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  1. Get ragey every time I see these assholes. They even taunt those who hate them in the new ad currently airing. Anyone in central TX with plumbing or AC repair needs, please use anyone but Radiant & these egomaniac unfunny fucks...
  2. First 5 minutes of the show is posted.
  3. I doubt it's Teddy. Dolores had to toughen him up by changing his program and then he ended up killing himself. She needs a soldier alongside her. It could be human Charlotte in host Charlotte body? Young William? Dolores and he were a great team, he's tougher and smarter than Teddy.
  4. Want to smash my TV when their spots air. Consistently awful.
  5. They definitely changed from trippy guitar band to more of a trippy dream pop kinda band. I like their older stuff and embraced Currents and the new sound. I think that album is excellent. Have listened to the new one once all the way through at work today and it has a few good songs, but does not play well as a full album, which all of their other stuff does. Will give it another try this weekend. Back to Stern on Monday, he's been off for 2 weeks and i'm going through withdrawals...
  6. If you have never ridden before, the class is a great idea. Back in my college days I had a pal with an unassuming little Suzuki 250 that we would take to a big parking lots and I took my time and learned to ride that way. A few months later a bought a Kawasaki 600 and rode it for a year and about 10,000 miles and really got my education out in the hill country. Riding through rain, slippery water crossings and tight corners all had to be done, so you KNOW what it feels like and gain confidence in all situations. I sold the 600 to a friend and moved up to a Honda '96 VFR 750 because I wanted to start sport touring and taking trips out of the state. Before doing so, I finally took the MSF class to stop being an outlaw and get my license. I remember how much fun it was because they have you on small, un-intimidating bikes and made you lock up the brakes and do some fun drills, etc. Can't go wrong taking the class and good luck, be careful out there. And you might just have a lifelong new hobby!
  7. Nice weather this weekend - had to burn through a couple tanks of gas Saturday 🏍👍🏻‼️
  8. YES, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP YELLING AT US ALEX! Makes me want to stop by the dealership and yell that I'm a veteran and so happy that I'm welcome there. Where are the Krispy Kreme's and hand over the fucking keys to a new Corvette C8 so I can rip a test drive.
  9. Daiquiri's to go in Austin - Louisiana Style - real booze (shitty booze, but still?!!) They dispense whatever you want and tape off the lid just like in Louisiana. Didn't know about this until the Burnet Rd. location just opened and I saw a FB posting about it. https://www.paradiseonicetogo.com/menu Probably need to post this up in the 2020 Drunk thread as well.
  10. Whoa - been a long time Doves... Just thought they were done with. Love Lost Souls so much - what a debut... https://twitter.com/dovesmusicblog/status/1221714412295331840?s=20
  11. It was a never registered ‘16 that the owner of RideNow used as his personal bike. I registered as new w 1800 miles. Was that the previous owner you knew? Regardless, sorry to hear that news. F cancer. I bought it back in May and didn’t ride much during the summer, was too damn hot. Have modded a bit and been riding this fall/winter and really like the bike.
  12. Traded in the K1600GT for a lighter sport tourer - BMW R1200RS. Really liking it so far, been modding it a bit. Have added a Sargent seat, SC Project Pipe, Wunderlich bar risers, MRA windscreen, Shad 48 liter rear case.
  13. Yea agree - there is something wrong with him - teeny little teeth, super bow-legged - just awkward physically and socially.
  14. Damn, I miss him in the Big 12. Thanks for this thread....
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