whether they arose from racism or not and whether their proponents were actively or consciously racist. But Trumpism revealed that if you bring the racist undertones nearer or actually to the surface, it broadens their appeal.
  3. All true, and all aspects of luck. You needn't have wealthy parents to score big in the parental lottery. And wealthy parents aren't necessarily a big score, but they can still provide security and opportunity that less-wealthy parents can't.
  4. Why the hell won't Rudy's build one that isn't in the BFE suburbs? Does 10-50 achieve Rudy's level? About the worse experience I have had with Rudy's is crumbly brisket, which is still damn tasty.
  5. It's all related. GRT is just another flavor of untermensch. It's a little more explicitly hateful than some variations of it, but it's been simmering in the background for a good long while.
  6. We have a tiny few such kids on youtube. It's not a realistic opportunity for most. And, they generally fall outside the realm of "untalented." And, being a youtube "star" or social media influencer requires a certain level of material advantage to start with. We've already pretty solidly established that you have no real idea what it's like to be poor in the early 21st century. Frankly, neither do I. But I am capable of viewing them with more empathy than you are, apparently. In these various discussions about "arbeit macht frei," luck has come up quite a bit. The first stroke of luck is who are your parents. Even if you adopt Royal's definition of "opportunity meeting preparation," there's still the element of random good fortune in the opportunity part.
  7. I think that is becoming increasingly difficult. There aren't many opportunities for an untalented, unlucky, unprivileged person in the US. It's not like it was even 25 years ago.
  8. Back in the old days, the most common deal was kids that started in the summer provisional admit program and had flunked out by the end of the first semester of freshman year. So, when they were initiated in the spring, they were not actually students at UT. It was not at all common for people to never have been admitted to UT at all to pledge or be initiated. But admissions were easier then. I had a high school buddy that was not a provisional admit, but went down to Austin and enrolled during the summer specifically for rush parties. He wound up flunking out by spring, but was initiated as a KA. His parents were blissfully unaware of his academic failures until a month or two into the spring semester, at which point they came to Austin and dragged him home (I envision twisting his ear), never to return. Well, he did return after getting a degree at SMU by getting an MBA at UT.
  9. It appears that you want to eliminate as much of it as possible. I mean, that is the crux of your persistent argument about "cutting a check forever."
  10. What a bunch of nonsense. Civilized societies have safety nets for the least among them. Those cost money, generally speaking, and someone has to pay for it. So yeah, cut them a check forever. Or let them starve. As a recoveing consservative, I am well aware that people abuse social programs because they're shitty and lazy. And social program have a potential for creating discincentives to work. That's a problem. But it's not a problem solved by eliminating the social program altogether so we can lower taxes on those that can easily afford to pay them. Furthermore, the economy is such that just "putting people to work" doesn't insure even subsistence level existence. So that's its own disincentive and that is frankly more troubling than any aspect of any social program.
  11. What if they were born healthy, but stupid? You really have simplistic and naive views about the lower classes.
  12. Damn, dude. You really do hate the poor and less fortunate. And you are committed to voting for these shitasses deadset on ruining America out of self-interest.
  13. You are lying to yourself, and apparently so are your friends. It's like you're a German in 1935. "I don't mind Jews, but I like the stuff Hitler is doing."
  14. The leader of your party wanted to "beat the fuck out of" and "just shoot" the George Floyd protestors. Not merely because they were protestors, but because they were either brown or protesting the death of a brown man. You can try to dismiss Trump and his ilk as some kind of fringey aberration, but their insanity currently forms the basis for the GOP. And not one of them is troubled by police brutality and murder and corruption. It's closer than you think.
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