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  1. After reading this, maybe our client is also slingin’
  2. One of my colleagues in our El Paso office is working on the insurance for a current client who is upgrading from a $300K-$400K home to one that will be insured for more than $3M. I believe it’s a 12,000 SF home. They own one CFA. One.
  3. Yeah, if Shaka couldn’t get fired this spring, there’s no way Tom is going anywhere. And Klatt is awesome. We found that out a handful of years ago when he started doing a weekly segment on The Ticket in Dallas.
  4. Stand-up apology. Typical “I’m sorry if I offended anyone ...”
  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Let's be honest. Gavin's search would auto-populate with the N-word.
  6. Yeah, I heard it this AM. Wasn't near a computer and didn't even bother jotting down her picks. Just awful.
  7. Somebody discounts the New York Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and it's an immediate hard pass from me when it comes to what they're about to say. I'd even add in any longtime, big city newspaper for the most part. Forget the editorial page. The articles and hard news are just that -- hard NEWS. Yes, the reporter is probably a Democrat, maybe even a very liberal one. But the journalists at these papers DO NOT let that get in the way of their reporting. The journalists at the NYT, WaPo and WSJ are among the best in the world. Period. End of story.
  8. Once you come to the realization that it was a pipe dream for the Stars to win all things considered, yeah, I can be satisfied that Coleman’s name will be on the Cup (and he got a goal last night).
  9. I still enjoy Klatt on Hard Line. It should be a little more interesting considering the Sooners lost this week.
  10. C-Man

    The Boys Season 2

    I'm finally caught up. The second season has been pretty good IMO. https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2555626/why-the-boys-star-is-convinced-that-wild-penis-scene-was-a-karl-urban-prank
  11. Bettman gets a bad rap for sure but I think Goodell has been a way bigger assclown than Bettman since he became NFL commish. Pretty cool to see Blake Coleman be the first born/bred Texan to win the Stanley Cup. Or so I'm told that he is. Hot wife too.
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