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  1. JNip

    Austin FC

    Any clue how much general membership tickets will go for? I set myself a $1200-1600 season budget for two tickets. Now I’m wondering: 1. Should I just get Supporter Membership Season tickets? About $1000 for two tickets. 2. Can I join Supporter Membership anymore? Got an email last week asking if I wanted to change from general to supporter, I ignored the email. Now I regret it.
  2. Looks like I’m wrong about the 1 year contract. You’re right, buyback in place I hope.
  3. No. 1 year left in the contract, player wouldn’t renew so we have to sell. Celta tied Barcelona in the 87th! Barça dropping points!
  4. Bought the 40 year anniversary vinyl album last year. Absolute classic.
  5. Dang! Real Madrid will sell Hakimi. Hakimi wants playing time and there’s only one year left in his contract. Sucks to lose a future star.
  6. Atletico under Simeone is the most fucking annoying team to play against in Champions. Somehow Real Madrid is like 4 for 4. This Liverpool seemed unstoppable and here we are. Makes you appreciate RM CL x3 a bit more.
  7. Bad defending on that second goal. Can't blame it on the GK, not closing the gap is what caused the goal.
  8. Was that not a red or even yellow on Alexander? Didn’t catch the replay so I really couldn’t tell.
  9. Well... La Liga it is. Will be very hard to come back in Champions.
  10. I remember before the season started, thinking that winning La Liga should be the #1 priority. Although it hurts to lose in CL, it seemed a bit unrealistic to win both this year. Team just doesn’t have that game changer, and if we do, he’s been injured for over half the season.
  11. Ill take the 2-1 down now. pppffff
  12. If that's a push, then I do not know what the first goal was. Getting robbed in two plays this game. Part of the game.
  13. Welp. Madrid can now focus on La Liga. That push for the 1st goal reminded me of the Rudolph push vs the Saints in the playoffs. Different sport, same result.
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