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  1. Ruthless People Midnight Run Millers Crossing
  2. Win HOH, win veto comps, build relationships..be undeniable. Day and Bay did none of these things Xmas excuse to put them on the block was weak..but why not them? The whole "untouchable" thing? Weak. So, everyone who isn't Xmas' untouchable..knows they're not. They can just use that same logic on her.
  3. Women can never work together. These reality shows are a microcosm of real life.
  4. What a bunch of patronizing, condescending elitist bullshit last night. Nicole giving up $5000 in exchange to look like a fool all week? Tyler virtue signaling and crying like a pussy? Hey, how about you treat Day and Bay like equal, quality opponents who are trying to take $500K from you?? Hopefully this season won't be all about "letting" someone win. Christmas is actually treating them like worthy opponents, not "less than" who need help like children.
  5. "Not so fast my friend." - Christmas
  6. We were discussing our tight financial situation and some much needed home repairs.... "Well, We'll just have to bite the bucket and get it done I guess."
  7. Kevin and Ian is what I’m thinking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. eeeeyyyyaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn!!! God this sucks. The producers should've thrown some more twists to keep it less predictable. Bayleigh is a bratty spoiled bitch- she's due to explode on someone soon. Could be on her best friend?
  9. Was Kevin in last nights episode at all?
  10. i really wanted to like him. What a zilch.
  11. David thinks he's in an alliance for some reason.
  12. Yep. He wasn't feeling that same way though. It's crazy to me in every one of these reality shows women never stick together. Just like in real life they deep down all hate each other.
  13. I think Nicole goes home tonight sadly. In this culture, I don't see them voting out David- especially when a guy named Memphis with his "you're at the grown ups table" shit basically called him "boy". I'm rooting for David, but he really hasn't done anything in comps or socially.
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