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  1. Well that's gonna piss off Art. He hates when nobody dies
  2. That dickwagon is supposed to be loaded with dicks to keep it from flipping, but stoops and riley keep eating them
  3. I would have guessed it would have taken the pigs more than 200 rounds to finally hit a bystander. That's some fine shootin there. Medals for everyone.
  4. Did Orlando get picked up by the cowboys?
  5. The clap? You're talking about the clap, aren't you?
  6. Well how else is a cop going to get laid?
  7. Caveman with a mullet. Or, what Gundy would be after 3 more generations of inbreeding
  8. I haven't seen someone disappear in a giant bush like that since the last time I was at South Austin's mom's house
  9. Craig James orders these 5 at a time
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