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  1. Weird that none of the regular drive by Trumpkins havent stopped in to defend the idiot they claim to not support. guess the talking points aren’t out yet. SAD!
  2. Also, Morris is really playing well.
  3. Appears the excitement here over the USMNT Canada game rivals the excitement in Orlando, where they sold a whopping 11K tickets. Good news Morris scored off a cornering he 2nd minute. US up 1-0
  4. All these douchebags who were leading the chants of LOCK HER UP.....getting LOCKED UP......
  5. How do Trumpcucks reconcile this https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article226577419.html
  6. Emery is so far over his head. No direction, no plan.
  7. I’d be happy with a point, but this feels like there is a 3-1 loss coming
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