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  1. If you can get to Amarillo, you might be golden. Pulled this off a FB Dallas neighborhood group: Based on today's fuckery by Abbott, this might not be the worst idea in the world.
  2. Jesus, those are scathing.
  3. I’ve got Dilaudin in my medicine cabinet. Think it’s from my spine surgeon buddy who wrote me a script when I was having serious back spasms. Took it a couple of times and it did not agree with me. Reading back after my post on this. That was my experience with Demerol. Just incredible.
  4. I had a kidney stone my senior year of HS (‘91) and was given Demerol at the urologist’s office. I see how people get addicted to heroin. Holy fuck, that shit was damn near orgasmic.
  5. Ha. As many times as I’ve seen that movie it wouldn’t shock me if it had a dual meaning.
  6. Why they decided to make her Irish and have a butch haircut is beyond me. The actress is pretty cute in Animal House.
  7. If that's what happened, IDGAF. I'm just glad he's no longer our problem. I'm fully onboard the Sark Train.
  8. I'm listening on the Sports Day app and am nearly an hour behind. Mike/Donny were just talking to Big Strong Jer about him having to put down his elderly lab this weekend. I was only half paying attention and thought they were talking about Norm instead. Oops.
  9. SIAP. Are y’all aware of the Dr B set up? My wife passed it along to me. Came from her friends group. You sign up and get notified of situations where there is leftover vaccine within your zip code. You have to respond to the notification within 15 mins, I think, and be able to be at the place within two hours but might be a way to get vaccine if you’re not able now. https://hidrb.com/?fbclid=IwAR1UzuE302YXtS4xKla_D9oe5PCLlYSlZGiSaf_2D9hgg6cAjUOtBBklK38
  10. Was out and about this afternoon and ran through Whataburger for quick, late lunch. Decided to try the new spicy chicken sandwich. Pretty unremarkable in every way.
  11. Is there some rule that the host has to be from Dallas? Wonder if Acho somehow find a way to bash the Horns here too. Sorry, but if Harrison is really gone for good over this, that’s ridiculous.
  12. So for this to work the Niners would have to send Jimmy G AND the #12 pick for Kirk Cousins? Um, no.
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