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  1. Tommy, I already have proof of how this team is doing, that's why I haven't watched the last 4 games. Side note, if you think winning is hard... consider how tough it is to land an eight figure contract coaching @ a blue blood program. Just win.
  2. Meyer is equal to if not less shady than Herman, Meyer can actually coach @ an elite level.
  3. Damn fool, it's Mack not Charlie.
  4. Close.. it's German for bleeding cunt from the SS days.
  5. Fish Camp actually. Ran out of time after too much Kool Aid.
  6. "College Station was a small, isolated town with no place for individuals to express their frustrations in a healthy manner." Nice way of saying Bryan/College Station is a bastion for bestiality.
  7. Relocation reparations are indeed due.
  8. Follow the tiddays if you ever need an answer.. Freudian fact.
  9. We all get a neg or two eventually, so here goes nothing... Craig Curry & Turn the Page Fred say Hello!
  10. I forgot, slept thru or whatever Halley's Comet... I feel like I can make up for it by watching Kirko get some carries this year.
  11. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3062055 "Saw on the premium boards that apparently Leon walked off the field and into the locker rooms cuz he got benched...I like the kid cuz he's good for recruiting and really seems to love A&M, but this is a multi-game suspension level thing imo, especially when you're the biggest s**t talker on the team"
  12. This. Stories over the years of dealings with LeBron and crew are comical. Unconsciously unconscious. l
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