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  1. Patton doesn't seem to know what he really wants. Better hurry up and make a public commitment though!
  2. No. There's literally zero legal merit to what Bowlsby sent to ESPN.
  3. Or fuck the people that think compliance is in any way important anymore.
  4. Teams that have been paying recruits have used their existing networks to funnel money to players via NIL deals. We're still trying to run any prospective deals through our compliance department. It's not that hard to see the issue.
  5. Schulz2.0

    USMNT 2021

    He'll be in a competition with Samba at Forest. It's not a given that he's the backup.
  6. Schulz2.0

    USMNT 2021

    The Championship is a good league. Better top to bottom than MLS in my opinion.
  7. Doing stupid shit isn't exclusive to dumb people.
  8. Fans want someone who'll play attacking football.
  9. The NCAA doesn't have subpoena powers. Unless they're hard delivered evidence it's pretty hard for them to prove violations.
  10. How about California and a number of other states? How about schools not being able to stop by spring practices to scout players?
  11. Or evaluate kids in their senior year for late risers especially coming off of a year derailed by COVID.
  12. This sounds liked the flawed rationale people use to buy a house they don't really like.
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