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  1. this is some pretty shitty stuff but par for the course for rolling stone. my guess is Hawkins had a drug problem and probably was all over the map when talking to friends, saying shit he might or might not have meant. If he goes to Dave and says I've got to quit or I'm not gonna make it Dave probably says OK let's talk, what do you want to do? Sure could Hawkins have felt he needed to keep going for the band and his family, maybe, but that's on Hawkins not Dave. dude was 50 with a wife and 3 kids and still doing hard core drugs. That's on Dave? Bullshit. and fuck Rolling Stone for implying that.
  2. you haven't heard of Baseball Night in America and that everyone can't wait to see the Brewers play the Padres at 7PM on a Saturday night in early September?
  3. eh, he said he was fully back to normal last September. I hope you are right but i'm thinking he's just on the downhill side. which sucks because no one is going to take that contract.
  4. at least we will get to hear the game in Doubly.
  5. I think you meant "We shall be given a destroy fucking. The game shall be a bit out of hand by 1630 GMT"
  6. you'll have to give him a break, he's uppity, as he's used to listening to English Soccer announcers and east coast American journalists trying to act smart by saying/writing, "the data are.." Oh, and he's got small man disease as well.
  7. correct. Stanford was the one where they had so many people passing out they ran out of medical beds.
  8. If they ask for BBQ sandwiches, it needs to be Bill Millers
  9. awesome. can't we change it due to covid year like the Ryder cup had to? or something, anything?
  10. how did we get LSU at night in 2019? SEC would probably be the 2:30 kick but at least we'd have a chance at a night game. Edit: also, no one gives a fuck about Big Noon Kickoff on Fox
  11. no way! I wonder why? what could possibly be the reason...?
  12. you've either got to get more speed or better stick handling. we are slow and bad stick handling. basically the worst of all worlds for offense.
  13. true Hintz has some speed which we missed. Seguin is a waste of a roster spot. Benn is what he is. the question is what do you do about him being captain.
  14. He's a good player but that's about it. he just looks great because this team is so offensively challenged. you can see we just ride Otter and hope for some counters. we are slower than just about any team(that is any good) we play and we are poor at stick handling. I'm amazed they took them to 7. Until they find some speed they are likely stuck at this level.
  15. you have to be fucking kidding me. just give them the game Toronto. you know you want to. fuck these refs soft hooking bullshit.
  16. most saves in regulation in a Game 7 48 - old record Ken Dryden 46
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