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  1. I believe these are the comments that have the gop/cult upset. Which as usual are facts. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/21/crenshaw-trump-turns-off-suburban-voters-419492
  2. HAHAHAHAHA. SUPPORT TRUMP 10000% or get run off. Hahahaha. Love to see it. 2 is gonna be fun now.
  3. Pool and Man City are going to be the top 2. The race for the next 2 spots is looking like a dogfight, should be glorious. Also fuck MANU
  4. Exactly what I was trying to convey. Thanks for saying it better. The black/white issue is 100% accurate. Any black dude you’d want to pledge, had no interest in not pledging Omega or the like. Can’t blame them.
  5. I assume this is the same place. https://www.everythingislamujeres.com/vacation-rentals-overview/mid-island-·-caribbean-side/isla-33/ your link didn’t work for me. speaking of work, how was the wifi there, that place looks perfect for a week stay, but I’d like the option of doing work stuff some days
  6. Anyone who was in a fraternity and doesnt admit racism was a core value, is a fucking liar, This is especially true during the 90s. that being said, It ain’t like the non fraternity dorks weren’t pledging because of that. They simply did t have the money or connections or were....turds.....that nobody wanted to associate with. Racism in the 90s wasnt a Greek only thing. Most geeks I know, ended up with jobs that lead them to mature enough to denounce their confederate flag on their wall days.... but some are still staunch Trumpers
  7. TURN OFF REP IN THE CLOAK ROOM. Negging in Politics board is for dorks. It should be thunder dome. Pretending the DT isn’t “Political” is as absurd as neg bombs I the politics forum. Let the Aggy/Trumpers expose themselves without worrying about getting negged into space. Then the DT can be enjoyable again. A
  8. Agree on the Durham Exxon, solid, but not as good as the actual truck at W Alabama. In that area, there is a truck at Durham just north of 10, next to the Wendy’s. It’s been there for at least 20 years, very solid, cash only. Also, there is a new Shell on TC Jester, 2 blocks north of 10, featuring Taqueria Durango, which I think is from the Truck parked at Fiesta Liquor on Shepherd and 610 for years. Basically the exact same setup as the newer Exxon. The ability to pay with a card is a huge bonus. They also have egg and cheese and bacon that you can just grab instead of standing in line and waiting. Had it the other day, very solid, no beans tho. Next time I will wait in line, but if you are in a rush, the grab and go is a great option. $2 a taco. They also offer the ability to buy home made tortillas.
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