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  1. Look, just because I tried to pass off sexy nurse costumes as medical supplies is no reason to get lawyers involved.
  2. I like my potatoes like I like my martinis. Shaken, not stirred.
  3. At least Ms. Vela is branching out from tamales
  4. A moped? That's like riding a fat chick. It's fun til your friends see you.
  5. That one is new to me too. The one I always heard was: Brits drink warm beer because Lucas makes refrigerators too.
  6. It's not red? There's not a hook in it's mouth?
  7. I'm still partial to Kung Flu. Or No Bat Soup for You!
  8. Well, Shaka is a pandemic of suck, so......
  9. To be fair, Erin Burnett has had diarrhea of the mouth for years now.
  10. There is a guy in that pic? Oh, it's CA so they are all guys.
  11. Nobody wants to take charge. Pretty soon we will all be looking to the local dog catcher for answers
  12. It's the cover sheets that are confusing. Apparently there is a new one
  13. The original motorboatin son of a bitch.
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