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  1. Saw somebody earlier tonight say the only difference between Herman and Strong is Sam Ehlinger. Sadly, that’s not far from the truth.
  2. He's not worse. But he's not a whole lot better. And he's an arrogant asshole, kind of like Mackovic.
  3. Don't we already have one of those?
  4. No doubt. We have a better chance at pulling Saban out of Tuscaloosa than we do Dabo from Clemson.
  5. Certainly not claiming to think it would lead to this but I just didn't like that look from my HC. I don't care how big of a choad Lock was leading into that game. Your HC is supposed to above that kind of shit. Show me another top-notch college HC that's ever done something like that.
  6. Patterson is close to retiring. Nothing will get him out of Fort Worth before then.
  7. I remember being in the minority that night. Seems like most everybody else fucking loved it.
  8. I said it that night and got hammered. Completely classless and unbecoming of a HC to act that way. Urban would take this job in a nanosecond to show Herman up. Am I there yet? Not quite. But, sadly, I'm really, really fucking close.
  9. C-Man

    Texas Bowl

    Dear god, I'm not sure I could survive the way this season has gone combined with losing to aggy to end it.
  10. Make no mistake -- LSU, Ohio State or Clemson would destroy this OU team.
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