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  1. The anti-gun side no longer denies they are commonly possessed. First they denied they were commonly possessed because they were a minority of the overall number of guns owned. So they were objectively possessed in large numbers, but subjectively they were a small percentage of firearms used. Then when that failed, they pivoted to arguing that the average owner of one modern sporting rifle actually owned 3.2 of them, so the numbers were wildly inflated by "hoarders." Now the argument is that, while there may be a large number of them in circulation, they are still not commonly used FOR SELF DEFENSE. As in, people rarely use them to shoot assailants in justifiable self defense situations.
  2. I work in a large office and one of my favorite things to do is to pour yesterday's cup of coffee into the urinal for the next guy to find
  3. Seriously that's next level. How did it taste though? Venison is one of those things that, to me, no matter what I do to it I always wish it were beef or pork.
  4. wives and the stupid shit they say and do to somebody who appears to also be a wife
  5. Of course it's kind of funny that this lady is a wife to somebody and, instead of consulting with a lawyer, she just chatted with her friend group and decided to sell their house and pay somebody else's credit card debt.
  6. Mini-14s are only good at shooting around corners and making loud noises
  7. 100% this. Years ago when we were relatively newly married, my wife was telling me about her friend's "nightmare situation" where the friend's father died with a lot of credit card debt and now they had to pay all of it and even had to sell their own house to cover the debt and how it might bankrupt them. I asked if the father owned part of the house. She said no. I asked if the friend somehow obligated herself to pay her father's debts. She said no, it was a total surprise. So I said "in that case she doesn't have to do anything except walk away from the estate." She got all pissy at me and then finally said "why should I just take your word for it?" And I said "because I am a LAWYER." I told this story to my father's long-time law partner and he said "that's your mistake. You may be a lawyer to every other person on earth, but to your wife, you are just some dumb fuck."
  8. I'm a professional microwave stealer so I'm good with it I cannot even imagine having this argument with any woman, much less my wife. Who gives a shit? Why would you even try to correct her?
  9. May want to clear that with NMAS's moral compass first
  10. The waveguide cover on the top of a drawer-style microwave. I'm pretty handy, but it was a pain in the ass and was never quite right.
  11. Return it. I had to fix one when we moved into our house and it's just not the same as new.
  12. Yes but I don't have a history of stupid, pointless, and self-centered conversations with my coworkers or buddies so they get the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Sorry to be late to the party, but Mini-14s are garbage
  14. We lost a goldfish ... somewhere ... in my wife's car during a near accident on the New Jersey Turnpike years ago. I pulled the seats out, pulled the carpet out, you name it. Could never find it. We had to sell the car. Still refer to it as the "Fishtastrophe."
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