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  1. What happened with his corruption shit?
  2. I’ve been to El Bolero in Design District. Had no idea there were other locations.
  3. I live right near Love Field and it was fucking pouring during the majority second half of the match, which of course knocked out my DirecTV feed. I finally realized I could watch on the DirecTV app on my phone and caught the last 15 mins or so, including Allison's game-winner. Incredible.
  4. I didn't get to watch too much but the first three playoff games go into overtime and the finale was an incredible 5-4 game decided with about 90 seconds left in regulation. Best postseason in sports and it's not even close. Great to see fans back in the buildings too. Can somebody tell me why the Toronto-Montreal series doesn't get started until Thursday night?
  5. Brayden Point kicked the Panthers square in the dick
  6. The Bolts-Panthers game is pretty fucking good
  7. The Leafs have been my Eastern Conference team since the late 90's/early 00's. Best uniform in sports (the blues) and haven't won a Cup since the '60's.
  8. We’ve gotten 4.5 inches of rain today in Bluffview, 2.5 of that coming from around 1-2:30 or so. Sunny now. Pulled these pics from Park Cities off Facebook: Goar Park
  9. Colonial CEO after the company apparently paid the $5M ransom the day after the attack? Should’ve paid more attention to these guys
  10. Helena Christensen — hommina shibbida
  11. He doesn’t it before every Triple Crown race. Yes, it’s a beating. But I like Norm. He’s a legend.
  12. I wonder if Georgia might need its' own thread. Andrew Clyde in the clip hails from there too.
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