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  1. Thank you. Here's the latest: As a result of a few inquiries that we have this week, I wanted to make the following points of clarification with regard to the Employee Emergency Compensation Program that was announced and specifically for those employees who have not already sacrificed with immediate pay reductions. First, the plan will not go into effect until the earliest of April 6th and, there will be no pay reduction for the paycheck received on that date. Second, it appears that Congress is very close to passing sweeping legislation to provide relief to both companies like ours and to individuals. It is a very complex bill with a lot of moving parts but our executive team is working around the clock to understand all of the implications related to our company and our employees. If we can determine ways to minimize the amount of sacrifice that we have asked everyone to make, we will do so and amend the plan accordingly. As soon as we know more and once the final legislation has passed, we will provide any updates on changes to our plan.
  2. I can't. Been here 21 years I need to keep working. After this shakes out there will be plenty of opportunities elsewhere, for now I need to stay employed.
  3. It's real. It's a family owned business, with locations in 6 states. They're just in full panic doing what they can to stay open.
  4. Then they'll just fire more people I guess. They've already cut 120.
  5. Pokoloco

    Tiger King

    My daughter in law's family all still live in Wynnewood so this hits close to home.
  6. I guess this is legal, not ethical for sure but.. just wanted to hear some thoughts on this.. The company just sent out an "emergency compensation" form they want us to sign that contains this condition. 1.Employee acknowledges and agrees to a temporary compensation reduction in line with the assistance it receives from the federal government related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employee's base compensation rate will not be changed immediately but, to the extent that the federal government passes relief legislation that provides direct assistance to individuals, employee's compensation will be reduced by: (a) 100% of the government distribution for the individual; and (b) 50% of the government distribution for any dependent that the individual claims. --- So basically, an employee who has one dependent will receive $1700 in stimulus from the government ($1200 + $500 for the kid), the company will deduct $1450 from your paycheck.
  7. The company I'm working for is already cutting salaries by 20% and suspending bonuses (for those who aren't being fired). On top of that they will reduce our pay by the amount we're receiving from the stimulus. So that's nice..
  8. 'stache, I honestly don't see him not winning again unless there is complete financial ruin and a huge death toll. People are scared, most don't want to change leadership during a crisis. There are a lot of good people that don't like Trump that won't vote for Biden.
  9. You've obviously been hurt deep. I'm sorry man.
  10. We've seen the worst of humanity at the start of this thing, the hoarders and the talking heads will be fuzzy memories and background noise in the next few months. The best of us will come through. 😀 That, or we're completely fucked. ☚ī¸
  11. I'm talking about all of us, we're the country. I'm hoping we can see through all of the bullshit and come together.
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