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  1. your leprechaun season is going to be off the hook
  2. "Saban buys players" - submitted with no evidence, taken as fact "Texas does not cheat" - submitted with no evidence, taken as fact, "an actual position of knowledge" It's ridiculous. But if it makes you happy, that's great.
  3. No thanks. I just think it's funny when one program points at another and says "they cheat," as if the same thing doesn't happen everywhere. If you think Texas boosters were never helping acquire players, then more power to you.
  4. It's funny that you believe this
  5. I had the ARB bumper on my 80 series LC and they are awesome.
  6. "but it's an easy argument to put 2 in the #1 slot" = worst take ever
  7. Having sausage as a vegetable is very Alabama-esque. I approve.
  8. This place is wonderful Yes but this is stupid. Archibald's ribs are incredible and the sauce is excellent.
  9. You sound like me. I tried to get ahead of everything and plan a trip to Italy but instead this bullshit.
  10. It's a jam because at this point there are obviously no other rooms to take. The new room would be more expensive and they eat the difference but as I explained to the drone who called me that was irrelevant to me because I didn't want it so who cares if it's more expensive? Also my wife really fucked up by looping me into this because now that I know how much she is spending I am going to murder her.
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