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  1. Depends on the TV. I would guess, however, that an Amazon service on an Amazon device has the maximum functionality of any version of the software. I would suspect that a TV mfrs' "app" will have some of the least functionality. The TV apps, generally speaking, are kinda shitty in my observation. That said, my several-year-old Sony has I'd guess 80% of the functionality of the Android app. Like when you pause, the names and photos of the actors on screen come up from imdb, as they would if you touch the screen on the Android app, but you can't click on the pic and get the imdb bio obviously. It has a look and feel similar to the Android/website, also. But it seems to crash with fair regularity, especially after more than an hour or two of watch..
  2. One of the things I think they're doing here is putting loyalists in SDNY (Manhattan) and EDNY (Brooklyn and Long Island) because if Trump loses, it will take some months for them to be replaced, especially if a GOP Senate fucks around with confirmation. That's going to slow any federal investigation or indictment of Trump after he leaves office.
  3. Actually, upon reviewing his post here, I think it was @NWBuck that posted from the blog about evangelicals and their affinity for what I will abbreviate as "American nationalism."
  4. Lotta those mofos gonna get a rude surprise if the End Times come. /Left Behind
  5. Nah. If he was going to blab, he would have by now to stave off the sentence. He's been convicted, he doesn't need the 5th Amendment. I think Trump commuted because it is less than a pardon and maybe he could mitigate the optics a little more. I don't know whether it's Trump or his advisors that are so afraid of clemency. The part of him that doesn't like to take responsibility for anything until and unless it's convenient tells me it's him. But I dunno.
  6. Called that one. Makes it clear Trump will probably pardon all of his cronies on the way out. Too chicken to do it except for this one. Probably Manafort too if he hadn't already gotten home confinement.
  7. There won't be any fall sports. Give it up.
  8. You are aware that tobacco is from the Earth, too? And probably before long we're gonna have doobies with filters and flavors and things that enhance the THC, etc. Totally agreed on the first few dozen humans that lit some plants on fire and said "hey, let's breathe the smoke." That kind of flies in the face of human experience.
  9. Yeah, I was thinking he might be able to undo it altogether, but apparently not. IGNORE POST 4, IT IS WRONG.
  10. There's actually an answer, and there's a 6% tax due on excess contributions: If you discover the excess contribution before you file your tax return, you won't have to pay the excise tax if you withdraw the contribution and income earned on the excess contribution. The transaction must be completed by the date – including extensions – your return is due. The withdrawn contribution doesn't need to be reported as income, but you must include any withdrawn investment growth or income as part of your gross income. It will be considered an IRA distribution, which means you'll have to pay a 10 percent tax penalty on the amount as an early withdrawal if you're younger than 59 1/2. This is a pretty major fuckup. It's not huge in gross terms, but in terms of maximizing investments, the 6 and 10% hits are hardcore. You can credit it toward future years' contributions. https://budgeting.thenest.com/happens-over-contribute-ira-20551.html
  11. File an amended return. Pull the excess contribution out. The problem may be that the institution gives you a 1099R, which will show it as a early retirement distribution subject to tax and 10% penalty. But if you pay tax on it via your amended return, you should be ok. Might even be able to explain it to the institution and avoid the 1099R.
  12. Excuse me, I should have said I thought you posted it. MIght have been @formermav43. Or someone else entirely. I had thought it was one of you that posts on religion with some nuance.
  13. Actually, turns out ol' Erdogan has been calling it a mosque for a couple of years now, but it has not been open to Muslim worship, it remained a museum as it has been since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. But now he's trying to open it to worship.
  14. THIS is gonna be interesting. https://www.ft.com/content/bd0c89be-0b8b-4a63-954a-50caa36549bb Trump's buddy Erdogan is ordering the Hagia Sophia, a Christian "heritage" site, turned into a mosque. Whatcha gonna do now, dipshit?
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