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  1. I just want to add fuck Charlie Kirk in particular. That is all.
  2. I'd be fascinated to know what's been happening in her life over the past 15-20 years.
  3. Wait, the guy grew up in Westlake to college graduate parent(s) and is now an OTR trucker? With all due respect to truckers, that doesn't quite compute. The subsequent post helps, but still . . . .
  4. Oh sweet baby Jesus. Tell me all about the Bible, whore of Babylon.
  5. Well, and you're calling a Ripley a pure XC bike, while a couple years back it was "trail." Lol. Everything seems to be shifting toward moar travel, and, from what I can tell, there's not a big pedal penalty anymore.
  6. I thought the Ripmo was about halfway between Mojo and Ripley? I definitely consider the Mojo too much bike for me. I have seen a couple of Ripmo's around, ironically at River Legacy. I rode Rowlett today, nice lengthy ride, trail in pretty good shape if dry. Got out early enough that it was reasonable, temp-wise. But, the shifting was bad, even on the flat parts. Partly because I think the shop used wet lube on my chain and it's fucking filthy. But I think the NX is muy cansado. So it looks like I am going to have to do something with the der.
  7. I had a flight on Spirit canceled due to weather while I was standing at the gate. I got a cheapass ticket to a CLE out of town as just a boondoggle. To their credit, they opened a counter at the gate to rebook or issue refunds, right fucking there. And the refund was half the round trip, as it should have been, and I kept the return flight. While I was standing in line for the refund, I booked an AA flight cheap, departing in like an hour. The Spirit flight coming back was a lot better than the AA flight out. /csb
  8. Probably worth pointing out that most of these turds do not live in Dallas County, let alone the City of Dallas or any of the suburbs, properly considered.
  9. Fuck off, cunts. You shitfuck assholes never give a shit about prisons or prisoners any other time. And, it's ironic that NOW you have some generalized oversight authority. And a former judge of all people should know that you don't just walk up to a jail or prison without arranging far in advance, particularly during a pandemic.
  10. Fair enough. Yeah, when I said range, I intended to include jumps. I'm a big fan for MTB, but a different scenario altogether.
  11. I see Ibis has a Ripley AF, aluminum. That would be a leading candidate for my next bike. I think the Ripmo is probably too much bike for me and local trails. But I'll probably keep doing minor upgrades on the Marin until I drop dead.
  12. Finally, I submit that Congress is the least likely entity to do anything meaningful with Trump's tax returns. They probably can't hold a public hearing where the whole mess gets exposed, anything involving his tax data would be closed to the public. And, in any event, they're not great investigators and have no ability to bring criminal charges or even a civil suit. Also, it appears from the DOJ/OLC opinion that the House kind of bungled this or did it in such a way that it slowed down the case signficantly, delaying its filing until months after the other tax return cases.
  13. First off, even for wealthy white dudes and their corporations, resolution of a major civil or criminal matter takes a year or two, at least, even at the trial court level. Factor in appeals, and you're talking four or five years, almost at a minimum. The Trump subpoenas that kicked this off were issued in 2019. Getting rulings from the trial court, the court of appeals, and the Supreme Court is about as swift as one could possibly hope for, especially considering Trump's no doubt dilatory tactics. I misread something about the IRS case. I thought someone said the Supreme Court had ruled, but apparently not. As mentioned, the government had asked for a stay of proceedings during the change of administration so that the Biden IRS and DOJ could formulate their response. That was supposed to be done back in like March. But apparently it is just now happening. So, there is already a case pending between Trump and the IRS, and it will pick back up without government opposition, apparently, to the subpoenas. Trump is already a party and can continue to make whatever objections he has, and onward it will go.
  14. To the public? Absent a leak, never. Vance already has them and has had for months.
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