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  1. Upstate NY has some of the most redneck folks in the country. (see Bills mafia)
  2. My son's a Moore fireman. Gonna be busy tonight.
  3. This hits pretty close to home, the neighbor kid across the street played "student # 1" in the movie.
  4. Pokoloco

    Toll booth Willie

    I'm comin out of the bootha!
  5. That's the least gay thing on that channel. Trix and I watch these for the sheer shitting on them factor.
  6. When Texas Tech did this, they called it a "system". Nobody got a fucking heisman.
  7. Wait'll you get a load of this Rattler kid next year.
  8. At least you guys don't live in this fucking state with these shitheads.
  9. ou should have 4 fucking losses this year.
  10. Ohio State will starch either one of these fools.
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