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  1. I think it's too early to condemn CDC. Except for the extension, which was probably against his advice, but then he did Angela Kelly, so . . . . That chapter will be written in December and January.
  2. This is probably accurate, especially the "political purposes" part. I'm sympathetic with the politics of it, but dislike the dishonesty of it.
  3. I'm gonna guess it's a sign of immaturity as a coach. He wants to project aggression, but it isn't really him. So he's constantly vacillating between this facade of aggressive ass-kicker and the reality of being pretty conservative. He's not honest with himself about who he is as a coach. If he was more authentic, it wouldn't mean he'd be so conservative, but by faking being the opposite, it only makes him more conservative when it's a high-stress situation.
  4. SEALs don't do chicken shit like runny eggs.
  5. I think he's every bit as overmatched as Charlie.
  6. One of the worst parts of most bar exams is that they extend over two or three days. That's a beating. Last time I checked, the CPA was five days (and don't you have to sit all five the first go-round?). We often joked during Bar-Bri (the standard bar review), "wtf have we been doing the last three years?" But already having had the material is a big help, I think. And big chunks of most bar exams are essays. There's a talent/skill to that that gets honed during three years of it that I don't think can be duplicated in any "apprenticeship" or bar review.
  7. I think theres a) a chance he guts his staff and b) things improve next year as a result, which keeps him around a while. If he doesn't fire the whole staff, he's fucked. This staff isn't doing shit. 2018 was a fluke and wasn't that great to begin with.
  8. Really lost focus in the third.
  9. Srs? It's a county. Louisiana is a civil code state. Tres francais.
  10. 18-17 TCU in the third.
  11. The Zetas started taking over the CDG around then too.
  12. 25-16 in the second. Little more composed.
  13. We took the first 25-19. TCU has a rotten record, but part of it accumulated without Elan McCall. She good.
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