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  1. imma, every single poster on this site knows you want to be the mod. You are horrible at it, you need to step away. Do it for yourself, your kid, & the site.
  2. Why can’t you hand it over to a better moderator? You don’t have any connection to the school, you have a kid now, perfect time to bounce. Give it back to bl, he won’t fuck it up.
  3. Hand over the site if you can’t handle it. This shit has gone WAY longer than any newborn.
  4. 17 hours later, our fearless leader woke up. 17 hours for the moderator of the site to realize that his site fucking failed yet again.
  5. @immamac continues to fucking KILL it with the attention to his site. Never fails around here.
  6. New season January 5, but it’s only one returning contestant for 21 days each episode now. Sounds kinda boring.
  7. Sekera is the least noticeable player in any big sport I can remember. Saw him celebrating our tying goal, that may have been the second time this year I’ve seen his name in print.
  8. How in the fuck did Tampa dude blow that gimme?
  9. Fuck yeah!!!! Talk about fucking stealing one.
  10. Drive home safely, Bears. Sadly, I prefer the yellow around the court over the Regional blue.
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