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  1. I think it's kind of awesome personally
  2. Somebody needs to Photoshop Myles Garrett's and JuniorMiller's heads on Trent and Mikey's faces in this photo:
  3. BarStool aggy, eh? Guessing this was posted by that annoying aggy chick who has been linked here before on a BarStool podcast roundtable or what-not. She dumb.
  4. C-Man

    Dallas | BBQ

    Interesting. I've only heard raves to this point. I know they're uber-occupied with getting ready to open the brick-and-mortar next weekend, maybe that had something to do with it.
  5. Anybody else find it odd Madison didn't bring up the virgin thing while Peter was in Auburn on his visit? I mean she and his family know it's an issue since we all know Pete fucked Hannah B four times in the windmill during the fantasy suite portion of last season's Bachelorette. I know the historical odds are heavily slanted against Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants ultimately marrying who they pick on this show but I think it's a certainty he doesn't wind up marrying Hannah Ann, Madison or Victoria.
  6. Keeping Victoria around after that has to rank as one of the dumbest decisions ever made in this “universe” — and that’s saying something. Blondie definitely has to feel especially bad losing to that train wreck after watching tonight’s episode.
  7. Wow. Great news. Was expecting the worst.
  8. Anybody still on this? Doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot better. Sitting at 5.6 on IMDB.com.
  9. Gordon is out sick again, I presume? I'm off today so slept in a little bit and turned on the app about 9:30, then rolled it back an hour and heard Junes say Sirois was in for Gordo.
  10. It's pretty great. I haven't been to Drake's HH yet but it's my understanding it goes from 4-5 every single day, including weekends and cocktails (not sure if all or just Drake's signature drinks) and pizza are half price.
  11. C-Man

    Dallas | BBQ

    Brisket elotes. Half order. Amazeballs.
  12. C-Man

    Dallas | BBQ

    Panther City BBQ this afternoon. Pretty fucking good.
  13. Or you know maybe not even bring it up at all and just do your interview, show some contrition, accept your reinstatement and move on with life.
  14. Or tortilla chips. It’d been several years since I’d been to CM (fire and all) and had the macho tostada.
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