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  1. His other eye won't even do that. It's too lazy.
  2. I caught the tail end. One thing he said was that all segments of the generation mix failed. He said it in the following order: NG, coal, nuke, and wind and solar. He also said there would be investigations. He would work to ensure more generation (new?) is available so that we are not short of power going forward and will ensure that infrastructure is essentially hardened to avoid failures like what just happened. He said it all very sternly and with a serious look on his face. He even wagged his index finger.
  3. Perhaps EIA information is not the best, but the PUCT does compile rates offerings data by classifications of kWh usage from reportings from the Retail Electric Providers in the deregulated part of Texas (ERCOT) and the monopoly bundled service providers outside of ERCOT and those exempt from competition (El Paso Electric, Southwestern Power Electric Co, Xcel Energy-SPS and Entergy Texas, plus Coops and Munis). The data goes all the way back year by year and month by month starting with the open of competition in the ERCOT control area of Texas. From the info provided, it is not difficul
  4. Texas's grid isn't connected to the rest of the country except for the panhandle and east texas areas. We can't buy power from anywhere else. The ERCOT grid does have several DC ties to the eastern interconnect through the SPP and to Mexico but capacity for support is minimal in situations we are currently facing.
  5. The aggy is talking about “blackstart” condition. If the entire grid is out, it is difficult to get it started because the ERCOT grid is an island(because Texas doesn’t want to invoke interstate commerce and have its grid subject to federal regulation). There are a handful of direct current ties with the eastern interconnect to OK and AR and to the south with Comisión Federal de Mexico at the border to Mexico. The Texas grid operates at asynchronous connection. We’d have to establish a connection to the outside to get the grid started that is complicated by the DC to AC power transfers. B
  6. Near you, but out since 2am. Most infuriating thing? Driving by empty office buildings with power north side of 183 at Oak Knoll/Riata WITH LIGHTS ON IN EMPTY OFFICES.
  7. Yeah, this is fucking bullshit. Power has been out in 78759 since 2am. We’ve been losing and having power restored at least 15 times since last Thursday evening.
  8. The compelling arguments and evidence that the House Managers provide will mean nothing to the majority of the Republican senators. After the House Managers rest, Trump's lead counsel will announce to Leahy that they will rest without putting on any evidence and state they are ready to go to the vote. Then, like young Henry Hill's attorney in Goodfellas, he'll turn to the Republican senators and give them that smile.
  9. I beg to differ. I envision a CLE presentation that begins with excerpts from the defense argument that the presenter follows with "Don't do that. Any questions? Ok, none. I see in the back that lunch is about to be served so I'll give you 45 minutes back. Thank you."
  10. This happens all the time? The people who didn't get their way cause an insurrection to stop the result from going through? Is that what he means?
  11. Wasn't watching and following along with the comments here. I couldn't believe that it was really as bad as suggested. So started watching just to see. Holy fuck, this guy is all over the place. It really sounds like he's winging it with some far out shit. Wow.
  12. This discussion of what is considered south Austin reminds me of the great tug of war of 1987, North v. South Austin. The geographical divisions were much simpler then, Town Lake divided north and south. I remember it vividly because I moved from a Riverside apartment to a place at Balcones Woods right on 183 right before the tug of war. I sat it out, but drank a beer and wine to balance out the allegiances. By the way, I had a place on William Cannon around 1988 and my buddies living in West Campus would characterize the location of my apartment as north San Antonio.
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