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  1. Thanks for starting this thread. I am going to need it. My son is graduating next weekend from UT and headed to UTLA for the summer then starting grad school school out there in the fall, I also have to attend my nephews wedding at the end of the summer somewhere in that area so I'll be heading out there quite a bit starting soon. subscribed
  2. South Carolina would create some symmetry
  3. The owner of that joint's kid is one of my daughter's buddies. He was accepted to Mays a couple month ago. His parents treated him to a table dance for his 18th birthday (or it might have been in celebration of his acceptance, though his dad thinks he's wasting his time with college).
  4. She hasn’t changed her name on FB, for what that’s worth. But he’s still Daniel Joseph on his so… https://www.facebook.com/Daniel.Joseph120
  5. Upon doing a little internet sleuthing on Mrs. Figurelli, I see that she is facebook friends with my nephew. Will have to inquire about that further
  6. I get that. Sure, I don't have to go. My worst experience with this was being asked to be in a wedding, then about a month before they spring the no kids shit on me and my family. You want me to stand in your wedding but my 3 kids aren't welcome. Oh but who does that little shit carrying the flowers and that other little shit carrying a pillow with a ring on it belong to? And it's a daytime wedding and reception. I'm mostly annoyed by the painting this as "we are doing you a big favor by making you leave your kids at home" angle.
  7. I've always thought that weddings excluding children to be, at best, tone-deaf and out of touch and, at worst, selfish. I know it's your big day, but you are the one asking us to come to it, and maybe we don't feel like, or can't, be away from them for a day or two or some other circumstance that 2 single, childless, young adults can't imagine.
  8. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, you're on notice Also, it doesn't have to be a sharpie.
  9. Smith's carefully crafted image took a hit that he won't easily recover from. "A lifetime to earn, seconds to ruin" Chris taking it on the cheek and handling it so well, in contrast, made it even worse for Smith
  10. I mean haven't we all been there...having to explain to a confused and disoriented child, now hiding in their closet, that you were helping mommy take her medicine or stretch out her cramping leg . naked
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