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  1. @T’Boo Ted Marshall, I'm glad this thread popped back up. I'd been wondering about you too. Sounds like you're doing all the right things to set a solid foundation. I'm also intrigued about your thoughts around outside investment. I'm at a crossroads right now regarding that exact concept. On our side, I finally landed my HVAC master with an A license. He starts next Monday. Rounded out the MEP. I may hit you up offline to talk shop regarding a few things. I'm expecting this to be the 800-lb gorilla of our service arm, and I want to be prepared as we get him up to speed. We
  2. You just described me to a tee. I had played sparingly growing up and in college. After graduating and getting married, I had a good buddy become the head pro at a local course. I started playing 3-4 times / week. Got into the single digits. Then kids happened. Three of them. I still played maybe twice a month. Then, I made a huge career change, then I broke my arm, then my oldest got into select baseball. But, I'm finally getting my business into a good spot, so I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a club membership. I'm excited to be able to work consistently and enjoy the game
  3. Just as "temporary taxes" like passing a bond never seem to return to their previous levels, I'm afraid we're going to see the same thing with restaurant prices. And, I completely agree that restaurants are grossly understaffed right now for all the above mentioned reasons. My son had a baseball tourney this weekend, so dinner plans for Mothers Day were up in the air. If he lost early, he and I were going to cook something for the family at home. If they kept winning, he and I would grab fast food and my wife and other two would fend for themselves. They won the first, then lost the secon
  4. Awesome. Paddle north a bit from your put-in at Del Norte. Not the biggest fish, but I always catch a ton of both largemouth and smallies just up river from the Del Norte campsite. If you're doing 30 miles, you may be going all the way to Rough Hollow. I've only done the run south of Big Satan once. The first stretch is awesome and some of the least fished areas of that river. But, watch out for those headwinds about five miles south of the Big Satan takeout. It's wide open and choppy from there to Rough Hollow.
  5. Good for you. Enjoy! What are your put-in and take-out spots? I've now done the Devlis 20+ times. My son's been with me a few times, but we did our first multi-night trip last year, and we had the same headwind situation. I ended up being "The Mule" that carried the gear and paddled hard on open water. It sucked. Bad. Big rain last week. You should be golden. Lots of good fish being caught over the last few weeks. Enjoy!
  6. @4th and 5. We-Ko-Pa seconded.
  7. We need to meet up for a beer one day. I'm on Creek Rd near Camp Lucy. That Loop 165 is a cool little stretch. I was looking at 5 acres that is on the market there. The east side that fronts the creek is gorgeous with beautiful homes. The west side of the road was hit and miss.
  8. Correct. There should have been some little black screws that keep the horizontal brackets in place. You should be able to use any machine screw in place of those. Good idea on the 1x6 behind it. That will probably give you more flexibility on where you actually mount them. Like I mentioned earlier, I have them loaded down, so I beefed up the lag screws from the little ones they sent in the kit. No issues since then.
  9. I knew we were close to you. This was actually off Loop 165 near Longhorn River Ranch.
  10. My go-to recipe is chicken fried breast. I've tried to roast a whole wild turkey and even tried to smoke one. Both were pretty tough. From my experience, the breast is good, but the thighs and legs aren't worth doing anything special. The last time I harvested a wild turkey, we actually used the wings, thighs and legs in gumbo. That was probably the best use I've found so far. Would love to hear if anyone has any whole bird recipes.
  11. Took my boy out Easter weekend to our place in Kimble County. Didn't see any turkey the first two years, but my mom put out a turkey feeder, and we actually started to see them this last fall. We saw a big group of hens, but no toms. He did shoot the big boar (220 lb or so) that we've seen on the game cam. Which was nice... The following weekend, I was cruising around looking at property in Hays Co with a big mug of coffee on an early Sunday morning and came upon THREE groups of big toms within a mile of each other along a little side road head the headwaters of Onion Creek. I'll pos
  12. Good choice. The Islander is nice. Given your group, Islamorada is a great spot. Plenty of restaurants in Islamorada and Key Lago. The drive is manageable from Miami. Robbie's is fun and has decent food. Lorelei's and the Sand Bar are great spots for a drink. Hit up the Green Turtle Inn for breakfast one day.
  13. That was going to be my thought as well. Too much water. Those little biodegradable containers are awesome, but they tend to hold moisture more than the plastic ones.
  14. Got my suppressor ordered today. Just 8-10 months until it arrives! And, after three months of back-and-forth bullshit, I FINALLY got confirmation that my two-stage trigger shipped yesterday. Should be able to finally assemble my left-handed AR this weekend. Which, coincidentally, is perfect timing. I'm taking it with me tuna fishing next week. You know. To finish off those pesky tuna. Forecast calls for spotty squalls. I hope it doesn't fall overboard via a rogue wave or something silly like that.
  15. Quarter size hail this morning in Western Kimble County.
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