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  1. There was something telling in the Dirty Money episode about Kushco. When Jared bought the NY Observer, his main concern was how it portrayed him and his cronies. Said something like he realized that favorably press was great and unfavorable not so much. So that's all he and Trump see the press as, "mean" or "gracious," no other purpose. I guess that's an easy view to adopt when your world isn't tethered to or bounded by facts.
  2. I evidently misread that or read it someplace that reported it inaccurately.
  3. I have seen quite a few pretty anti-Trump things pop up on WT lately. There seems to be a minor revolt in the "right sites."
  4. The PM is not elected per se. The party is elected (majority of Commons), and the PM is the leader of the majority party, or someone else they agree upon and appointed by the Regent, accordingly. If there is not a majority in Commons, then the plurality coalition comes up with someone, hence "coalition government."
  5. Apparently some 450,000 travelers came from China after this tremendous travel ban.
  6. Plonsky evidently is pretty good at "monetizing" things. But someone has to ride herd on her lest she monetize everything ala Patterson.
  7. Yeah, we were one of the few schools having men's and women's ADs. A legacy, no doubt, of the Lopiano/Conradt/Plonsky women's lib mafia. And one that seemingly outlived its time.
  8. He's in almost everything Simon does. His sister is always Simon's casting director. For the first time, shes Nina K. Noble, instead of Kostroff.
  9. I have been somewhat suspicious of Clay Jenkins, Dallas County Judge, for a few years (his residency in Dallas County has been questionable, he flopped parties for election, etc.). But this is leadership. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/04/04/dallas-county-coronavirus-response-ahead-curve/ Not only is he doing it mostly right, he's doing it with some humility.
  10. Is erythromycin a new thing, or is the dumbfuck confusing Ivanka's ear antibiotics for azithromycin?
  11. Whatever you want to say about royals, Elizabeth is a leader.
  12. Not capped by statute. Supply and demand. The Shkreli out front should have told you. However, HCQ is not an orphan drug and is in relatively plentiful supply because it is useful for other indications.
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