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  1. When will the agroids be required to have womyn cheerleaders (pardon me, Yell leaders)?
  2. The LHN produced excellent reviews of the 1963 and 1969 National Championship teams and their seasons. I watch them pretty often due to my attachment to UT. (Went to the Navy vs. Texas Cotton Bowl as well as the Notre Dame du Lac game following the 1969 season.) At some point last year I posted a query about whether the LHN and whether they were, following up on the 1963 production, working on one for 1969. (Thankfully, they did.) As some of us CoVid eligible old farts will recall, UT won a National Championship in 1970 as well. Naturally, I am again wondering if a production honoring the 1970 National Champions is now in the works. I am fully aware that the 1970 NC is under a type of cloud because the Horns lost to the Irish in the Cotton Bowl. However, both the UPI and AP named Texas the National Champs prior to the Bowl Games--as they always did back in those days.
  3. Not so much about Hanks (who , like Duval, can do about anything), but I have one bugaboo about Destroyer/submarine movies. There were two types of depth charges on Allied ships. The earlier ones looked like 55 gallon drums and were rolled from racks off the stern of sub-chasers. As i understand it, they were detonated at a set depth (probably on a pressure basis). They always went off and did not have to hit a sub's hull to explode. The second, later, type of depth charge was much smaller and nicknamed a hedgehog. There were fired into the air by a small rocket to the side of the sub-chaser. The rocket apparatus would come off and the depth charge would sink and explode only if it hit something solid-like the hull of a sub. Movies always seem to confuse the two. They will show a hedgehog being fired off the side, then and explosion right in the wake of the chaser. This is followed by no claim of a hit. There may have been some films where they rolled one off the stern and it explodes well to the side of the wake. This is all picky and may simply depend on what film the producers got from the U.S. Navy With the level of detail Hanks shows in his films (in SPR, the M-1's, BARs, Thompson's, and Springfield's all sounded like they were supposed to sound), I have real hopes they will get this detail right.
  4. Leon O'Neal was a year behind me at Killeen High School; I think he'd been the QB but not sure. I knew him a little and offered to help him with his classes, but he said he didn't need help. He, if I recall, played freshman ball and did ok. He told me he was leaving because the size of the crowds and the stadium intimidated him. I don't know if there was some racial element in this. We had both grown up in the Army community which was integrated by the time we went to grade school. Nice kid.
  5. BSU uniforms and gloves probably still have the price tags hanging on. Not sure why, but I'm taping (DVR) this for comic relief.
  6. One of Mrs Idahorn's law school classmates spent several years in Argentina (not on a Mormon mission) and he raved repeatedly about grilled Argentine steaks with a peanut butter sauce.
  7. Boise State games may not come off. I don't follow local sports up here, but the local voters turned down the bond issue (or whatever) that was to pay for the stadium Bogota State was going to lease for their home games. I do not know if they are out buying bats, cleats, gloves, etc., but someone should be doing some fast footwork to find them a place to play. There is a Boise Hawks stadium (minor league) not far off, not sure of availability. Generally speaking, Idaho is not a place for baseball before April or thereabouts
  8. Accidentally saw some of this a short time back. It showed Rasputin as the person responsible for the killing of the Czar and his family. Absolute and ahistoric nonsense. The Romanovs were slaughtered in a basement in Ekaterinberg by the Bolsheviks on the orders of Lenin, etc. Their bodies were dumped into a mineshaft shortly thereafter. This stupid film attempts to blame the evil mad monk, Rasputin (who was killed earlier-justifiably by some royalists using poison, daggers, and firearms and drowned him in the Neva). Why the distortion of the the accepted historical record?
  9. The French coffee, ordered from Amazon, was Carte Noir: nothing special and not what my taste buds recall from France.
  10. Tree fiddy: The mop is composed of cider vinegar, beef broth, peanut oil, garlic powder, chile powder, paprika, dry mustard, ground bay leaf, Tabasco, and Lea & Perrins. Very thin consistency; I could probably spray it on and may try that next time to reduce loss of the rub. My opinion is that the vinegar helps to dissolve the fat. My rub is 2 parts each black pepper and paprika, 1 part salt. All that is followed by a table sauce that takes me back to the 1950's-I got the recipes from Linda West Eckhardt's The Only Texas Cookbook. Key ingredients there are the dry mustard and vinegar. The result has plenty of whang. Also works on country style pork ribs barbecued 'cowboy style' on raft trips. I use the water pan as a heat sink, actually have a sheet pan beneath the meat which is on a roasting rack. May have some liquid smoke somewhere in the back of the pantry, but I can't remember when I may have used it. I don't have a sous vide, but I got one for my son for Christmas last year.
  11. I have done several fat side up briskets on my BGE with a rub and a vinegar-broth+ mop. They turned out great. A friend has a Komode Joe and insists on fat side down. There could well be other factors involved, but the flat on his brisket seemed a bit dry to me. Five of us ordered some 'Q two weeks in advance from Franklin in Austin back in October. I was real nice to the cashier lady and she asked if we would like to visit the smoker room!! I asked the guy in charge of the smoking that day about fat up or down and he said it depends upon whether you are after taste (up) or health (down). The Egg type cookers are not purely indirect heat (like Franklin) but should be buffered with what BGE calls a 'plate setter' and a water pan (?). I wanted to do an A/B comparison with my friend, with two briskets and the only variable being the fat location, but the various schedules didn't work out (we are talking about game-watching opportunities). My friend's KJ is huge so we could do two at a time. Hopefully next year. Anyway, I am soliciting opinions from this board.
  12. At least two restaurant where we had supper served coffee from a French press, one in Beaune and the other in Orleans. I don't recall if that was the case in hotels or other restaurants.
  13. I guess that settles it. Thanks.
  14. Interesting. Had never heard of this. No explanation on my part except that the shot of the Dauntless in the air makes me think it was a trainer; and what is done with the rear windscreen when the gun is being used? I appreciate the input and don't mind a "gotcha" if I really am gotten. E.g., I had a long discussion several years ago about the British light bomber the Mosquito. My friend said it was made of plywood and I insisted it was made from balsa. Turns out the structural members were plywood and the shaped surfaces were balsa.
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