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  1. This was shitty a game between 2 shitty teams that will both be shitty for a while.
  2. Gundy grew up a huge OU fan (like every other fucking yokel in this jerkwater shithole.) Subconsciously he really wants to see them do well. That's the only logical conclusion.
  3. The episode about the Romanov's was amazing.
  4. I hope OU is the only team left out.
  5. On this note, anyone have a good recommendation for LED Christmas lights? We just bought some C9 LED lights from home depot-advertised as 2X super bright! They are extremely dim. I assume they're 2X brighter than absolute darkness, but yeah. Taking them back today. Yes, after I spent 3 hours putting them up yesterday. Also, I'm extremely cheap. So keep that in mind with your recommendations.
  6. Enjoy, It might be our last bowl game for a while.
  7. Pokoloco


    Had mine on Monday. My second one in two weeks. First one was inconclusive due to "poor prep". I can't believe there was anything in me at all. The second one, I started on Wed. with Miralax, ate low fiber, low residue foods. Did the liquid diet 2 days in advance. Clean as a whistle! Upside-Got Propofol twice. Downside-Had to drink golyte twice.
  8. Get your shit together Campbell!!!
  9. I'm not reverse jinxing. We're not good.
  10. My pokes are done. 35-17 horns. On our way to 4 straight L's. Fuck this season.
  11. How many kids got their ass kicked thinking this worked. Big spinach got rich off lies!!!!
  12. My mom was a bit of a smartass. When we would get something new in the house and I asked where it came from, her answer would always be-"there was a man on the corner, he said 'psst, hey lady, you want this?'. I believed her every time. She also had a change jar in the glove box (turns out it was for tolls) I asked what it was for she said it was my college fund and laughed. I really thought it was.
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