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  1. Great feedback and suggestions. I probably should have qualified this more. Needs are pretty mixed and varied. Oldest son is a fishing machine and can be on the water all day. Dude just did a two day paddle into a headwind on the Devils River with me and didn't miss a beat while outfishing me. My middle son is special needs. Good mobility, but wouldn't fish, and would probably tolerate the boat for an hour max. My daughter's too young to really get a feel for her fishing interest long-term, but I'm guessing she can take it or leave it. Wife loves to fish, but would only be able to do so when we have respite or family in town to watch my middle son. Personally, I'd wade fish over anything else. But, I'd probably take clients and employees down there a few times a year. I'm doing that right now, but it's almost always with a guide. I'd say 40% with my just my oldest son wading or drifting with artificials, 10% with my whole family except the middle son soaking bait, 10% with all five of us just cruising, 10% solo wade fishing and the remaining 30% with guests as a mixed bag depending on their interest and skill. I'm originally from Corpus, and still have a ton of family down there. Most of my family that fish run Majeks. Johnny Majek was a friend of my grandfather, so that may be somewhat sentimental. My business partner and another buddy have Haynies and love them. So, I really do need something that runs skinny but can take chop like @fattyflattie mentioned. Needs to have sides for sure. @Handcruser, that Robalo looks sweet, but I think the open bow and shallow draft are going to be must-haves for me.
  2. I totally believe it. My wife mostly takes care of our chickens. I made sure that my son and I were the ones snagging them out of the coop and butchering them for that reason. I didn't want them associating that experience with her. Usually, when we open the coop to let them range during the day, they come busting out. For the next week, they all kinda chilled in the corner when we opened the door. Especially me. Even though we did the butchering on the other side of the property, they wanted no part of leaving the coop. And, they still want no part of me. They know when something's awry.
  3. So, I'm in the very early stages of looking for a bay boat. Will probably pull the trigger next winter (21-22). My experiences have been primarily with Haynie and Majek. But, I really like the look of the Mowdy as well. Probably something in the 23-25' range. Needs will be mixed. Some wade fishing. Some drifting. Some bait soaking. Some cruising and messing around. Primarily used around Rockport, but may run down to Baffin occasionally as well. I have a wife and three kids (8-10-12), so dry and smooth ride trumps skinny water at this point. Thoughts or suggestions?
  4. We slaughtered and butchered our seven roosters two weekends ago. Did beer belly chicken with one of them the next night. Brined him overnight. On the pit for a few hours over oak. So damn good. If he's big enough, that might be a good choice. We vacuum sealed and froze the other six. Love the coq a vin idea. Just sent that idea to my wife for supper tonight.
  5. I had that issue a few summers ago. I think it had to do with me mowing during the heat of the day. Too much stress, blades get mashed down by the tires. I could be wrong, but that was my analysis. Couldn't find any visible signs of disease or bugs.
  6. I use the heck out of the skeleton bucket on my skidsteer. Perfect for separating rocks from fill, etc. I think it would work great. If you have a little dump trailer or something you can move around with a utility vehicle or truck, that seems like it would be a great setup. Plus, you could move the manure to a different area to compost. Where are you located? I bought mine from this guy. Out in Marble Falls. I've had it about three years and no issues. https://idigtexas.com/product-category/skid-steer-attachments/rock-buckets/
  7. We lucked out on our end. We've been in communication with the owners over the last several weeks, and they've been great about extending cancellation periods and offering a full refund if the beaches completely close. I've heard other owners are not so generous. Like so many others, I'm not sure on what the right answer is here. So many factors to consider. We're planning to eat at the house for every meal. Only activities would be beach and golf. Three day trip. So, minimal economic impact on our part to Port A, but also about as minimal of a footprint as possible from an exposure standpoint.
  8. Headed down this weekend. VRBO is a block from the dunes. This may mean a pretty damn quiet beach with plenty of room to spread out and no need to worry about kids running in front of a truck.
  9. I'm late to the game here, but why can't you have an engineer spec beam for your ceiling joists that runs directly beneath the ridge beam? Install a new 2X or 3X LVL beam that sits on 2X or 3X studs at the gable ends, then add bracing up to the new ridge beam to get rid of that kicker support?
