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  1. Thought it would be useful to start a thread on tips, recommendations, and other things related to how to obtain tickets.
  2. Obsessing over Ants From Up There by BCNR. What a masterpiece.
  3. JNip


    This is the craziest thread I’ve seen in my life.
  4. Boys, we’re making the WC… Mexico and US. Relax. Like my friend Chapulín Colorado said, que no cunda el pánico.
  5. USA’s golden generation missed the olympics IMO. There has never been this great of a talent pool in this country at that age.
  6. One thing is making fun of USA for not making the olympics, another is to laugh at a terrible injury. Whatever man. All good man, enjoy cheering against Mexico in the male soccer part of the olympics because that’s all that you have going for yourself.
  7. Classic! Let’s make fun of a terrible injury. What’s next? Let’s laugh at Erikssen.
  8. Wait WTF… just saw USA’s lineup, where are the better players? Saving them for the olympics? Lol. Nuh seriously, what’s going on?
  9. JNip

    Euro 2020/2021

    His face though, he’s about ro cry.
  10. Don’t think I’ve ever tried to defend those fuckers. I have no words to defend them and I hate them as well. I was not talking about them in any way. They’re indefendible, that a word? Maybe I said that I’m not like those people. But never tried to defend them in any way.
  11. JNip

    Euro 2020/2021

    Pickford feels like he is a little bitch.
  12. This team is so much shittier than previous ones, tell your Tri buddies to not smoke too much. And of course there are exceptions for everything, I also know American fans who think they’ll will the 2026 World Cup in USA with pulisic and Reyna. Doesn’t mean that they are the majority, I think that they’re the exception. But whatever, I love Mexico and I’ll always cheer for Mexico and I will always watch a game thinking that we can win but to think that we are at the level of England, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, France? Come on! Would have to be smoking some crazy ass good shit.
  13. I’m the Tri fan in the stadium who you can sit next to that will analyze the whole game while yelling instructions to the players and buying each other beers.
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