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  1. Didnt realize Dr Drew was a dumbass trumper. I guess hanging around Adam Carolla rotted his brain. Sad! What a sack of shit Drew is, fuck him.
  2. Can any of the Trumpkins defend hiring Jared? Can @Anastasis at least both sides it?
  3. Yeah, but both sides. Remember when Obama appointed his car salesmen nephew to run FEMA pr when Bill named Chelsea’s prom date to be the new Drug Czar?
  4. So Hunter Biden getting a inconsequential job on the board of a foreign oil company is an unforgivable sin to Republicans, but the are perfectly content with Trump naming his son in law, with zero relevant experience, getting named to help lead a pandemic, the likes of which the US hasn’t seen in over a 100 years. pretty much epitomizes MAGA and trump worship. Sad!
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/coronavirus-premier-league-isolated-camps-remaining-fixtures-dates-suspension-latest-a9432961.html
  6. Boarding groups 1 and 2 and gonna be empty next year.
  7. Ted Lange

    Tiger King

    Of all the shitbags in this series, Jeff Lowe is the king of trash. F that conman
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