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  1. Definitely one of my first childhood celeb crushes. Smoking hot even in SpaceCamp.
  2. I'm actually thinking about it in a couple years. I'm divorced and nothing is holding me back. Just need a couple more years of experience I think and to relearn the language.
  3. I hate this fucking country. I should have just stayed in Germany after studying abroad lol. They actually care about their teachers there as well and pay them like they matter. Nothing like a billionaire class of people holding the country's health and well being hostage.
  4. 2b, don't want to watch any of your kids get sick or die.
  5. As well as time spend on here which is like 90% of their workday.
  6. A lot of teachers haven't used technology or taught online before and it showed. You've gotta use the technology to your advantage. Have them write responses, pose questions for them to respond to and discuss. Lecture at the beginning of the week on zoom and give them assignments that actually are meaningful and somewhat rigorous for them. I had them keep quarantine journals and then write about what their experience was like and to not hold back and it was nice to hear their actual feelings during this unfiltered. I even had them do relevant group projects. They know how to communicate with each other. Allow them to. Pretty sure teachers would be already drinking and shit when they're supposed to be actually teaching. Whatever. I'm all about evolving and getting better as a teacher no matter the circumstances. Many are stuck in their ways. I don't care if we are in person or virtual next year I will figure out ways to keep students engaged and learning.
  7. Jesus what a joke. Time to cut the digital cord too???
  8. All lives mattering the struggle I see.
  9. Excited to see what Melissa has come up with for her courses in the finale. Should be awesome.
  10. I got a little emotional watching her come into her own knowing her struggles and her past appearances. Stephanie or Melissa winning will be completely awesome.
  11. That black lives matter? Blacklist him now.
  12. Lol at thinking LeBron would lose his job for standing up against police violence on the job. NBA and NFL are apples and oranges anyway.
  13. Still calling people retarded is so juvenile and vapid.
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