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  1. Yea agree - there is something wrong with him - teeny little teeth, super bow-legged - just awkward physically and socially.
  2. Damn, I miss him in the Big 12. Thanks for this thread....
  3. Yes - go back a page to post 245 when I spilled my rage over that one - i want to smash his face in...
  4. RAGE ALERT - Fucking douchebag. "Iā€™m Adam. I make robots. Part of an entrepreneurs job is to get stuff done. I like to do like 4 things at once." Like I want to like smash your fucking face in, dickbutt.
  5. You will want to watch season 2 before starting 3, storylines carry over much more so than they did from season 1 to 2. All seasons kick ass - I cannot wait for Sunday nights at 9pm for this show every week...
  6. one of a few that I found when searching a few months ago - just post anything over and over to get to 50 and you'll be set.
  7. at 50 posts you get access to U in Her B section which has the new 'old' threads...
  8. Got my tickets for these upcoming shows: Beach Fossils at Mohawk Phoenix at Stubbs Johnny Marr at Empire Control Room Wild Nothing at Mohawk Kurt Vile at ACL Moody Theater
  9. Cool - yea Cecily is really nice - known her for years šŸ‘
  10. Some of my close friends were in Killing America... to that list I add: Zeitgeist/Reivers Cotton Mather Silver Scooter Poi Dog Javelin Boot
  11. to being a normal poster! just hit 52 with this, so hopefully that's it.
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