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  1. Have a few Native American friends/acquaintances and they've been banging on this for years. It's time for a change. I see the Cleveland Indians are likely to do the same. I think they should bring back the Cleveland Spiders.
  2. It was great but I felt like it kind of tailed off by the last episode or two. I love Giamatti and Dillane was terrific too.
  3. Ken Paxton LOL! He's more likely to commission a half-dozen more Sully statutes.
  4. Wouldn’t it be more of a punishment to wind up at aggy? I like to think of this more as the NCAA doing these kids a solid.
  5. There were two missing soldiers from Ft Hood. Apparently, a "tip" led authorities to the male soldier's body a week or so ago and presumably to this one as well. I think the male had been missing for at least a year longer than Guillen.
  6. He wishes he was a loofa.
  7. I didn't mean that it did but I probably was clumsy in my post. I *think* he thinks he's making a salient point. In his brilliant mind, he thinks he's being progressive to say there are no white aggys, or black aggys, just aggys. He's too ignorant, too backward and probably (at least) a little racist in asking his question that way. I mean "blaggie" rolled right off his tongue like he's been using it quite often. It's way the fuck out of bounds but I guarantee he doesn't think so at all.
  8. Did I see where Mack just pulled the #1 DB in the nation?
  9. I think so too. And same. He was very clumsily trying to convey the idea that aggys are aggys regardless of skin color. (I don't think he really believes that, though, based on that institution's history with race relations and diversity.)
  10. It is really, really hard to go 5-1 in your division in the NFL and still miss the playoffs. But the Cowboys did just that in 2019.
  11. Didn't see "former" in there. My answer was for current. Spurrier won a Heisman Trophy.
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