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  1. That's fucked up. She should have cut it into steaks and chops.
  2. Is 5 billion times worse. Completely agree.
  3. Are you a psychopath? Who watches movies this way?
  4. What will the score of this year's UA-TAMU game be? https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/nick-saban-has-hilarious-2-word-reply-to-jimbo-fishers-beat-his-ass-comments/
  5. People are funny. The other day, my wife was out of town and I had my three kids. One of the other parents at my son's soccer game came up to me and said "my wife is concerned about you guys this weekend. She wants to know if she can have dinner delivered tonight." I was like "motherfucker, tonight I am going to grill prime ribeyes to the rare side of medium rare while I drink Stoli out of the freezer. Then I'm going to let them rest slathered in sage garlic butter while I finish the red wine mushrooms, twice-baked potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts with bacon. Then after dinner we a
  6. I am allergic to onions but just pick them out of things. It would be ridiculous to ask people not to cook onions.
  7. We have the exact same system, except that my wife ignores it entirely and does not give a shit if I point out it's not on the calendar.
  8. As we would say in Alabama: that boy an outside boy
  9. this is true his Alabama tattoo must be on his other arm
  10. I also envision a trilogy: watching this movie, hating this movie, not watching the other movies
  11. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. Just woke up thinking about how shitty this movie is.
  13. Any chance this thread will have any more Mandalorian content or is it just more of this dork shit?
  14. Yeah it should say The Massachusetts Department of Revenue Welcomes You
  15. Here's another data point: if you tell her she doesn't have to tape it all together, you're dead to me
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