  10. I've taken my deer to Granzin's for 20 years. However, they changed their casing about three years ago. Both the dried smoked sausage (which was my favorite) and the regular smoked sausage now have very firm casings that almost taste synthetic, IMO. My wife shot her first deer this past winter and requested that we take it to Hudson's because she's a big fan of their jalapeno cheddar sausage. I was impressed with everything we got from there. If we don't make our own sausage this winter, we'll be going to Hudson's. A buddy takes his to The Buck Stops Here in Oak HIll. Supposed to be the former head dude at Hudson's that now has his own place. I never thought of trying Johnny G's, but their other stuff is pretty good, so we may have to give that one a shot eventually.
  11. All of this is so true. We sent out the FFCRA documents that allow for up to 80 hours of reimbursable PTO to be leveraged with associated (and documented) testing of symptoms or actual quarantine. And, although our employees are pretty well paid, and we don't have a huge turnover or a big pool of unskilled labor, I do think some of them are taking advantage of that. And, just found out my office manager is positive. So, now I have to do forensics and contact tracing and have the whole office cleaned and sterilized. Fun times!
  12. One more point that I felt deserved a separate post: Have any of you tried to dollarize the cost associated with the prevention and sanitation aspect of Rona? I'm not even talking about opportunity cost, and I'm certainly not putting my cost burden in the same stratosphere as those of you with businesses that have had to close your doors. But, we've seen what we feel is a 5% decrease in productivity based on all the additional precautions, sanitization of tools, health checks, etc. Overhead costs are up. Materials expenses are up for sanitation supplies, hand wash stations, PPE, etc. We're beefing up our "Sanitation Services" line item in our new bids right now to cover those expenses, and we're trying to add to our budgets for that productivity burden, but I'm getting hammered on existing jobs with these unforeseen costs. Curious how everyone else is measuring and accounting for these expenses.
  13. How are those of you who are unable to have employees work remotely dealing with secondary and tertiary exposure? And common ailments? I've been hammered over the last two weeks with employees out for mild ailments. Stuff like headaches and upset stomachs. Pre-Rona they would've continued working or maybe missed a day. Now that we're doing daily health checks, I'm keeping them home at the first sign of any symptom and requiring testing before they can return. I've had six employees (10% of my workforce) in the past week miss time based on potential symptoms. Four have come back negative and two are pending (and are sitting home until those results come back). Most have been out for 3-5 days awaiting test results, but symptoms have subsided long before test results come back. We had a subcontractor that worked with us June 22 come back positive. Just found out this week. He reported to his employer June 23 that he felt crappy. Mild symptoms and he got tested June 26. So, two weeks ago. I had four guys on the job with him June 22 at the time (outdoors and we were requiring masks at that time), but no direct contact. I notified them and none of them have shown symptoms. I haven't required them to get tested. Should I? Today, my office manager notified me that her grandson was feeling bad yesterday, so he went to the doctor, got tested and results are already back as positive. She hasn't been around him, but she did see her daughter (the kid's mom) Monday. She's not sick, but let me know about the potential secondary exposure. Good news is, she's working from home 80% of the time and only coming in to the office to check the mail, cut checks, etc. I shut the office down completely today, and we're having it sanitized tomorrow. Given the numbers in Central Texas and the increase in testing, it seems as if we all have possibly had exposure if we look hard enough and extend the contact tracing far enough. What's the reasonable line for keeping people home when mildly sick and how do you deal with secondary / tertiary exposure?
  14. Yep. That's what I'm looking for. "Meaty" is the best description I've heard yet. I saw one driving on 290 two weeks ago that was just what you described that got me going on this kick. I think I may go with 37 ATs.
  15. So, I'm about due to replace the tires on my F350. I was originally thinking of adding a leveling kit, but now reconsidering. My truck actually fits in my garage, which I love. I have a headache rack, and I'm right at 7'3" with stock tires (34" Michelin 275/65R20) and no lift. I have 7'8" of clearance when my garage door is open. So, I realistically have 4+" to play with. I'd like the truck to sit a bit higher, and I like the look of larger tires without doing anything crazy. Not a fan of wide tires, so I want to keep them inside the wheel well. I'm fine with the stock rims, but would change out if necessary. I'm thinking of going with 38" all-terrains to start and see how that looks. Will they fit without a lift? Should I consider swapping out rims? My plan would be to see how they look and ride, check clearance in my garage, then maybe add a 1.5" leveling kit if my maths work. Thoughts?
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