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  1. This protest of FBI tactics is not without precedent. Before Wm. Jefferson (D-La) was indicted and convicted, his office in the Rayburn Building was tossed and evidence seized pursuant to a search warrant. There was a big bipartisan kerfuffle about that, and a motion to quash evidence in his criminal case. Here's what the DC Circuit said about the Speech and Debate "privilege:" So, documents and things bearing a legitimate relationship to the legislative process are absolutely privileged by the Speech and Debate clause. Electronic location data probably has no legitimate re
  2. When I go to an indoor range, it's mostly to do sight-in and ranging/holdover/scope work on an airgun. So I am concentrating pretty hard and trying not to cause many fliers. I'm a special case, but the artillery really wrecks my day.
  3. Yeah. as far as I can tell, ERCOT has very little ability to make anyone do anything or change any laws or rules, so they did do pretty much exactly what they are intended to do: ride herd over a goat rodeo with their collective thumb up their ass because they have no real power. Taking it out on ERCOT deflects blame from where it belongs.
  4. This has probably been explored in some article somewhere, but I'd like to discuss the policy background of a wealth tax. Let's start with two fundamental propositions. First, we need more tax revenue and second it surely seems that the wealthy do not share according to their "blessings" so to speak. The third proposition, or result of the first two is that the wealthy, either high earners or high accumulators (is there really any meaningful difference or is it just the income statement/balance sheet change of perspective?) should be taxed more. Why wealth tax? Is it purely a
  5. All criminal juries must be unanimous now. Jury selection will go a long way to eliminating those who would acquit regardless. Those type of Trumpers are too stupid to withstand voir dire without exposing themselves. Plus, they ain't got time to do civic shit like sit on a jury. The fact remains that the government cannot possibly try upward of 200 criminal cases in any reasonable timeframe. There will be plea bargains. There have to be. Ironically, Trump's DOJ demands that pleas be for the gravest offense charged unless there is a serious failure of proof on that charge. G
  6. The "not a vaccine" argument actually has some slight validity. The word vaccine is taken from the latin name for cowpox, variolae vaccinae, which was used as the first "vaccine" for smallpox. Following that, the Covid vaccines aren't vaccines. But, of course, the term has come to mean any protective inoculation without regard to its mechanism.
  7. Tough shit, Bigo. While I disagree with pretrial detention for misdemeanors (as far as I can tell he has not been charged with a felony yet) in almost any case, THIS IS EXACTLY THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM BIGO AND HIS ILK VOTED FOR. Edit: He apparently has been indicted on a felony as of last month, 18 USC 1512 Obstruction of Official Proceeding. So that makes his detention a little more palatable.
  8. Whatever it takes. I'd like to see capital gains taxed at a reduced rate up to something like double the median income. Maybe just the median income. It's a small help for the little guy investor trying to earn retirement. It becomes abusive for people that can live lavishly off capital gains.
  9. There's nothing inherently superior in a wealth tax versus an income tax. It has some populist appeal in that it is a small percentage and only applies to the ostensibly very rich. We have long experience taxing income and the ins, outs, and what-have-yous. We have sporadic experience taxing wealth in the form of the estate tax, which is probably mostly evaded. It's a little less politically seductive, and doesn't have the fun "eat the rich" aspect to it, but eliminating a lot of deductions and raising marginal rates would accomplish much the same thing with a lot fewer pervers
  10. That last, attributed to Brew, is utter bullshit. Brew knows his accounting and tax inside out. He comes at this from an extremely knowledgeable perspective. You'll notice that he is not advocating against raising taxes in any way shape or form, but is actually pointing out real-life problems with a wealth tax. I might shut up and listen if I was you.
  11. Has anyone had any type of allergic reaction yet? I'm allergic as hell, but not to many foods or drugs, mostly airborne shit. I have never had an anaphylactic reaction, yet.
  12. Monday in Alvarado for this cowboy. Fifty mile drive.
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