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  1. The armed guards and other good guys with guns couldn't stop this from happening?
  2. Is he going to begin by head butting the camera?
  3. Urban would never come here. But Herman has to go regardless.
  4. My mom’s side are all Volga Germans who settled in Hays. Spent a lot of time there growing up.
  5. Herman sucks. How can it be year three and this is the team he has built?
  6. I taught it when I was teaching college survey courses. I don't teach it in my high school classes. I let them read it though if they want to.
  7. Same with me on the Pacific. I read all the books and have actually taught Sledge's book in my US history class. It's such a great memoir on war and specifically that war. I just felt that the Pacific lacked the cohesion of BoB and the acting was sometimes suspect. God, did I love how the portrayed Basilone's MoH though. We had to recreate that in Bootcamp once. He did it all fucking night under continuous enemy fire and a scalded arm. So good.
  8. Pretty sure I've watched BoB at least 30 times all the way through and The Pacific maybe 3 or 4. It's just less cohesive and smooth as BoB but definitely somewhat more realistic to how war really is as it can be.
  9. They have been for a while. I love the peace and quiet out there. It's kind of nice since I have lived in the city now for most of my adult life. Driving up from Austin as well. Haven't been in maybe 3 or 4 years.
  10. My zip code is actually in Levant thank you very much.
  11. We're going out to western Kansas to my stepdad's farm for Thanksgiving where they will somehow pack a million family members in a small ranch style home. There's no cable so Fox News cannot be prominently displayed. Instead, they will act out their own Fox News style news channel with their favorite GOP talkings points of the day bereft of any logic or creative thinking. I will be downing copious amounts of beers and probably out shooting guns to alleviate the stress. Then, for xmas we will be going to Birmingham to be around my MiL and SiL who are both full blown alcoholics and both are batshit nuts. There's always a drunken incident or two involving the sister. Should be fun. And the mom is a narcissist with borderline personality disorder. The sister desperately needs to go to rehab as she is completely dependent on alcohol at this point and she's bipolar. CAN'T. WAIT.
  12. They changed their name from Papas and Beer to Papas and Pirates in Rosarito?
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