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  1. Sous vides are for cheaters, too, but goddamn does it make a perfect steak every time.
  2. No twitter activity since signing day. No release to be found.
  3. The first one was admittedly j2c, the second was an honest question about former 5* transfers.
  4. Not just that, we have two players coming in that were 5* out of hs. That doesnt always mean what we want it to, but we would be have been elated if both were in our signing day class. Do you think a former 5* transferring into a new program is more or less humble than they were going into the original program? I'm all for taking other programs' bust recruits if it means they have grown a heightened appreciation for hard work and find a way to reach their 5* potential. On the other hand, if they come here with a shitty entitlement and are poison in the locker room, I don't want
  5. Fine, but what's wrong with calling it "our house"?
  6. Maybe I'm a little sexist, but it always bothers me when someone who doesn't work (outside the bedroom) talks about "my" stuff as if they could even imagine buying it without the million dollar special teams coach.
  7. When I was 20, I got a call from a friend telling me that my best friend from high school had fallen off a boat during a nighttime river party. Divers found his body the next day. We hadn't been close since I went to school, but he had gotten heavy into alcohol in high school after his mom died. I was a fairly straight laced kid, so I pushed him away when I didn't want to be his DD anymore. After his death, I spent years blaming myself. As it were, I was in a metal band at the time and wrote a song about him. The music genre was fortuitous in that it allowed me to scream "I let you drown" at t
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