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  1. Wow that was an absolutely disgusting challenge from Sevilla. In a friendly no less
  2. Thanks, I'm on Tmobile and I use the camera often but I'm not a cameraphile so I probably wouldn't even notice any changes compared to my S8. All reviews I've read of the S10e seem to be really good so maybe I'll go in that direction
  3. What a match. Federer took it to 11 this set.
  4. I've had my S8 for two years and it's been a great phone. It's survived being dropped a ton of times with only a few scratches to show for it, and even survived being submerged in water overnight. I'm thinking about upgrading to the S10 or S10e(The e is about $100 cheaper, and loses one camera and is a little smaller). I was curious as to if anyone had any opinions on which of these is the better option. Thanks!
  5. She's had a horrible game today. Rapinhoe looks like she could run for days and never get tired.
  6. What channel is this on? Telemundo has the debate
  7. Not done being insufferable...BTW there is a great two minute highlight video I saw on Twitter with different commentators and it's amazing.
  8. Right in the veins... https://www.facebook.com/optussport/videos/419619215302095/
  9. Entertaining game so far. My sister in law said uptown Charlotte was all green this afternoon. Attendance was around 60k tonight
  10. I thought he signed with Juventus?
  11. I'm halfway tempted to head to uptown Charlotte today to see the atmosphere around BOA Stadium. Cuba/Canada at 6 and Mexico/Martinique at 8:30. Charlotte has a large Hispanic population so I think the Mexico game will be crazy
  12. I picked up AC Odyssey right after finishing RDR2 and it's way too grindy for me. I'm only level 20 and have put a ton of hours into it and have barely touched the story, not to mention the DLC. It's basically neverending so I don't know how much I want to actually finish it.
  13. In case anyone forgot, this is how many CL trophies we have:
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