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  1. Fulham are trying to beat Sheffield United for Antonee Robinson.
  2. Sheffield United activated Antonee Robinson's release clause.
  3. Joorabchian sure is getting a lot of his older clients on Arsenal's wage bill.
  4. Turkey is nice. I visited Marmaris on aport visit in the Navy. There's no way I'd currently live there with the path Erdogan is pushing the country down.
  5. I was stopping for the night to get some sleep before driving the rest of the way to Norfolk. My general thought on Mississippi and Alabama is that they're definitely shitholes.
  6. They were even more white trashy looking than that. They were also hitting on the Vic Mackey special hotel clerk.
  7. My experience with Auburn was it being the first and only time I've seen someone with visible white power/nazi tattoos (2 guys). Fuck Alabama.
  8. He got sacked in the morning. https://www.espn.com/soccer/juventus/story/4155551/maurizio-sarri-sacked-by-juventus-after-champions-league-exit
  9. Giving two 31 year olds (Auba and Willian) big money 3 year deals seems great for Arsenal and totally not in Joorabchian's best interest.
  10. The Athletic had a couple articles that really painted Arsenal in a bad light. Apparently the players aren't happy about the redundancies after taking 12.5% pay cuts in the understanding that those pay cuts were for retention of staff. Arsenal also laid off a bunch of their scouting and analytics department. They're supposedly going with a more "contacts driven" recruitment strategy.
  11. Switching their Cheyenne refinery to renewable diesel.
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