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  1. Saw the title and was hoping this was going to involve midgets, a cement pond, and an inflatable swan. But alas.
  2. Ah yes. The second amendment. The right to have bears eat your arms.
  3. And the kid is still way less douchy than Fieri. Can't we just put that douche canoe in prison instead?
  4. Speaking of budget cuts, Beth is driving a much smaller Benz this season
  5. Or just ask South Austin's mom for a sample from her butthole.
  6. ^^ China will overcharge Pakistan for the ducks. And Pakistan will say "put it on my bill"
  7. https://www.kwtx.com/2020/07/01/killeen-police-investigating-shooting-suspect-dies/
  8. And you had to use the same dosage they use for a hippopotamus, didn't you?
  9. yeah that has always been a popular place for locals to get to the river to fish. And also why a vehicle down there wouldn't even be noticed.
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