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  1. Yeah, people keep calling this a "small town." I guess it is small, but it's probably contiguous with other small towns/suburbs all the way into Philly. A lot of the NE is like that. And, yeah, Texas burbs are somewhat analogous, but these are smaller and there is no space between them, as a rule. You go down the highway and it's "now entering/leaving" continuously every 5 or 10 miles for probably 100 miles. Like you've probably heard of Main Line Philadelphia. Well, that isn't even Phildelphia proper, it's a series of towns or townships along a railroad line: Upper Merion, Lower Me
  2. Is that weir thing an artificial structure or just a limestone shelf in the riverbed? If man-made, what purpose does it serve?
  3. I don't think it was the broad middle east that they were fighting about/for. It was Jerusalem. Sure, various and sundry places in the middle east were of tactical or strategic importance, but it was all Jerusalem all the time. The comment about the Palestine region being mostly a wasteland is just an observation about Israel, not really pro or con.
  4. Oral arguments represent about 20% tops, probably more like 10% of the work of the Supreme Court. To your point though, Barrett was confirmed in October 2020. Only 3 of the 20 reschedulings/relistings occured prior to that.
  5. They held off long past that point.
  6. Seems the last 20 or so years, they've been mostly ok. I'm not aware of any of them being mobbed up and I think a lot of them have come to realize that while contract bargaining may put them at odds with management/the employer, they're better off as a whole collaborating and cooperating in a productive way. Hard lessons learned from the "demise" of the auto industry and the offshoring of manufacturing jobs.
  7. It appears that there are questions to be resolved that don't result in overturning Roe or Casey. However, the likely outcome of those probably will not favor abortion rights. One interesting thing is that the petition for cert was filed almost a year ago and has been rescheduled (7x) and re-conferenced (13x) 20 times before granting cert. Not sure what exactly this indicates, but it doesn't seem like even four justices are on the same page, easily. Also, the almost sole reason cited by Mississippi for the legislation is that foetuses exhibit a pain response earlier than 15 weeks.
  8. Well, yeah. The state of Israel has worked wonders with the territory. It has become a beautiful and productive country because of the monomaniacal efforts of the Jews. You could say there wasn't anything worth fighting for until Israel was created. But the creation of Israel created a sort of "counter-state" there. I think at first, Arab interest in the region was disingenuous: they just wanted to wipe out Israel. Because no Arab state had expressed much interest in the region or its people. But, like Native Americans, there were people in the Palestine that were displaced
  9. Actually, I don't. My knowledge comes from dealing with addicts, and, of course, reading about it because it's an important subject to me. While NA and AA are mostly interchangeable. and I have known lots of people over the years that have interchanged and supplemented their drugs of choice, most of my experience is with alcoholics, rather than primary drug users. I do have quite a bit of anecdotal benzo knowledge because it is fairly common for people with anxiety diagnoses to abuse it along with alcohol. Or they "get sober" while still taking prescribed benzos until that spirals out
  10. As far as I can tell, Palestine has never had self rule, no matter who occupies it. It hasn't even been a vassal state. Just a desert wasteland sporadically occupied by Arab outcasts and Jews with ZIonist fantasies. Other than Jerusalem, there's never been anything much worth fighting for there. I don't think those facts have any real bearing on anything today,
  11. Ironically, most federal pre-trial detention centers are county jails. MDC Brooklyn is a notable exception. They're still technically in federal custody and have to do what a federal judge tells them.
  12. Union grievance. If it's your place of employment, a number of union grievances can cost you your job. Project partner in ME did summers at GD Space Systems in San Diego. When you are a baby engineer, you get little bullshit projects and half the fun/reward is seeing them installed and working on some larger machine or craft. My buddy got busted twice installing things he had designed and had manufactured for a piece of the ISS. That was reserved for union guys, electricians I guess or some kind of assembly worker. Because of this, he almost didn't get a full-time offer after gra
  13. That, too, makes more sense than taking a Xanax/alprazolam, which is not an expensive drug to make or buy, and adding fentanyl to it for whatever reason. While benzos are ultimately depressants, their users aren't typically looking to go on the nod like a heroin junky. A lot of people like benzos because they create the sensation of being mildly drunk without drinking, the smell, and while retaining more functionality, typically, than a drunk. They don't want to be knocked on their ass.
  14. I'm not fully convinced that they're deliberately lacing Xanax with fentanyl. Effective doses of fentanyl are in micrograms. For a non-opioid-tolerant takers, it only takes a tiny tiny bit to kill someone. It makes sense that they would boost heroin and other opiods with it, but not other things.
  15. Politicians, especially white ones, have a habit of getting off easy in our system. Cf. people of color and other powerless and poor. Like popehat, the federal crime isn't immediately apparent to me. Greenberg seems to have done most of the trafficking or Mann Act type stuff. Perhaps a conspiracy with Greenberg. Maybe some state statutory rape or solicitation charges.
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