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  1. I can't rep this post enough. Started the video with my son and watched the entire 32 minutes. Thanks!!!!!! That dude is awesome. Yeah, I think the idea of the regular-size cabinet to allow for larger components if you need it. Have to say the see-through case is pretty cool. Screw driver? Check. In fact, I just flipped the door on our new dryer this weekend so I guess I'm good to go!
  2. Thanks for the advice. As you can tell, I'm a total neophyte when it comes to this and my "fix-it" skills ain't the best in the neighborhood. Looks like kits to build a good system is in the $900-$1000 range. Does that sound about right?
  3. My son just turned 12 last week. He's been collecting his birthday -- and Xmas -- gift cards and wants to buy the components to put together a gaming PC. Initially, he said he was going to buy the components and then take it to Best Buy for them to assemble. That sounded odd to me and sure enough, you have to buy the parts through them. I don't have the first damn clue in building a computer, and really neither does he. What are we looking at in cost to get the components he needs -- processor, graphics card, good monitor, etc? I wonder if at the end of the day he should just look at getting one that's already built from Dell or something. (He has the PS4 at my house and the Xbox 360 or One or whatever at his mother's. Though he's been thru multiple Xboxes at her house because they're constantly having tech issues. I think several have flat out stopped working. My PS4 doesn't get near the traffic but has been much more reliable. Hell, I told him to just get another Xbox over there.)
  4. They just cut-and-pasted bits from a news release. The story is all over the webs. Anyway, I turned 47 in early Nov so that makes me about 47.2 years old today. Sheesh.
  5. C-Man

    Larry Flynt

    This. Great, great fucking movie.
  6. Would be hilarious if he winds up at Ole Miss
  7. I can see that. What I can't see is leaving Corby/Whoever in the all-important 3-7 drive-time slot, though. It would be weird but it makes the most sense to move BaD Radio there and push Corby/Whoever into 12-3.
  8. It's kind of amazing he didn't Philip Seymour Hoffman himself in the 80's/early 90's.
  9. C-Man

    Black Pumas

    Ha -- it was the same up here in Dallas. Dallas this and Dallas that all night.
  10. Pretty good read: https://grantland.com/features/the-making-of-les-grossman-an-oral-history/
  11. I don’t think he “wasted” his time on Iron Man. Probably earned a couple hundred million off that franchise.
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